Reolink Argus Review + GIVEAWAY: Best Wireless Security Camera for Home?

Reolink Argus Review + GIVEAWAY: Best Wireless Security Camera for Home?

One of the most popular
smartphone items that you guys ask me about is smart home cameras. And in this episode I’m
gonna give you a look at the Realink Argus, an
inexpensive way to get into the smart home camera
game, and I’ll let you know if it’s worth the $99 entry price point. What’s going on tech
squad, Andru Edwards here, Editor-in-Chief If this is your first time
here, this channel is all about tech gadgets and gaming. So be sure to hit that subscribe
button down below if you’re into that kind of stuff so you
don’t miss any future videos. Now like I said, today we’re
looking at the Realink Argus, this is a $99 smart home
camera and I’m gonna tell you about all the features that
set this guy apart from the other smart home cameras
on the market, as well as a couple that they could improve. And by the way, big shout
out to Realink for sponsoring this video, they also
sent over a bunch of extra Realink Argus units which
we’ll be giving away. So if you want to win one of
these, stay tuned to the end of the video where I tell
you how you can win one. Now let’s jump into the video
starting with the unboxing. So as we start opening this
guy up, I’m gonna go over some of the key features
that I think set it apart from the competition, the first one being that
it’s 100% wire free. Now the reason I mention
that is because it’s a camera that can be used indoors or
out, and when you’re using an outdoor camera you
probably don’t want something that has to be plugged into the wall. Unfortunately some other
cameras from some big names like Nest, require that
you plug them in to power in order for them to work,
and if something has to be plugged into power it
can also be unplugged and therefore stop working if
someone chooses to do that. Since it’s wire free
it’s also very portable, you can pick it up, you
can place it in one room like the kitchen or living
room, pick it up at nighttime place it in your baby’s room
or the kid’s room, or to watch your pet, etc. So the fact that it’s wire free,
also makes it super mobile. The Realink Argus has a PIR
motion sensor built in and the sensor is made to detect
human movements therefore providing almost no false alarms. The Realink Argus uses a
PIR motion detector in order to reduce false alarms,
typically non-PIR sensors detect movement by changes
in the pixels on the camera which means pretty much
anything that’s moving like a tree, or a bug, or anything
else, a car driving by, will set it off. The PIR motion detector
instead detects changes in temperature and radiation,
and that greatly reduces the false alarm rate. Now the cool thing about it, looking for humans in particular, is that since it’s wire free
running off of batteries, the fact that it’s only
looking for humans means that it’s saving on battery, it’s
not recording everything 24/7, nor is it recording
every movement that it sees. What it’s trying to do is
recognize a human being, and then start capturing video. Since you can use it indoors and out, it’s also IP-65 water resistant. That means it’s weather proof
to withstand the typical outdoor environments which means
sun, heat, rain, snow, etc. Now the other cool thing
about Realink Argus, which you don’t see on a lot of others,
in fact I don’t know if I’ve ever seen it on too many
other devices, is that it’s true two way communication. So if you have it outdoors or
really anywhere, you as the viewer, when you’re viewing the
camera from your smartphone, you can have a two way
conversation with the other person. You don’t have to wait for
them to talk and then you talk, it’s actually like a two way
connection making it super easy to communicate with anybody
that you see on the camera. A lot of other similar cameras
have a more walkie talkie style, where only one person
can talk at a time and the other person has to listen. As easy as it is to mount to
the magnetic stand, you may be worried about putting this
outside because someone could just remove it from the magnetic
stand, Realink did think about this and they include a
mounting bracket and security mount right in the box, no need
for you to even buy it as an add on accessory, it’s just
packed right in for that $99. The camera featured on the
Realink Argus is a 1080P full HD sensor that gives
you true high definition, even when you’re streaming
the live feeds, no graininess or blurriness in the images or the videos that you get from the Realink Argus. The video streaming is
another place where the Realink Argus stands out
above a lot of the competition since it streams 1080P HD and
not 720P like a lot of the other home security
WiFi cameras out there. Using the Realink app, you
can set up instant alerts, so if you have the camera
setup somewhere and you wanna get a notification every time
it senses a person you can set that up and then right on
your smartphone you get a push notification letting you know,
you can open the notification and immediately see what the camera sees. Speaking of that camera, it’s
also got a 130 degree wide viewing angle giving you a
wider field of view which covers more areas and
also reduces blind spots. The camera also has night
vision with built in infrared LEDs which
enables you to see up to 33 feet away in low light conditions. So all that said, the Realink
Argus works pretty well. I don’t have a lot to complain
about because it is $99, it’s much cheaper than
some of the other competing cameras that you can buy. It still connects to your WiFi
network, it still lets you view the camera feed from
pretty much anywhere you are. As long as you have an
internet connection, you can tune in and see what’s going on. And you can even set up multiple
cameras and see them all from the one Realink app dashboard. Looking in the app, you
can have up to 16 cameras all being viewed at the same time. But again, these are
wireless cameras so you’re gonna be running battery
down pretty quick if you keep em on 24/7, it really
does work best if you just use it for the
motion sensing to see when it captures when a person walks into view. As you can see, you can articulate this in pretty much any way that you want. You take the base, you
can lay the base down on a surface, or you can screw it in, there are two screw holes there, and then it just magnetizes
right to the base. So you have the base screwed
in or just laying somewhere. And you can turn the Argus in pretty much any direction, any camera angle, anything that you need in order to use it. That’s pretty cool, and
the magnet is very strong, that’s not going anywhere. Also on the the side there
is a micro SD card slot, so out the box this isn’t
recording anything and there is no current cloud
storage service so anything that the camera captures
you’re watching live in real time but it’s not saving anywhere, but if you insert a microSD
card into the camera then you can keep a copy
of anything that it sees when it senses motion. Now speaking of cloud
storage, they do have some new features coming, one of
which is a cloud storage service that hasn’t launched just
yet but Realink has told me that that is coming soon. They’re also about to
release skins for these guys, so if you wanna have some fun with them and make them look like
animals or give it some camouflage or whatever,
you can buy some skins and add some personality to
the Realink Argus as well. And they’re also releasing
an NVR, which is basically like a network video
recorder, it’s like a DVR for your home network. So in other words, if
you don’t want to use the cloud service, you can
instead buy the NVR and have everything that your
Realink Argus units capture saved on your home network
to a local hard drive. The NVR for the Realink
Argus is called the WiFi base station and that is coming soon. But there you have it guys, that was your look at the Realink Argus. Like I said, we are
doing a giveaway as well, we have a few of these units to give away, hit the link down below if you
want to enter the giveaway. At a bare minimum, all
you have to do is be a subscriber to this
channel in order to enter. So be sure to hit the link down below, that’s where you’re gonna
manage your entries. Aside from subscribing I’ll
have some bonus entries as well if you wanna
up your chances to win one of these $99 smart home cameras. Let me know what you think
about the Realink Argus. If you have any questions about it, drop em in the comments below, and also let me know how your
smart home game is doing. Have you started setting
up devices in your home that you can control remotely,
control from your smartphone? Are you still getting into it? Do you not care, does that creep you out? Let me know in the comments, I’ll meet you there
for further discussion. Again, big shout out to Realink
for sponsoring this video. Good luck to everyone
who enters the giveaway. If you haven’t done it already,
be sure to click or tap on my face, it appears
to you on the bottom of display in order to subscribe
for free to the channel so you don’t miss any future videos. Thanks for watching. As always guys, I appreciate your support. I’m Andru Edwards and I’ll
catch you in the next video.

