Programme Nissan Almera Central Locking HOW TO

Programme Nissan Almera Central Locking HOW TO

(enchanted, light hearted music) – Hello there. Steve again from The Car Key Man. Today we’re looking at Nissan keys. This is a 2006 Almera. And we’re gonna to show
you how to make these keys work with central locking. Okay, so we’ve got two keys. One operates the central locking. (car locking and unlocking) And the other one doesn’t. And we’re gonna show you how to program the remote controls into the car. It’s really easy. So the first thing is to unlock the car on the one that works. (car locking and unlocking) Press it twice, okay? Then put the key in ignition. Turn it on and off six times. (key turning) So that’s one, (key turning) two, (key turning) three, (key turning) four, (key turning) five, (key turning) six. And then take the key out of the ignition. The lights will flash. Then you press the unlock button, and press the lock button three times. One, two, three. And the lights will flash again. And then take the other key, the one that doesn’t work. Press the button again, the unlock button. And press the lock button three times. One, two, three. The lights flash again. And the last thing to do
is to turn the car on, and turn the car off. And then, this works, (car locking and unlocking) and this works. (car locking and unlocking) And that’s job done.

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68 Replies to “Programme Nissan Almera Central Locking HOW TO”

  1. Hi. Would this work for a Nissan Note 2011? It looks like a similar key being used. If not, is there a sequence for to re-programme the fob of a Nissan Note 2011 (petrol, 1.4L, N-Tec)?

  2. Hi. Great video 🙂 I've got 2 keys but none of them are working after I changed the batteries in both remotes. I can make the lights flash when I turn on the ignition 6 times. But when I keep the unlock-button down and press the lock-button 3 times nothing happens after I release both buttons. And after starting the car after that I get the flashing lights once. Both keys do the same (nothing) and I can start the car with both keys. Any ideas of what I do wrong?

  3. 10/10 dude, tried other ways wouldn't work, used your way and realised what I was doing wrong was not releasing both buttons together. Now have two working keys on a 05 Primera.

  4. you are the best! thanks man… mine hasnt worked for 6 years and nissan wants to charge me almost R1000 to fix and it was done in a few seconds with your help! much appreciated!!!!

  5. Hi how do i program remote if i have only one key that starts the car but remote doesn't work
    this video has two keys if the a one key method

  6. I have an 05 almera tino but only have 1 key. If the battery goes flat in the fob do I need to do this? or can I just change the battery and have no issues?

  7. Okay so here is my problem the car goes into program mode the lights come on but when i press the unlock and lock buttons nothing happens, and then when i switch the car on to turn off program o=mode the lights flash again but the car still does not want to lock with the remote?? any ideas??

  8. My second time using this video and genuinely felt bad for not thanking this guy first time round. Fair play for uploading this. Easily saving people 50 quid. Thanks bud much appreciated.

  9. Hi man, both my keys do no work. So I open and close my car manually. Have tried switching on and off six times but nothing happens, just quite.

  10. Hi
    Can you help I have a 2012 Qashqai and the key needs reprogramming, I have changed the battery but it won’t now work, it is an original key and worked before

  11. I have Nissan X-trail T30 -03 model. Both my keys are dead. I can start the car with Both keys. If i turn on-Off 6 times, flash will bling but after i try to press unlock button down and 3 timess lock button, nothing happens. When i put key back In and turn Power on, flashes will blink again. What can i do wrong?

  12. Car key man youve helped me before. Just bought primera 2007. Has 2 keys. Both will start the engine but neither will lock the car. Guy replaced the battery. But even the emergency manual lock on passenger door only locks that door. Am I in trouble?

  13. Can anyone help? The car is a Nissan Primera P12. I've followed the procedure, but the lights will not flash neither first nor second time. What do I do wrong?

    1. Switch ignition on and off 6 times within 10 seconds
    2. After 2 seconds the indicators will flash twice (nope, they won't)
    3. I now have 2 minutes to complete the programming.
    4. I press and keep pressed the unlock button.
    5. At the same time I press the lock button 3 times.
    6. I release the unlock button.
    7. Indicators will flash once to confirm correct programming (nix, nein and nope – they don't)
    8. I repeat with all the other remotes.
    9. I switch ignition on.
    10. The programming should be deactivated so now I try each remote and see if it works correctly… Nope, no'one works!

  14. Thank you so much! My bluebird sylphy 2004 key battery died so I replaced it but it wouldn't work. I read other articles (putting the key in and out 6 times then press a button etc) which didn't work and almost resorted to paying a professional to fix it for me. But your video worked like a charm! I had to do it 2 times for it to work but still it worked and I am very happy that it works now and that I've saved money. I never comment on any videos but this one is worth commenting to express my gratitude. Thank you, sir.

  15. Thanks ive done it my key didnt worked 2 weeks had to do it manually lock/unlock u helped me save money, ive done all the steps correctly and it worked, god bless you and youre familly, have a long happy life, hope ure smiling now.

  16. thank you man. I bought my car and seller told me is only battery problem. I changed the battery and remote doesnt work. I was very upset because my bussiness is fast food delivery and locker for the car on oposite door. But now Im very happy because of you. Big thanks

  17. Hi Car Key Man, does your knowledge extend to a Nissan Qashqai +2 2009 model? It has the NATS security system. One of the keyfobs stopped working, I assumed it was the battery but didn't bother replacing it for a month, now replaced but not working. I've tried this method you described but it didn't work. Any advice appreciated. Thanks!

  18. Oke friend thanks it worked only one problem.

    I have one key that with one click on the button opens all doors at once and the other key with one click only opens driver door.
    How to change that to also open all doors at once ?

    Please anyone assist

  19. Hello! I tried the same thing on the 2005 Nissan Terrano 2 but it doesn't work. Is it valid in Terrano or is it another method?

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