Qolsys IQ Panel 2: Installing Z-Wave Devices

Qolsys IQ Panel 2: Installing Z-Wave Devices

including z-wave devices with the IQ
panel 2 is easy and provides your home with powerful automation and energy
management the IQ panel supports up to 119 z-wave or z-wave plus devices
including a tea light six locks six thermostats six garage openers and 21
other devices like z-wave sirens water valves repeaters etc z-wave plus is
powerful improving on previous versions of z-wave technology by expanding range
increasing speed and adding encryption between the wireless signals sent from
the panel to each device every time you add a device category you’ll get a new
page on the panel represented by these dots on the bottom of the screen for
example if you have multiple lights scroll up and down to see them all then
swipe over to see your locks page again if you have more than one lock scroll up
and down to see each one z-wave uses mesh network technology to communicate
which means as you add more devices the network actually gets stronger faster
and more responsive to include a z-wave or za+ device start by swiping down on
your settings tray go to settings advanced settings type in your installer
code installation devices and z-wave devices z-wave devices are unique and
that they can only be used in a single network at a time so there’s a couple of
things you should do to ensure a smooth inclusion process sometimes the device is tested by being
added to a z-wave Network before it leaves the factory so the first thing
you should do is clear the device’s memory before attempting to add it to
your network simply press clear on the panel and the corresponding button on
the device itself with the device clear you’re now ready to include the device
in the network start by touching add device and then touch include on the
panel and then the corresponding button on the device itself once it’s complete
verify that it’s correct by checking the type shown on the screen the IQ panel 2
saves you time by pre filling the most common name used for that type of device
you can even type in custom names using the on-screen keyboard and the panel
will speak those names using our Android text-to-speech technology built into
every system once you verify that everything’s right touch add to complete
the process repeat these steps for any additional devices you wish to add to
the network some devices like door locks require the device to be within a few
feet of the panel in order to pass secure enrollment so you’ll want to
include these devices in the network before installing the hardware you
should also be aware of where your devices are as you include them in the
network we recommend starting with the devices closest to the panel first
working outward until inclusion is complete to ensure your network is
operating at peak efficiency you should test your z-wave network using the
z-wave system test on the panel to do this swipe down to access the settings
tray go to settings advanced settings type in your installer code system tests
z-wave tests once you’re done pairing all your
devices or if a particular device is not responding as expected
you should rediscover the network to allow busy wave plus radio inside the
panel to remap the pathways to each device to ensure optimal performance the
z-wave counters gives you a report of how many commands are effectively passed
between the panel and the devices you can also see a visual topology of
your z-wave Network by viewing your z-wave Diagnostics this shows you which
devices are connected directly to the panel versus using neighbors and giving
you an idea of the signal strength of each adding a network of z-wave devices
will open exciting new ways to use the IQ panel 2 and truly build a secure smart
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