Ring Video Doorbell 2 Review – BEWARE of hidden cost

Ring Video Doorbell 2 Review – BEWARE of hidden cost

– Hey, what’s going on, guys? Today, we’re going to be talking
about the Ring Doorbell 2. If this is something you’re
interested in buying, I will be putting links
in the description below for you to pick
this up on Amazon. So let’s start with the basics. If you look at it has a 1080p
video with two-way talk, motion detection, a lifetime
purchase protection, and what that means is
that if this gets stolen, Ring will replace it for free. That’s pretty cool. Has a quick-release
battery, which only comes in the Video Doorbell
2, as of right now. And is wi-fi connected. Flip it over to the back,
this does have night-vision, connects to your existing
Chime, which is nice. So when you push it, it’ll
ring inside the house. So one cool thing about
Ring and the doorbell is that it comes with a lot
of different accessories. If you don’t have good
wi-fi signal to your door, you can get extenders for this. If for some reason
you can’t connect this to your current Chime that
you have in the house, you can also buy a box
that would plug in, and this thing would through
wi-fi connect to that Chime. So when you push
the button on here, it’s gonna ring to the
Chime in your house, or it can ring to multiple
Chimes in your house. You could one upstairs
or downstairs. They also have built-in
wi-fi extenders to that. So if your signal
isn’t strong either, you can have a
boosted signal too if you need to get
to your doorbell. Also, if you want to
stick it somewhere other than your front door
and you wanna put it out by say a front gate or somewhere
else or maybe a back gate, you can use the
extenders for that. Another thing too, say
if you’re running it out somewhere that doesn’t have
power, is they also have solar accessories for this, too. So either a small solar
panel that you can run or a little baseplate
that goes around it that can absorb
solar power, too. So you can keep
this thing charged and not have to worry about
pulling that battery out every time it dies. All right, let’s take a
look, what’s in the box. (devices clank) All right, so this is everything
that we have in the box. If we take a look here
is the camera right here with the silver faceplate. Inside is where
the battery goes. We have got the battery right
here with the quick-release. Here is a plate. if you’ve got the old
camera, you can use this to connect the new camera to it. We’ve got the other cover here. The orange USB charger
to plug into the battery, get that charged up. We’ve got the two angle plates. This is the one
for side-to-side. This one here is
for up-and-down. Got a bag of screws and anchors. Then in the toolbox. Well, let’s look
what’s in the toolbox. (metal clanks) All right, in the toolbox
we have got the screwdriver. Got a torch on one side, Phillips head on
the other side here. Another bag of
screws and anchors. And in a bag here, we’ve
got a mason drill bit. We’ve got some extender
wires with nuts. Also have a level here. Then inside of this bag
here, we have a diode if you have a digital
Chime in the house. Let’s go through the setup
of what you need to do. First things first,
you are gonna need to charge the battery. Pull that out. You’re gonna plug one side
into USB and the other side is gonna go into the battery. Now this battery takes
a long time to charge. I think mine was going
on five-six hours plus by the time I went to bed,
and it was still charging. Once the battery is charged
up, you are just going to put it into the bottom here. (part snaps into
place) Snap it in, and the device is
going to power on. Next, we are going
to download the app and start the setup process. Now, the setup process
is really easy. You’re just gonna follow
the onscreen instructions. Took me a few minutes here, and I was connected
and good to go. We are now going to
remove the old doorbell and get this one installed. First thing we did
is I went outside, and I turned off the
breaker to the doorbell. Pulled the doorbell
out of the mount that I have for my setup. For me, since the way my
doorbell is positioned, I wanted to use one
of the angle brackets. What I did is I set
the level on top, I marked the holes
that I needed, and then I took the drill bit and drilled this
thing into place. Now, once the angle
bracket was in place, I loosened the screws on
the back of my doorbell. I connected the wires. One thing to note is that
it does matter which side you put the wires on. I tightened them down and
then screwed the doorbell into the mount. Once the doorbell was
securely in place, we put the cover on the front. I used the torch bit
to tighten it up, and good to go. One thing I wasn’t sure
about is I wasn’t sure if my wiring would
charge the battery or if my battery is something I’m gonna be needing to charge, I think it said every
four to six months. If you go into the app, you
can see here that is shows the battery indication. If you click on the battery,
it will say hard-wired if it is pulling power. If not, it’ll show battery. Luckily for me, it
was saying hard-wired. So I didn’t have to worry about
the battery losing charge. One thing I really like
about the Video Doorbell 2 that I thought was
pretty appealing is that it does have this built-in
battery that you could remove when you need to charge it,
but it allows you to put the doorbell essentially
anywhere you want to. You don’t have to put it
where your doorbell is. If you want, you
could screw this right to the middle
of your door. One thing I noticed is that
in a lot of the advertisements for the Video Doorbell, it
shows that this is face-level for everybody, and
it’s got great lighting and a great picture, and I
didn’t find that to be the case where my doorbell was. It was low. It wasn’t getting necessarily
the best angles of people like it does in all
the advertisements. But, I guess, you
could just screw this to the middle of your door. Put it right at face-level,
and get the same results that they’re getting
from all the pictures that you guys are seeing online
and in their commercials. Another idea for this is
that if your front yard is gated off and you’ve
got a gate up front and say don’t want people to
walk up to your front door, you can install one of
these at the front gate. Because this doesn’t
require any hard-wiring. It only requires a
strong wi-fi signal. So essentially you could put
this where ever you want. All right, now that
this thing is installed, let’s test it out. Diving into the app, one
cool thing that I liked right out of the gate is
that they have their own built-in community
called Neighbors. It’s a way for you to see
