Protect America Home Security System Review

Gabe Turner: Hey you, I’m Gabe with Security
Baron. Did you know that last year, according to
the FBI, an estimated $3.4 billion worth of property was stolen from homes in the United
States of America? Do you possibly have things that you’d like
to protect in America? Fortunately for you, today we’re reviewing
the Protect America home security system. Let’s check it out. [music] Gabe: If you’d like to see a list of our favorite
home security systems, google “Security Baron, best home security systems.” If you have a question about today’s video,
leave a comment and I’ll get back to you. In today’s review of the Protect America home
security system, we’ll talk about what you get in your package, how well it works, how
easy or not easy it is to set up, the customer support, the professional monitoring, and
finally, the app. Let’s start with the most important piece,
your touch screen control panel. The touch screen control panel allows you
to control everything in your home, from your temperature to your smart locks, and of course,
what’s most important, arming and disarming your system. The second most important element of any home
security system will probably be the door and window centers. The Protect America system is pretty standard. We’ve got a slightly larger piece that goes
on the frame of the door or the window and a smaller piece that goes on the door or window
itself, so that whenever those are removed from proximity — therefore being opened or
closed — from that larger piece, the alarm will go off. The Protect America Home Security System also
comes equipped with motion sensors. Motion sensors detect anything within 25 feet
horizontally. What’s great about the Protect America motion
sensors is that as long as your pets are under 40 pounds, they will not confuse them for
a human being. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a sucker for
a good indoor security camera. That’s why I bought the Protect America Indoor
Security camera for my Protect America Home Security System. I’m not really a huge fan of this design,
but let’s go ahead and check it out using the Security Baron necessary features test. Here at Security Baron, video quality is a
necessary feature for our indoor security cameras. I have to say though, the Protect America
Home Security camera…I was a bit disappointed right off the bat with the 720p. Typically for video quality like this is at
least 1080p. On top of that, the field of view is rather
narrow at 60 degrees. You’re not really capturing a lot. We like to see at the very minimum 120 degrees
for all of our home security cameras. When it comes to video quality and the Security
Baron, necessary features test, the Protect America camera is severely lacking. Another Security Baron necessary feature is
two-way audio. I love that I can be more positive here with
the Protect America Home Security Camera because it does have two-way audio. I don’t know about you, but I’d be pretty
spooked if a disembodied voice told me to leave a room stemming from a camera even if
it was my own room. Here we can say that they have a great job
with the two-way audio with the Protect America Home Security System. Night vision is a Security Baron necessary
feature. With the Protect America Home Security System,
you’ve got about four LED lights and generally, I’m actually pretty impressed with how well
it does at night. But of course, that is all somewhat mitigated
by the actual limitations of the camera itself, which is something we’ve already spoken about
— the 720 and 60 degree field of view. Night vision is definitely making the most
out of the camera that comes with the Protect American Home Security System. Local and cloud storage are important elements
of the Security Baron necessary features test. You want to be able to have local storage
and in this case, we have it with the Protect America Home indoor security camera. You can insert an SD card and boom all of
your videos, all your clips, all your data is right there or you can upload it to the
cloud. This is useful if you’re trying to prove one,
to law enforcement who may have come into your home or just who took the last cookie
from the cookie jar. Let’s be honest, it’s 2018 and we had to include
smart platform integration as a Security Baron necessary feature when it comes to your indoor
security cameras. Here the Protect America camera does integrate
with Amazon Alexa. If you’re in the Google ecosystem, tough luck. They do not integrate with the Google Assistant
program but Amazon Alexa can be used with your Protect America Home Security System. The final Security Baron necessary feature
that we’ll look at for the Protect America home indoor security camera is artificial
intelligence. If that’s something you’re looking for, well
you’re not going to find it. There’s no facial recognition or any other
type of artificial intelligence with the Protect America camera which honestly makes it that
much more important for you to have a professional monitoring service. Artificial intelligence and Protect America,
there’s nothing going on there. Another item that we bought with our Protect
America Home Security System is the August Smart Lock Pro. It’s not manufactured by Protect America but
