Review of F Gear Luxur Backpack

Review of F Gear Luxur Backpack

Hi Guys this is Yad Singh and I am gonna unbox
F gear Luxur bag. I think this is one of the best bags in 1500
mark if you talk about and I am gonna unbox it very
quickly and see how it works. So, I am quickly gonna unbox it as you can
see its in a very very big box and people are gonna wonder what you have ordered, but
its only a backpack so I have to give an A+ for
packing as its really good and I am trying to unbox it very tight. So here the bag lets see what’s in the box. My god! This is the bag and we get ton of protective
cover as you can see, very nice packing I have to give an A+, I have to say very good
packing. So, this is the bag
Unpack it real quick. It is a nice looking bag but I have to say
it is for women, Its not for guys that mch but lets see how it works lets see pockets. So, yes you
got a laptop compartment in this, its very nice. The quality of inside interior is above average
I will not say that it is very nice. I have ordered bags from puma
I have ordered bags you know i have Nike bags its not comparable to that. So, its very simple you have a laptop compartment,
you have a simple pocket here and there’s your front pocket. So that’s pretty much about it, I will use
it for a month or so and I will let you know guys. Thank you so much!

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13 Replies to “Review of F Gear Luxur Backpack”

  1. on what basis are you saying it is for women ??? can you make review of bags ?? from nike ?

  2. I'm guessing the dislikes are people that found him saying it's a woman's backpack. You have to be honest the color scheme reminds me a lot of the Michael lore backpack my sister owns also it's very glossy which draws attention most girl pack packs do that

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