the action that’s happening around your neighborhood. If people are getting
packages stolen or just seeing something
weird going on, you could essentially
share your footage in this community tab and show your neighbors
what’s going on. In return, you can see what’s
going on in your neighborhood. I thought that was a really
cool feature to kind of bring in a community
of Ring users together. If we take a look. I’m gonna go ahead and click
on the Ring doorbell here. Now that we’re here in the
app, one thing you may want to look into doing is
setting up Live View. This will allow you
to access your camera anytime you want to. If you want to see if there’
any activity going on, you can just hit that and be
able to see the live view. Now, by default that
was turned off for me. When I wanted to check Live
View, I wasn’t able to do that. But one thing to keep in
mind is if you want to turn Live View on, if I enable
here, I get a pop-up that says this won’t
take effect until the Ring doorbell detect
motions and turns itself on. When I was at work, and
I turned this feature on, it didn’t actually take
effect until I got home and walked in front of
the camera to turn it on. So keep that in mind. A next thing in the step
here is you’re gonna want to set up your motion zone. If we go into motion setting,
click on motion zones, it’s gonna ask us a couple
different questions. Do I face a street? I’m gonna say no. Then, it says adjust your
motion depending on the slider. I’m gonna slide it
up and down here to see what I actually
want to get in there. We want to say get this
walkway but nothing further. Then it’s gonna ask which
areas I want on and off. Okay, now that we’ve got
the configuration done on the phone, let’s talk
about the experience of it. At first, I didn’t like how
often I was getting notified that people were
coming to my door. I guess being at work all
day, ignorance is bliss. You think, nobody’s
at your front door. You’re not home,
nobody’s at your door. But between salesmen
coming to your door and solicitors dropping
off little business cards and packaged deliveries,
I don’t know. It was kind of eye-opening
to see how much activity is actually happening at
my house when I’m not her. Once I got used it
though and passed it, I kind of liked knowing
what was going on. I liked that I was
constantly getting notified when something was
happening at my door. I felt a little more
secure that if somebody saw that I had the doorbell, if there was anything
shady going on, they probably would’ve just
turned and walked away. Now I wanted to test the
device out for myself to see what it was like as
somebody at the front door and also somebody in the house. So being somebody
that’s at the front door and pushing the button. Because my doorbell is
connected to the inside Chime, when you push the button, not only does the
inside Chime ring, but it also rings at the door. There is a blue circle
that starts spinning indicating that a connection
is trying to be made. (doorbell rings) (child laughs)
(adult laughs) When I get the pop-up
on my phone saying somebody’s at the
door and I answer it, the connection’s pretty
quick and smooth. I really enjoyed it. There didn’t seem to
be a whole lot of lag that I could tell. I could hear the person
on the other side fine. Now being somebody
who’s outside the door and using the device itself,
I thought the same thing. The audio sounded good. I was able to understand
what the person who was on the
phone talking to me, standing at the
door, was saying. So I was very
impressed with that. Now to go over some things that I didn’t really
like about the camera. I didn’t think the picture
quality was that great. I wasn’t that impressed with it. Considering this device
boast to be a 1080p camera, it was all right. I mean, it was nothing amazing. I was kind of hoping
that once I downloaded the video to my phone
that maybe the quality would be a little bit
better and that maybe the quality loss was just
because I was over wi-fi. I didn’t find that
to be the case. When I downloaded it to my
phone, it was the same quality as me watching it live. I was kind of
disappointed there. I guess my bar of 1080p
is a little bit higher. I mean, thinking that my
phone shoots 1080 video, and comparing that to this,
there’s no comparison. The camera on this is okay. I already mentioned
that I didn’t like for some of the settings,
you either have to walk in front of the camera
or push the button. I thought that was weird. Hopefully, it’s something
that can be fixed in future software updates. The last thing that I didn’t
really like with this camera, and maybe I’m just spoiled
with the Arlo system that comes with seven days
of free cloud storage, is that this one doesn’t come with any included cloud storage. I think you get 30 days
free of you being able to save clips and clips being
recorded to the cloud so you can watch
them on your phone, but after the 30 days, you
have to get a subscription. Now, the subscription’s
not that much. I think the subscription is, I think it’s like
three dollars a month, or you pay 30 bucks
for the whole year. But essentially you’re
gonna be paying that for the entire
life of the device. You can run this without
the subscription, but if you don’t have
the subscription, you only have the benefit
of viewing live footage or taking a live call. You can’t go back and
watch anything recorded or download anything because
nothing’s being recorded. If I’m working or if
I’m doing something or if I miss a call,
I can’t go back and look at that footage. If somebody shady
comes up to my house, I can’t go back and
look at that footage. Or if I even answer the
call and see that somebody shady is at the house, I
don’t have that footage. I don’t like that. I wish that they
would’ve included, even if was just a day. Give me a day, give me two days, that if something
weird was going on, and I checked that footage,
that I could keep that footage. I could record it. I could save it, and give
it to the police if needed. I don’t like that I have to
have a continual subscription and now paying for this thing. But maybe I don’t like
that because I, for one, am spoiled with Arlo. And, for two, I didn’t
realize it when I bought it that you essentially had
to have a subscription. Knowing that going
into the purchase probably wouldn’t
had been that bad. Anyway, guys, I think I
covered most of the things for the Ring Video Doorbell 2. If you found this video
helpful, give it a thumbs-up. Let me know that you liked it. As always, don’t forget to
subscribe to the channel for more content like this. And I will see you
guys in the next video.