it does integrate well into the Protect America Home Security Ecosystem. With that, you can simply use the deadbolt
mechanism to lock and unlock your front door giving you another layer of protection. If someone has forgotten their key, you can
do it right there from your app. That’s something that we like to see with
our home security systems and something that they really integrated well into the Protect
America Home Security System. The final piece that we have in our Protect
America Home Security package is the yard sign. I love the yard signs because they are the
first line of protection against a potential intruder. They can serve as a deterrent because you
put out your Protect America yard sign and then they know Protect America is not only
protecting America but they also are protecting you. In addition to all the products that we have
here with our Protect America Home Security package you can also buy supplemental pieces
to help you with your environmental monitoring like a Co2 detector, a smoke detector, and
even a flood sensor. Not only do these work well within the Protect
America Home Security System but they also are able to be integrated directly into the
app. You can control them all and see exactly what’s
happening in your home from so many different angles. I want to talk about the installation process
for the Protect America Home Security System and I want to start out saying it was so incredibly
positive. I really enjoyed actually setting up this
system and that actually took a while to happen because when I first got the Protect America
system it was a busy week. I didn’t call them back to install it and
so they called me a few times. It was polite not too much. Eventually I did get on the phone with Tiffany
about a week after I received this system and Tiffany was wonderful. Not only did she patiently walk me through
the entire process of installing it, but she made sure that it all worked through testing
it in the same phone call. I’ve set up a lot of home security systems
so I expedited the process and I would say I was on the phone for about 30 minutes. That was for almost every single piece that
we ordered but I’m sure Tiffany would have stayed on the phone with me for as long as
necessary. She was so patient and so thorough. We basically started with the touch screen
control panel and made sure it worked. She even had little touches like when I went
ahead and installed the motion sensor, she made sure I was putting it at a proper height. She walked me through installing my door and
window sensors. The only thing that we didn’t do was the August
Smart Lock Pro which I asked to do on my own. As a note if you’ve installed any deadbolt
on a door before it’s essentially the same process. It’s not super complicated and that’s how
we got through that particular portion. Talking about the Protect America indoor security
camera, I do want to note that we had to initially install it with an ethernet cable. You have to think about why is that a part
of the process but Tiffany was there for me and we got through it and it was no real issue. Remember that the Protect America indoor security
camera only has a 60-degree field of view so you’re going to be really thoughtful about
where you place that in your home. That was it. We walked through installing each product. We tested each product to make sure that it
was working with the system and with the app. I cannot really emphasize enough on how positive
an experience it was and how great the customer support was with Protect America throughout
the installation process. Hold on. Let’s take a break. Every month at Security Baron we like to choose
one person to win a $200 Amazon gift card. The way to enter is simple. Subscribe to our page, leave us a comment,
and each month we’ll choose one person to win that $200 Amazon gift card. Now let’s get back to the video. Now that we discussed installation, let’s
talk about professional monitoring services offered by Protect America Home Security System
because ultimately a security system is more than just the sum of its parts. With things like professional monitoring,
you have someone monitoring your home at all times 24/7 to make sure that nothing fishy
is going on. They can alert the proper authorities and
alert you directly to what’s happening. Something else that is often included with
these professional monitoring services are things like cellular connection because landlines
can be cut, power lines can go out, but you’re still going to want to have the protection
afforded by 24/7 professional monitoring. That’s where the cellular connection comes
in. No matter what’s happening, that back-up is
there and is ready to alert the authorities to any potential danger. Let’s jump in to some of the options and contracts
around 24/7 professional monitoring with the Protect America Home Security System. With Protect America for landline, basic coverage
is $19.99 a month with $2 for each additional camera. If you want to add that cellular backup connection,
it can range anywhere from $20 to $60 a month depending on your needs, equipment and haggling
skills. That’s something to think about when looking
at professional monitoring options for Protect America Home Security System. As a lawyer, I have to, of course, remind
