Remote Control Lighting for Homes : Installation of Remote Home Lighting System

Remote Control Lighting for Homes : Installation of Remote Home Lighting System

Michael Raines, Expert Village. Well, we showed
you how to do the X10 installation, you learned about our little wall modules and you learned
about the receiver. So remember again, transmitter, receiver, and module. Now for the money, this
system is the best because when you realistically think about it for a couple hundred bucks
you can automate your house. Other systems that do the same thing are going to cost you
thousands, don’t even bother looking. The other systems are really rinky dink like one
on and off button for one lamp. Oh boy you might as well buy a clapper from Ronco or
something. So in my opinion this is the best automated system you can get for your house.
Now I hope you learned a little more about electricity today. Remember the three legs
that come into your house, the one ten and the one ten together make two twenty or one
ten and a neutral to give you your one ten that your appliances work off of. Now remember
always always be safe when you’re working with electricity. It can kill you if you have
a weak heart it can hurt your fingertips and kill your sense of feel and other nasty stuff.
So be very careful, always turn off the breaker, always pretend that the wire is live just
for safety sake and you’ll be fine. So I hope you learned a lot and we’ll see you next time
on Expert Village. My name is Michael Raines.

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  1. cool we also doing remote lighting but only for individual lamps. would be cool to incorporate ideas to have a universal remotely operated lighting system for an entire house hold including themes such as "warm" (red orange), "cool" (blue green), "romantic" (pink blue purple), "funky" (blue green yellow red), etc etc, pre programmed settings that affect the housholds lighting. Check out my vid response

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