Ring Alarm is coming and it looks competitive

Ring Alarm is coming and it looks competitive

Ring’s long promised alarm system is coming
on July 4 and it looks like it could shake up the market for DIY alarms. Why? Because it’s much cheaper than the competing
Nest Protect alarm system. Ring Alarm will cost $199 and for that money
you get a base station, a keypad for arming and disarming the system, one door/window
sensor, one passive infrared motion detector, and a range extender. Additional door or window sensors are $20
and motion sensors are $30. The basic Ring system will sound an alarm
on the base station and alert your smartphone if it’s triggered. Professional monitoring, where someone in
a call center gets alerted and can call you and the police, will cost $10 per month with
no contract. That monthly subscription enables LTE wireless
so, when used with the built-in battery, means the system will remain connected in a power
failure. Subscribing to monitoring also adds cloud
video storage for an unlimited number of Ring cameras, so if you have some Ring surveillance
devices that’s a pretty good deal. These prices are very competitive against
the rival Nest Secure system that came out earlier this year. That starts at $399 – double the price – and
add on sensors are $50 – about double – and monitoring is $29 per month with no contract. The technology behind the two systems isn’t
directly comparable, but on paper the Ring is a very attractive price. Ring is also planning new devices: one to
listen for smoke and carbon-monoxide alarms and send you an alert when they’re triggered,
a flood and freeze sensor that will alert you to water leaks and freezing temperatures
that could damage your home’s pipes, and a supplemental siren from Dome. These accessories will cost $30 each. We haven’t had a chance to test the system
out yet, so I can’t say how well it works, but we’ll have that review for you soon.

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5 Replies to “Ring Alarm is coming and it looks competitive”

  1. Hello, TechHive. I am a new subscriber and I'm looking forward to your review of the Ring security system. I am definitely getting a DIY security system in 2018, and have been leaning towards SimpliSafe, with the distant possibility of Abode. The SimpliSafe 3rd Generation looks a lot better, but $25 a month for monitoring is 2.5 times more than the $10 a month for Ring monitoring; please do let me know if monitoring for both security systems consist of similar items. Also, I like that SimpliSafe includes a panic button, which I don't think Ring has.

    The biggest negative for me of having the Ring security system is probably that I am not an Alexa user, and I lean towards Google home and Google Assistant.

    If anyone is looking for a deal on the Ring security system, check out Costco.com. For $40 more at $239.99, you get 5 additional sensors.

  2. Ring is about to completely take over now with Amazon backing it. You will not find $10/month for video backup and alarm monitoring from any competitors any time soon.

  3. Please include information referencing to internet encryption. As I know about people who can hack devices. My question, can one set it up as an encrypted device?

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