Ring Pro video doorbell review!

– Hey there everybody, it’s Phil. Welcome to my crib. Does anyone talk like that anymore? Anyway, you can’t come inside and there’s a good reason for that. I wanna show you my Ring doorbell. So if you’ve seen me
anywhere, anytime lately, I’ve been singing this
thing’s praises forever. This is the Ring Pro. This is the higher end of the two. It’s the one we’re gonna take a look at and it’s really easy to install,
it’s really easy to use. It’s not that expen- all right, for a doorbell, it’s expensive. But god, I use it all
the time, it’s so great. So let’s go take a look at
it, the Ring Pro doorbell. (tech music) Now a couple other
things you need to know. One, the camera on the
Ring Pro shoots at 1080p, if that’s important to you. It does struggle a little
bit with back lighting, though, as lot of cameras like that do, so not surprising. Two, I had to change out the transformer, the thing that takes the
higher voltage home electricity and steps it down into low voltage wiring that doorbells use. And three, I’ve got hallway ring chime that will go off whenever there’s motion or somebody hits the bell as well. And you stick that anywhere
you have a power outlet. So setting up outside
is pretty much as easy as setting up inside. You just screw a couple wires in, screw the whole thing into the wall. Tell you what, go to Ring’s website, watch some of the videos there, they helped me out a lot,
it’s really easy to follow and they’ll also walk you
through set-up on your phone. So you actually have your
choice of face plates that you can use with the Ring Pro, white, sort of a not quite black, silver, but I’m just gonna use
the normal black here. So the Ring app is really
simple and really well-done. It shows anything from
Ring I have connected, doorbell, camera, or hallway chime. There’s not a whole lot to
show you, it just works. But I do wanna point out the alerts. It has a dedicated ring alert, so whenever somebody
actually pushes the button, it’s the bell. You also have motion alerts. Now these can get pretty noisy. If I’m out front doing something or my kids are out playing or we’re hanging out on the porch,
it will start notifying you over and over and over again. And you also control the motion settings and the sensitivity, you
can set it to people only, or all activity, so
it’ll be more sensitive. You can change the motion zones. You can tell it, hey bother me if there’s somebody in this part of the yard or don’t bother me if
there’s somebody over here. Hello. – Papa John’s.
– Nope. – No?
– No, we didn’t order. What address you got? – Sorry, guys.
– Yep, okay. All right, so at the end of the day, the Ring Pro, it’s one hell of a product. I like it a lot, I like the company a lot, the little bit I’ve had to deal
with their customer service, awesome, really, really good. It’s relatively simple to put in. If you can twist a couple of wires, if you’ve done anything basic like that, you’re gonna be just fine. The things I don’t like, look,
the backlighting is a thing and that’s really gonna depend on where you put your doorbell. Mine is under the covered porch. All in all, though, it’s
been a really good buy for me and my family. If none of us is home
and a package shows up, we can tell the guy to
leave it if we need to, and especially around the
holidays, that’s a big deal. It’s not inexpensive, but you have the increased safety factor and security, that’s a really big deal. Really, really just well done product. So, Modern Dad seal of approval, I’m digging it. I’m gonna highly recommend this
thing for as long as I can. That’s it, see ya later. (tech music) Little pig, little pig, let me in. (child talking)
(woman laughing)

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