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100 Replies to “Ring Video Doorbell 2 Review – BEWARE of hidden cost”

  1. The cost of the plans is a lot cheaper than paying for a monthly alarm system. If you add the Ring alarm system you get the monitoring and the camera video storage of all your devices for $100/year. Well worth the money.

  2. Thinking about getting this set-up for my mom's house. And your excellent presentation makes my decision easier. Great job explaining the pros and cons.

  3. Ring has never lived up to its hype.. i'm very disappointed with the quality of every ring video i've seen.. for $200+ and a monthly subscription i expect a whole lot better. my motorola flip phone has better video quality. then there are many wifi lag issues. i didn't want to pay the monthly anymore and bought the cheapest wifi security cam kit on amazon and the videos looks so much better at 960p

  4. I’ve had the ring pro for 2 years now. Im not sure on the later modules but I connect mine on 5g WiFi and the picture looks fantastic. I now have 7 ring cameras and one thing folks overlook is WiFi quality . Any one of my cameras will open the video feed In less than 5 seconds but I have 5 ubiquiti access points in my home. You must have good WiFi signal for any wireless camera to compress a 1080p stream to your device and I see lots of people ignoring that. My 2 cents.

  5. I'd like to get the 1st RING Video Doorbell for my mom but I want to get it hardwired for her. She does not have an existing doorbell but her handyman can hardwire for her, I believe. Can she do that without existing wiring?

  6. I'm sorry most people have their own cloud now should be able to download it to that and save the fee. Now that Amazon owns it do you hear me Amazon I'm not paying this fee when I have my own cloud….

  7. I have found that when someone comes close to the doorbell and I receive notice there is a pathetic lag time and the people have gone before I can check with live view. And yes I have included WiFi extender and it is still piss weak all it is is an expensive doorbell!!! Ps And I didn't know before I bought the garbage that I would need to pay for the stinking subscription to view images.

  8. Had to come back.. finally got one! Thought your video was the best review,unpacking and explanation video out there!!

  9. Bought the ring doorbell, would not work below 10 degrees Celsius. Called tech support they said it would not work below 10 degrees Celsius. Bought a Sky-bell, will keep you posted.

