Programme Mazda 6  Central Locking HOW TO

Programme Mazda 6 Central Locking HOW TO

(soft music) – And you look stupid
with a light on your head. (laughs) It put me off. Hello there. Steve again from the Car Key Man. Today we’re going to look
at how to program the remote control on a Mazda Six. This car is from 2007 and
it’s a really straight forward procedure that lots of
people struggle with. So if you watch the video
you’ll know what to do. Okay so we’re gonna program
these two keys to operate the central locking of this Mazda. And it’s really straight forward. The first thing you need to do
is to open the driver’s door. Then take one of the keys, or
if you’ve only got one key, just take the key and
put it in the ignition. And then turn the ignition
on and off three times. So that’s on. Off. On. Off. On. Off. Leave the key in the ignition. Then we’re gonna shut and
open the door three times. So that’s shut. Open. Shut. Open. Shut. Open. Hopefully you heard that. Then the locks cycle to show
you’re in the programming mode. And once you’re in programming mode, the next thing to do is, the
key that’s in the ignition, press one of the buttons twice. And then the locks will cycle. They’ll lock and unlock to show
you that it’s seen that key. And then take your second key. Press it twice. And hopefully you heard that
and the locks cycled again. And the last thing to do
is turn the ignition on. Turn the ignition off. Take the key out. And try it. So that one locks it. And that unlocks it. And it’s good to go.

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47 Replies to “Programme Mazda 6 Central Locking HOW TO”

  1. Hi, I have an existing key for my 2010 MX5 and had to replace my spare key as the inards were broken. I bought an old key off Ebay and replaced the blade with mine. Do you think this procedure would work to programme my new spare (which was for a different Mazda) and does this actually programme the keys as opposed to the car? What I mean is would my existing good key no longer work on the car after I programme the replacement one?


  2. Hi. I have got mazda 3 2007. i am trying to programming my keys but unfortunality, its not working.
    step 1: key on/off 3 times
    step 2: opening the driver side door and closing the door 3 times.
    After that door must be lock and unlock. but its not working
    When i close the door or remove the key, its time door locking and unlocking byself.
    Where i am doing wrong?

  3. Hello. I followed this procedure and I managed to complete all the steps but when I try to open trunk there is no response. I searched thru forums and I tried to hold it for a bit, also I checked If glove box switch is on. My key is Visteon 41522 and car is 2005 Mazda RX-8.

  4. I have a 2010 Mazda 6 and the battery needs replacing as the only way to unlock/ lock the car is to do it manually. It's been dead for a few weeks now. Once I replace the battery I take it I'll have to perform this procedure. Do you know if it'll work on my model?

  5. I followed these steps and no lock.
    Checked the car fuses and all fine .
    Both keys just stopped working. Locking system did go nuts one day where it kept locking me in the car.
    Any idea on this please ?

  6. Hi, I have a 2011 Mazda 6 TS2. My central locking stopped working and I've been through this procedure and reprogrammed both keys. I got both keys to work fine until I next went somewhere in the car, then it didn't work again! To confuse the issue further, very occasionally it does work! I'm baffled. Any suggestions?? Cheers,

  7. did all the procedures, worked very well. thanks for the help. PS no more key locking the door while standing in the rain and get wet again

  8. Hello, so I bought a used Mazda 3 2010 and it only came with the key. I want to add the remote, could I buy a remote with uncut key and program it myself and take the key to the lock smith to get it cut or should I take the safe way and contact Mazda??

  9. Hi, many thanks for this… key stopped working after I changed the (key) battery – followed your instructions and it's now working perfectly!

  10. Hi I have the original the 2 in 1 key (key blade + buttons). The car is a 2007 Mazda Mx-5.
    Will I be able to program a new 2 in 1 key (chip in key blade + button) using your method, assuming that I only have one original key?
    Thanks a lot

  11. Hello. Followed your instructions for a 08 mazda2, but when I press any button on the key twice (1st time) it doesn't cycle the locks. I only have one original key

  12. Hi, I’m trying to program my spare key. I followed your instructions and the car gets into the programming mode, but when pressing a button twice nothing happens. I tried it with the main it it works but not with the spare. The spare is also an original and battery is ok as it lights up when pressed, is there anything you recommend please?

