Ring Stick Up Cam Review: The Ultimate DIY Home Security Camera!

Ring Stick Up Cam Review: The Ultimate DIY Home Security Camera!

hi everyone I’m Matthew mona’s and today
I’m reviewing the ring stick up cam a self install Wire free outdoor
security camera with two-way audio motion detection cloud HD recording and
night vision now ring is the company behind the ring video doorbell and they
were kind enough to send me a ring stick up cam and sponsor this review the stick up cam can be used as a standalone security camera but also works in unison with the
ring video doorbell and chime providing a full security solution around your
home so here’s my review the ring stick up
cam can be used by itself but i find to be the perfect complement to the ring
video doorbell and chime inside the box comes the ring stick up cam security
Mount quick release mount screwdriver handle and bit drill bit micro USB charging cable and
installation screws everything you need to install the stick-up cam is right
here in the box the stickup cam records in HD and uses
a rechargeable battery that lasts anywhere from six to 12 months but if
you don’t want to charge your camera you can always use the included weatherproof
micro USB charging cable this will require an outlet nearby to
plug into now if you don’t have one you can always purchase rings solar panel
the solar panel or charging cable will keep the stick-up cam fully charged ring recently updated app to an ally
view which lets you watch your camera feed without having to wait for
emotional or the downfall is if you do enable it you will burn through your
battery faster without a charging cable or solar panel you will be required to
charge more often by clicking on the cog in your settings menu and selecting live
view you can optimize the performance by changing its settings to suit your needs the sensors embedded inside the camera
will alert you if there is any motion through the ring app on your smartphone a
speaker and microphone on the front enables to a communication and also has
night vision using infrared LEDs the stick-up cam can be placed inside or
outside of your home if you do place it outside don’t worry about the weather because it
is weather sealed and designed to withstand the elements before screwing
the stick-up cam onto a wall you need to pair it with your smartphone first on
the back there’s two flaps and the right one is a micro USB port that lets you
charge the camera under the other flap is a button that is
used to start the setup process now before you download the ring app which
is available for iOS Android and Windows 10 open it up press add device and follow
the instructions once connected you are ready to pair now once pairing is done you can then go
ahead and mount the stick-up cam but first you must choose whether you
want to use the security mount which attaches the cam directly to an object
or the quick release mount allows you to attach the camera in order to charge it
even though ring has a lifetime that guarantee i want the security Mount
option to keep it a fixed to the wall to install it place the security mount in
the location you want the camera and use the level to align it if you’re
attaching it to conquer you’ll have to use the drill bit to drill four holes
but i’m attaching my two would so I don’t need to once levels simply drilling the screws
to attach them out and then choose one of the three mounting points to connect
the Civil arm once finished you can then go ahead and attach the stick-up cam to
the security mount using one of the available screws you’re now ready for action and any
motion will be detected and notify you by sending an alert to your smartphone this will allow you to view what the
camera seeing in real time I can also listen and talk to anyone in front of
the camera now if you missed an alert don’t worry
because any motion is recorded in the cloud which can we visit whenever you
want rings cloud service costs three dollars
a month but you get 30 days for free when you buy a stick-up cam or ring
video doorbell and just like the ring video doorbell you can set up emotions
owns up to 30 feet alright so let’s take a quick look at
the rinks to get cameron action who is this why you have my door hey get
out of here punk actually you know what you’re kind of
cute what about a date saturday night mojitos? alright so here are my closing thoughts
the ring stick up cam is very easy to set up and pretty much everything I need
to install it comes right in the box the app is well designed and motion
alerts allow me to keep an eye on my house the cloud-based subscription service is
a nice way to go back and revisit any moments that I may have missed and finally the addition of live you
adds more value which I feel is a must for a security camera overall I’m very impressed with the ring
stick-up can and video doorbell in fact actually recommended the ring
video doorbell to my parents and they absolutely love it now if you want to pick one up ring is
offering fifty dollars off one of their security bundles the bundle includes a
ring video doorbell a stick-up cam chime and solar panel I place a link in the description down
below in case you’re interested so that wraps up my review of the Ring
stick up cam. Let me know what you guys think of it in the comments below is this something you can see yourself
going out and buying I want to thank everyone out there for watching this
video if you enjoyed it feel free to smash that like button if you’re new to
the channel subscribe and as always I will see you in the next video

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64 Replies to “Ring Stick Up Cam Review: The Ultimate DIY Home Security Camera!”

  1. Too many cams out there that don't require a subscription for cloud based video recordings, or at least offer some type of FREE basic level of service. I do like what the cam does and the quality of video (though really it could be 1080p) considering we now have had 4k video available for sometime now. The mounting is easy, maybe too easy as it looks like it could be easily stolen. Pros and Cons just like with everything i guess? 🙂

  2. is this a subscription service cam?! I didn't catch that in the vid. Also mojitos! haha good one gettin yer lady to play along!

