Qolsys IQ Panel 2: How to Pair Bluetooth Devices?

Qolsys IQ Panel 2: How to Pair Bluetooth Devices?

today we’re going to show you how to set
up bluetooth touchless user disarm on the IQ panel 2 this feature is awesome
bluetooth touch list disarming allows your panel to disarm automatically when
you arm your system to away mode when you left you can also create smart home
automation rules like when my panel disarms unlock the door and turn on the
light making it easier to just walk inside your home in the unlikely event
that you lose your phone don’t worry you can just go into alarm calm and disable
the Bluetooth disarm feature before we compare a phone with the IQ panel we
need to enable bluetooth to do this swipe down on your settings tray go to
settings advanced settings type in your installer code go to installation
devices and Bluetooth devices next go into Bluetooth settings and check the
box next to Bluetooth and then check Bluetooth disarm and you’re ready to go
to add a phone touch the back arrow select add device next grab your smart
phone go into settings and Touch bluetooth be sure to keep your phone
close to the panel it could take about 30 seconds for the IQ panel to find it
once the name appears on the screen you’ll select pair on the IQ panel and
your smart phone you can pair up to five smartphone devices on the IQ panel 2 and
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  1. My home was pre-wired for security and I believe the entry doors(3 of them)all have sensors built in. The wiring runs to a central spot in my basement. I also have wires for motion sensors in 2 places. What system is right for me? The Qolsys is all wireless correct?

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