Point unboxing | Home alarm security | shopping in Kickstarter

Point unboxing | Home alarm security | shopping in Kickstarter

Unboxing again It is sent by DHL I forgot what I bought again… I have no idea what is it. My ebay order was received So I check my email I have shopping at some fundraising website. So I check every fundraising website… This is I bought from Kickstarter so what is it? It is Point This seems to be the generation 2 It is home security sensor. I had bought two, because my home need two sensor to cover. That time I bought is… 99USD But I not sure that. Too long time before maybe last year 2017 November I bought at November 2017. I received now Today is July 2018 Let open one They’re Sweden company But the device sent from Hong Kong And made in China. Yes, That sensor so little. What does it attract me to buy? This sensor is so powerful motion sensor, smoke detector, Alarm And the device can send you a message to your smart phone. And have sound, temperature, humidity sensor. I remember I saw the video on the kickstarter This sensor can detect the door open, window breaking. But you know… kickstarter say super powerful but you get that is different thing. But I want to know that, I want to try. So I bought them. And why I looking for home security products. The reason is… Last year when I went to Hong Kong my home was burgled. Although is not big loss. Therefore I try to upgrade my home security Like alarm, CCTV, etc… Because, last year I went to Hong Kong my CCTV have no power the host of CCTV have no power So recorded nothing… I’ll tell which CCTV security system now I upgrade to. The Point setup and review video I’ll make later. Because, this guy I remember have so many thing can setup. So I need to study that. And it is not support Apple HomeKit, Google and Amazon only use for the Point app. It this guy can use for HomeKit was so cool But HomeKit support can sell in 99USD Original price is not 99USD You know you shop from kickstarter also have special off. early bird price is very low But I’m early bird that time. I think I have 30% off. I don’t remember. So the original price will over 120USD That guy asking for more then 120USD It is use USB type C charger and built-in battery Just charge battery put to the ceiling Yes, this sensor is upside down to the ceiling. Look the 3M sticker OK what inside into the box. The device. I think have cable I don’t think they’ll give me charger. Have the glue wall plugs and screw install to the ceiling And the cable One side USB to the other side USB C for the charger. And the sticker Hey! I use that don’t looking for my home. Yes, every security system, CCTV, alarm also have the sticker to let the thief know I have security. My friend said If thief know that, they don’t do thief. Is it true? I don’t know that. I never be thief. If I’m thief I saw the security sticker I don’t think that house. If I am thief should be useful. But I never be thief I don’t know what the thief think. Anyway I’ll make the install and review video later. Although not very interesting. It guy don’t have menu only have this paper Talk to you later! bye-bye

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