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100 Replies to “Reolink Argus Review + GIVEAWAY: Best Wireless Security Camera for Home?”

  1. I'm most excited about the ease of use with the install. No wires and the magnetic base make it super easy to install almost anywhere!

  2. I've got robbed recently, they stole my macbook. I saved for it for 2 years for my college. I would really like something like that so it doesn't happen again! Thanks!

  3. I like they are making skins for it love that it has no wires and you can use it for just heat signatures so you're not recording a lot of nothing

  4. I dig that they're completely wireless. Motion detector, effective outdoors without worry of the elements, 2 way talk, simple hook-up, FHD, etc… Lots of good stuff

  5. Cool cam option. The only thing I don't like about my current one is the wires. I do worry about the battery life though.

  6. This is awesome. I am having a home built and have been watching all of your home security videos to help decide which one is best. What would be your suggestion for a one story, approx 1800 sq ft home?

  7. The Argus PIR still gives you false alarms, many have reported sprinklers, blowing leaves and cars setting it off.  One problem with the IR LED's is that they emit red light, so in the dark an intruder can easily see the camera and steal it or destroy it.

    The camera is NOT $99, it's $100 ($99.99).

    My biggest complaint about the Argus is the battery life.  Reolink claims 180days (6 months), is standby mode.  Yet, I've never gotten more than 2 months, with an extremely low traffic area.  I doubt anyone will get more than that.  And quality CR123A batteries (with at least 1500 mAh capacity),  are expensive at around $2 each and you need 4 per camera.

    One thing that bugs me is that Reolink's lists "Fluent" video mode as Q720p, which is one quarter 720p and this is actually 180p.  Why not just say 180p?

    One more issue, the PIR recording is only 6 seconds long and it can't be changed.

  8. If there is a power outage and the wifi is interrupted, will the Argus continue to record onto the SD card for playback later?

  9. I just purchased the Ring Doorbell Pro and Floodlight Camera that I am looking to put up, but it's been to cold in Michigan. I also purchased the Spotlight Cam wired but I don't think I am going to like it that's why I'm looking for a battery operated camera for my backyard. Any suggestions and or recommendations?

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