  10. Paid Β£24 for the annual subscription here in the UK πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ once the 3 month trial expired. More than happy with the cost. For those complaining about lag, ensure you have a good reliable Wi-Fi signal. I suffer zero lag. More than happy with my Ring πŸ˜ƒ

  11. I have SimpliSafe doorbell. It integrates with my SS alarm system perfectly. I love it. Rings doorbell is a little too big for my door anyway and SS is a perfect size

  12. Thank you for sharing. I will not be buying Ring because of the subscription issue. I have Arlo cameras and love them. When I heard this Subscription β€œtHiNg”, it made my decision. No Ring for me. Thanks Ring, but No Thanks. You don’t have my back now so, why would I have yours in the future?…Unless things change, I’d rather pay Arlo the extra πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°

  13. Boy you guys are stupid. If you buy it from Costco you get one year free. And it's not a hidden cost. Its called asking questions at the store before buying or Google it. In this day and age with so much information if you didn't know something its because you were too lazy to research it.

  14. Duh…like any tech gadget, there are always hidden costs. This is why I stuck with Arlo and the free 7 days cloud. …yes they have a door bell too.

  15. Have had the MK1 version for for nearly two years. Unfortunately, the current iteration of the 'phone app is utter garbage (no ring when somebody pushes the button; no alert when somebody comes in view, and so on) and I've had to roll back (via sideloading) to an app nearly a year old to get the original functionality of the device back. Until Ring change their software development to a company that actually knows what it's doing I wouldn't recommend this device an whatever incarnation it's in.

  16. Your subscription covers video storage on their servers. It also allows you to access the footage remotely without having to set up a port forwarding rule or DNS server to access the device remotely.

  17. Great review. I was just about to pull the trigger until I watched your video.Having to get a subscription and pay for recorded footage is a major deal breaker for me.

  18. The 5 minute project took a couple hours as the Ring was too wide for the existing space. I mounted a piece of wood to the uneven brick at the 4' height and extended the wire. The angle bracket would have made the job much simpler, but ruin the view. And the view is a fish eye, but not too bad. It would be nice if they just had flat spacer to tuck in the wiring. I would have bought the Pro that fits my door, but the ratings are so so, and I just read that it needs a 16-24 volt transformer. I would have to replace my 10 volt existing doorbell and transformer. And yes, you did a great video.

  19. I like the system. I don't own one yet. What bothers me is a fish lens. Wide angle, yes. Fish lens, no. $30 a year is doable. Can you have more than one camera?

  20. The neighborhood feature is good. I will not Post anything again. I tried to let my neighbors know about a car parked in front of my device. They were there for a good 20 minutes. My wife and I stood out by the garage while they were there. When I posted about it I got ridiculed by 78 % of the comments.

  21. Like others stated great review. Going to Best Buy tomorrow they are offering a free Alexa ($49.00 value) with purchase.

  22. Nice review. Going to have to look elsewhere. A 48 hours free storage would be just fine to record intruders. As there is a sub service I'm out. thanks for pointing that out

  23. Do you have to do subscription ? can you just have normal view coverage without having to pay for it ??

  24. ….I bought a Wyze camera (https://www.wyze.com/ ) with SD card installed and place it at the front door in a way it gives you a wide view of the front door ….now no more subscription fees your front door is covered by a $ 20 camera

  25. My current door bell is at the side of the front door, not facing the front walk or a frontal view of someone at the door. Can I leave my current door bell operational and install the Ring Video Doorbell 2 using the battery at the front door frame which would provide a better angle to capture someone at my door?

  26. The Ring Doorbell. This doorbell sucks! I have a screaming fiber mesh wifi. This thing connects when it wants to after swapping out a couple times it finally stays connected once in awhile. Now I get ghost rings at 2 in the morning. Do research and buy something worth the money. NOT THIS.

  27. Yes they’re ripping us off with that subscription scheme. It was ok when I first purchased but once I purchased 2 spotlight cameras for $500 and after the free 30 days storage this red banner at the bottom of the ring app saying pay more money to continue to have your videos stored.

  28. I'm disappointed with doorbell …if you don't subscribe monthly fee, it doesn't allow you to see who rang doorbell. If you don't want monthly fees don't buy this product.

