Powered Fixed Vending Shelf System

Powered Fixed Vending Shelf System

Speaker 1:
According to SuperMarketNews.com razor blades account for $1.3 billion in sales annually
in the United States. Protecting these high priced and high volume products while enabling
seamless shopper self-selection is critical. With FFR Merchandising Powered Fixed Vending
shelf system, you will not only have a complete loss prevention solution but also a sales
growth enabler. Powered Fixed Vending Shelf System is one of the first of its kind to
offer an electronic loss prevention solution that maintains shopper access to product for
self-service. While minimizing the risk of shelf sweeps. Similar to a vending machine,
shoppers simply press the button of the desired product and one package is released not the
dispensing tray below. To prevent rapid removal of multiple packages,
there’s a programmable lockout delay between dispenses. Lights flash during this time to
alert shoppers. If the shopper requires a second package, a button can be pressed again
once the lights stop flashing. When a suspicious quantity of packages is dispensed within a
predetermined time frame, a lock-down feature prevents further dispensing. During this time
a verbal cue communicates to shoppers and store personnel, “Please see a store associate
for assistance.” The lockout and lock-down features are pre-programmed to suit your stores
risk factors and volume requirements. The Powered Fixed Vending Shelf System is also
equipped with a dry rely switch, which can trigger external devices such as a Closed
Circuit Television or other accessories. In addition to providing a proven loss prevention
solution for men’s razor blades, its attractive design is intuitive to shoppers and is easy
to shop. The self-facing pushers help keep product
faced and organized. One inch adjustable dividers make product easy to stock and plan-o-grams
easy to maintain. For returns, shoppers can either leave product in the dispensing tray
or insert into the optional put back tier which doubles as a secure overstock solution.
The Powered Fixed Vending Shelf System can be stacked up to three high while utilizing
one common dispensing tray to maximize vertical space. Telescoping arms facilitate installation
and match most standard shelf depths. Both the battery powered skylight hood and the
powered LED lighted hood an further enhance package visibility. This truly unique razor
blade solution delivers both merchandising and LP benefits while being very easy to use
both by shoppers and store personnel. For more information on our products and services,
visit www.ffr.com.

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