  13. Hi. My remote for 2005 Mazda 6 GG series has stopped working. It was previously working but then one day it stopped working. I thought I might need to change the batteries but those are OK. I have tried this procedure and heard the sound you mentioned in the video but the remote is still not working. What might be the reason and how can I fix it?

  14. Hello I brought an 2008 mazda 6 and when I try to lock the car the alarm goes off by it self. Is there any tips of how to fix the alarm

  15. Hi, is there a similar manual procedure for a Mazda 2009 with keyless start, as there's no ignition barrel to turn three times?

  16. My car won’t cycle the locks after closing and opening the door 3 times (ending in open position) I’ve tried this multiple times. Any suggestions? I’m also not using the “master key” I’m using a transponder/valet key (purchased car on Craigslist). Need help!

  17. Hello – I only have one key and I dropped weights on the key. So it's not transmitting anymore (The chips might be crushed/damaged). So if I buy a replacement key – will it work with just one key for the procedure to work. BTW my car is a Mazda 6 2008.

  18. Hi, great to see your video helping so many people. I changed the batteries on one of my original Mazda 6 (2010) keys and tried to reprogram using your method but it didn't work. I swapped the batteries on the keys and now both keys have stopped working. I have tried the procedure you describe many times, everything happens as stated, but at the last step, pressing the button on the key while it is in the ignition gives no response from car the locking system. Given that both key were working fine just a few days ago, can removing the batteries from the key mess up the transponder? Is there any way of checking if the transponder needs reprogramming? Mazda want £85 +vat, plus more if it takes more than an hour. Surely owners shouldn't need to have their keys reprogrammed if they simply change the battery…? Appreciate any suggestions you can give.

  19. Hello. I only have 1 key. I purchased a new remote for 2007 Mazda CX5 and then I changed only the blade from the old to the new then I tried to program the locking functions. I did but the car will not start. When doing some research, I found out this has to do with the Transponder chip. I was told to move the old chip to the new remote. But the old chip does not remove and looks like broken. The new remote comes with chip as well. How to start the car, please? Please note I only have 1 key. Thank you

  20. Hi thanks for the video on this just wanted to know l have a Mazda 6 year 2005 it's it the same procedure as the 2007?

  21. Hi. I have a Mazda Miata / Mx5 NC . The key fob is very similar. The remote locking works very occasionally and only when I am standing very close to the car. I have replaced the battery but no difference. The key still lights up when pressed. Any ideas?

  22. I have a Mazda cx7. I did everything you said. Then at the end I pressed the remote twice and is worked. But when I try to turn on my car nothing happens. What can I do?

  23. Hey I need help I replace my key fon battery and the alarm keep going off and wont do nothing

  24. Mate… I watched many videos failing to program. I did the procedure same time while watching you doing it and it worked! Many thanks!!!

  25. Hi, I have the same car, but on mines I can lock the doors with my keys but it keeps unlocking on its on. I would lock my car doors at night, then in the morning they would all be unlocked. Have anyone ever had this problem? And if so, how to fix it..

  26. Thanks for sharing. Very useful, worked for me. Only drawback is that the trunk button does not work. Any idea why?

  27. Tried this but when I take the key out the locks cycle again and lose the codes ..tried it all day and same thing happens…frustrating…its a Mazda 3 2005 same procedure. any idea why this is happening?

  28. This method is meant to be the same for my 2008 Mazda 2, but i cant get it to enter programming mode. Mazda 2 has door locks above the handle only, and these don't operate when the drivers door is open. So when i get the point where the ECU responds to the sequence by doing the LOCK/UNLOCK, it attempts to lock the doors and fails, the key buttons do nothing. Then if you close the door it will lock on its own, but the remote buttons still do nothing.

  29. Once you program the key fobs is the only thing left to do is cut the key or does the fob need additional programming in order to start the car?

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