  3. Can you please start a top 5 series if u havent alresdy of the top 5 cheapest tech or the top 5 best tech. I think alot of people will like it

  4. Amazing video as always! Your videos always inspire me to keep on making my videos 🙂 keep up the great work, and this device looks pretty sweet. Trying to get my hands on one.

  5. Where did you get the white weatherproof micro USB cable? You said it was included, but I believe it only comes with the short orange micro USB cable.

  6. Awesome Review! Where did you get that USB cable with the weatherproof sleeve that was in this video at 1:04?

  7. I have the stick up cam and once the battery was at 10% after 6 months with no issues…after recharging the battery now drains super quick. It's great that all your neighbors can see you taking it down and putting back up. The recording doesn't always happen either. My package was stolen and the stick up cam did not record it. For that matter the Ring Doorbell which I also have did not record the motion of the person taking the package either. It does catch the motion of the bus across the street ALL THE TIME even after adjusting the view range to almost right on the doorstep.

  8. Pairing your phone to the device whether it be the stick up camera or Ring doorbell is a complete nightmare. Took 2 plus hours to get each one paired with phone support. Should not be that difficult.

  9. I can understand and appreciate the $3 per month (or $30 per year) cloud subscription, but I really believe Ring should have a discount (e.g. an additional $1 per month, or $10 per year per device) if you purchase/own multiple devices. I recently purchased a Ring Pro and will most likely buy into the subscription plan for it. I'd like to add two Stick Up cams, but the extra $6 per month has me looking into cameras from other companies like ZMODO.

  10. Hi Matt, thank you for the great review.
    I am considering the purchase of this camera, but I have a few questions please.
    1. Does the Live View feed get stored in the cloud?
    2. Does the Live View feed imply paying a little bit more for the cloud service?
    3. the $3 amount, was in CAD or USD?
    4. Will the camera handle the tough Canadian weather?

  11. wow this is something I have been looking for. My youngest son found this on the website thank you so much it looks amazing quality looks good as well. Can't wait to test it out

  12. Hi Matt I'm really considering purchasing the ring cam I just wondering will this be an good ideal for apartment living and can this work while I'm away from home for business rather in flight or in a meeting?

  13. hi Matt, you said the waterproof USB cable (long white cable in your video) came with the camera package. RING said it is not, only the short orange charging cable is included. I also did not see it mentioned in package description in Amazon either. Can you verify this?

  14. Ive been installing these things for a few months now and I've been wondering what actually might be a theft deterrent. As I've told the customers, partly in jest, the reason no one would steal one is because the image of the idiot stealing it is being relayed to the owner, as well as being preserved on the cloud. But that doesn't really prevent the theft. Does the unit possibly have a GPS built in to it so that when the police get the call, they can simply follow it to where the dumbshit who stole it goes and at least catch the perp? I'd assume that as soon as the thief realizes the pawn shop won't pay for it, the neighborhood dealer already learned that it's bad for business to trade them for dime-bags, and it's not a good video camera to use for making home sex videos; the devise ends up in the river or similar means to get rid of it. Just wondering.

  15. hi i only have adsl2 + and after i install the ring front door bell and 2 stick up cam, will it effect my game play online ?

  16. The ring video camera is crap. Do not waste your money. The motion detection is hard to adjust .A lot of false motions. The battery life sucks even on solar it does not stay charged.

  17. I have two ring door bells and this is the best investment for me so far, because of some of the stupid comments I just seen below I only pay 30 dollars a year for two door bells and it is worth it, if you haven't been watching the news ring door bells have stop break ins bye much as 50 percent because criminals will ring door bells to see if someone is home before breaking in, so 30 bucks a year is well worth it I think.

  18. It seems great. But it's got extremely dated specs. And it looks like shit.

    They could easily update it. But instead made a floodlight.

  19. hmmm…you decided to cut the video not showing pressing the live feed button. The only reason i matched ur vid, to check connectivity….must have been bad

  20. fking kidding me? You need to pay a subscription to watch any videos? Not even a couple days worth of recordings to go back to?

  21. Too bad they don't offer a $50 off a package for existing customers that already have the Ring DoorBell and want to add on to their existing setup….

  22. We just set up the ring…and never have been MORE disapointed in this product….we even talked to company and tried to help…some times it work on the phone and most times it doesn't…sometimes the back yard view comes on and then the front yard view doesn't…fustruated for the amount of money we put out for this. It is going back to Costco where we purchased it from.

  23. I have been using video security cameras for 30 years.
    Having LOTS of signage that you have video security cameras eliminates 90 percent of the problems.

  24. Hi Matt….Looking into this camera and just wondering how far and wide my view in the camera will be? I am trying to find a way to hang it that lets me see both my front porch and garage.

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