you to look at the contract. The contract rules for Protect America — brace
yourselves commitment phobes — basically lock you into a three-year contract. You can move and they will move you for free,
but it is a three-year contract with Protect America. If you want to not pay anything, it’s just
not going to be an option for you. Now to discuss the professional monitoring
with Protect America, let’s jump into the customer support. There are various ways you can get in touch
with Protect America or just get support for any questions you may have. For example, on the website there are tons
of guides and lots of information about installation or any possible troubleshooting that you might
need to do. You can also just talk to them directly on
the Internet. I like to do that particularly. I don’t want to be on the phone sometimes
and I can just type directly to a representative and of course, you can just call them on the
phone. I, of course, had a positive experience in
my one phone call with Protect America, but let’s see what other people are saying. Looking at the customer reviews on Google
for the Protect America Home Security System, they really crushed it. They got 4.1 out of 5 stars in Google reviews
and a lot of those reviews specifically shouted out the customer support team. They are clearly doing well there. Let’s take a look at the Better Business Bureau
Reviews. They did get an A rating from the Better Business
Bureau, but that doesn’t really talk about the customer experience. Here we note that they do far worse than they
did in the Google reviews getting fewer than 3 out of 5 stars. Generally, those reviews talk about the contract
and not the customer support. We do remind you that it is a three-year contract
and it appears that most people were upset about being locked into that contract. We don’t think that the fewer than three-star
reviews are reflective of how they did in terms of customer support. Now that we have talked about customer support,
let’s talk about the user experience with the Protect America mobile application. It did not fair well on iOS, receiving 2.8
out of 5 stars for its Apple mobile application. However, I do want to note that the customer
support team is still strong as ever and replied to each one of those negative reviews. When it comes to the Google Play Store, it
does a little bit better with 3.1 out of 5 stars, which is slightly above mediocre in
my opinion. There is a clear issue with the app and it
needs work, but the customer support seems to be there for consumers regarding their
issues on the mobile application. Let’s jump into our own perspective on the
Protect America mobile application on my Apple iPhone. We are looking at the Protect America mobile
application on iPhone. You’ll note that as soon as you’re in the
main menu, there are a ton of options presented. At the very top right below where it says
Main Menu and Log Out, it says Disarmed, Ready to Arm. That is basically the most crucial element
of the mobile application even if not necessarily the one you’ll use the most. If I click on Security which is the top left
and if reading left to right you might say the first icon, you’ll have the option to
Arm Away or Arm Stay your security system. If I click on Arm Stay, it is arming my doors
and windows. I’m going to click it again because I actually
do not want to arm them right now. On the bottom, you have the options for zones,
silent or not silent, and a delay on your sensors. If I go back to the main menu, I can jump
back into my locks. For example, we ordered the August Smart Lock
Pro which we have not actually set up yet, but that is something you can control directly
from the app. Of course, you like to look at your activities. At the top, I just disarm the system, I can
look here at the video recordings that I have taken, I can look at alarms canceled and all
the motion detection that has gone on in my home. I live in New York City and do not have a
garage door, but I can still use the Protect America indoor security camera. If I click in the very middle of the main
menu where it says video, here we are and I can take video, I can see what’s happening. Control this camera. I can see everything that’s happening in front
of me but just remember that this is just a 60-degree field of view so you’re not going
to capture that much. It’s always good to have a camera integrated
into your video security system. I can also control any lights or appliances
that I happen to have attached. We don’t have any attached here at the moment,
but we are hue people. You got thermostat below there that allows
you to control the Protect America Smart Thermostat. Scenes which is the icon to the right of that
actually allows you to control everything at the same time. To the right of that, you have Settings. With Settings, you can add cameras, different
devices like z-wave devices. You can also setup your auto login or even
look at video mode and change up the way you do the videos from your camera. Now, if you look at the bottom, there are
two elements — Support and Live Help — denoted by the question mark and the chat box. Plainly speaking, the Protect America mobile
application is not the most aesthetically pleasing and it’s not the most intuitive or
in-depth. What Protect America is very much known for
is its customer support and all those elements are available directly from the app. You can manage your account, go into different
topics that might be helpful, or just go directly into live help. That’s our look at the Protect America mobile
application. One thing you can do with Protect America
is add Amazon Alexa. I can search in my skills and I can link the
two accounts so I can do all the arming from my system directly with my Alexa. That is super useful going forward from my
Protect America Security System. Looking at how well the Protect America Home
Security System works has to begin by delving into its control hub. If you look at the touch screen control panel,
the very first thing that jumps out is this Press to Arm which is denoted by this padlock
icon. If I hit Press to Arm, you’ll note that that
it says Arm System. On the left side it says Doors & Windows Only,
which is for when you’re at home to make sure that no one is getting in. Then, you have Arm All, which is when you
are away and you want everyone to be armed. Below that, you’ll see it says Arm Settings
(Optional). Typically, you’re going to want to keep Entry
delay on to give yourself time to leave the home. Silent exit depend on you particular preferences. I don’t actually want to have the system armed
now so I’ll to close that. You’ll see at the top the various icons for
different parts of the home. I can look at the Doors and the Sensors. Tap there, it says No Open Doors. Or I can go to the motion detector and it
says Motion. The last time I saw motion was four minutes
ago. I can close that and let’s go into the Settings,
which you can see with the gear icon on the bottom right. You can look at your Event History which let’s
you know people who are coming in and out of the house, when was motion detected. This is all going to be right here in your
Event History — Door, Alarm, Motion Detector. You can go and look at your Panel and make
sure it’s still working. You can turn the Chimes on and off. You can look at your lights. You can look at all your August Smart Lock. You can control brightness, screen, all that
right here on the Touchscreen Panel. Of course, you’re going to want to test your
system monthly. That could all be done in Settings. I can close out. This is our look at the touch panel on the
Protect America Home Security System. Here we are in checking out the video quality
on the Protect America Home Indoor Security Camera. You’ll know that it only has 720 video quality. On top of that, it only as a 60-degree field
of view so it’s not going to capture everything in the room. I’m sitting almost directly in front of the
camera. It’s only about four feet away from me. Most of my body is taking up what you see
in the space so it’s really not a great field of view. Let’s give it the globe test. Boom. Got some Africa action today. I used to live right over here. Here we are with the Protect America Home
Indoor Video Camera. This is the video quality. Here I am checking out the night vision on
the Protect America Indoor Video Camera. Honestly, we’re very pleasantly surprised. It appears to have four LED lights, which
allows you to get a pretty good vision of what’s happening in here. Of course with the 60-degree field of view,
you’re not going to catch that much in here. Honestly, it’s a decent night vision. Let’s go and give it the globe test. See what’s happening? You can get a clear vision of this globe. Overall, pretty pleasant surprised with the
night vision on Protect America’s Indoor Security Camera. We’ve said a lot about the Protect America
Home Security Systems today. Ultimately, what you want to know is whether
or not it is right for you. If you’re someone who just needs some Amazon
Alexa integration, some professional monitoring, and amazing customer support, then Protect
America might be the right move. However, if you’re a stickler for an indoor
security camera and want something more than a 720p camera, with a 60-degree field of view,
and you don’t want to be locked in a three-year contract, then you might want to look somewhere
else. My personal take is that the Protect America
Home Security System is definitely for people with more space. You can get infinite numbers of door and window
sensors and you can always call Customer Support for help when installing them or adding more
motion sensors or things like that. For someone like me, who lives in a small
one-bedroom Brooklyn apartment, it may not be for me. One, I move constantly. While you can move for free with Protect America,
I may not want a three-year contract always looming over me. Who knows what will happen in the next year
or two, where I might be. It’s something I think about. However, I do think about my parents and how
much they have to take care of in terms of their space. Protect America would be the right move for
someone like them in particular. Those are just my thoughts on the Protect
America Home Security System. I hope they’re helpful. [background music] Gabe: That’s our review of the Protect America
Home Security System. If you appreciate today’s video, give us like,
hit that Subscribe button. As always, this is Gabe at Security Baron. Be secure.

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