  29. I'm located in Australia and am researching getting one of these after 3 thugs tried to break into my home a week ago via the front security door. This would have been ideal to get footage of them! Just one question I have is the chime. If I don't buy the add on chime, will I get ANY kind of sound from the doorbell when someone comes to the front door and presses it when I'm home and my phone isn't near me?

  30. Yeah it would be nice if they were more transparent about the subscription up front. I bet a lot of people wouldn't buy it if it was clearly stated on the outside of the package.

  31. I see a lot of these videos talking about hidden costs. If there is hidden costs than someone didn't use common sense or do their homework. Ring products are a wireless network device without storage capability. In order to have the A/V file saved for later viewing it has to be saved somewhere. I pay the $100 annually and knew I was going to pay it before my first Ring product purchase.

  32. The best thing about this bell is it is not PIR. But no memory card slot, that sucks considering all the different ones on Ebay.

  33. piece of shit! mine just broke after one year! Just right after warranty is ended! Customer service soooo stupid and untrained! Offered me 99 dollars for the same one. Stupid junk

  34. Subscription is great $100 for 1 yr for all your device., plus 1yr extension of warranty., they replaced my doorbell and solar panel, no question asked.., if you have old solar panel, much better to have the replacement..,

  35. Yep and don’t forget that you have to charge every 30 days, yep nice and a pain in the azz!

  36. well lets make this a little worse if you own more than 1 ring device you need to spend $10/mth USD to be able to see stick,spot,flood light cams or another door bell on the same site but to make even worse if you have at different properties you need another subscription

  37. Thank you. Informing me that you have to have a subscription for the Ring influenced me to shop elsewhere.

  38. Well you can always pay for a security alarm service and see if that’s less money over a period of 2yrs after paying for all of the installation..

  39. Sleezy forcing customers into using their garbage cloud service just to milk the consumer.
    Fuck the Ring 2, never buying from this leech of a company.

  40. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this video. I had no idea about the cloud subscription.

  41. I have a unit like that , but mine has a usb in it and records 15sec units so when you open you phone to see who been you can scan the videos ,problem is you can't seem to EMTY the videos , unless you strip the door bell , yes 15 Sec isn't a lot , but I have six months on it , even the instruction book doesn't cover it πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ‘

  42. I had to stop this right after you "opened" the box! Oh my god you are so creative! I love that! Okay, back to the video. πŸ™‚

  43. Hey Steve, love your videos. Very informative. Has anyone noticed the following: just got the Doorbell 2 today and set it up. Whenever my phone (Samsung Galaxy S9+) is connected to the Wifi Live View will just show a black screen. When I'm on mobile data it starts within 1 or 2 seconds. Similarly the App itself needs 15-20 seconds to start up while on Wifi and 1 or 2 whenever I use mobile data. Any suggestions or advice?
    Oh by the way…I'm using a repeater to boost the wifi signal.

  44. Thank you for explaining slowly unlike so many others who speak at 100mph. I would never of thought to fit the door bell on my front door! Great idea

  45. or if anything, include option in the programming to your own cloud server/home computer to store the video. I know a few other cameras that have that option & also some routers have usb option for a hard drive to use as a cloud for devices attached to the router.

  46. Turning on HDR made a world of difference in video quality…Everything that was overexposed became crystal clear.

  47. Folks what do "they" expect for $ -200 device? I won't divulge my auto/video system. Most won't afford it. I will say it costs well over $2,000 +. and covers inside and outside, Also it a stand alone unit that runs 24/7 device ( no motion ) it can choose what it views to record. And logs in from around the world. If you want a good cheap product don't snivel. Open your wallet and buy a stand alone 5 terabit hard drive with a power back up. Hide your units and cameras. Don't tell everyone " I got a camera system" Further should a unwanted person enters I've got a surprise to protect my family.' It goes BANG

  48. so a subscription doorbell… people are gettin dumb, i had same thing with a mic and a small cctv cam in the 90s ffs with no subscription and it even recorded (onto VHS granted but still).

  49. I'm very disappointed with all of my Ring products mostly because they are inconsistant; evrytime the softaware updates the app alert tones are changed and I have to go n and reset all of them. Went on vacation for 3 weeks and not nce di we receive an alert.

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    By the way, very informative video and the video production well done.

  52. I have 2 ring doorbells 1st gen, 1 stickup cam I pay $10 a month and have lifetime warranty on all 3 products. I placed the sticker that’s says I have ring installed in my windows, no one comes near my property. Before ring things went missing in my backyard weekly. money well spent., the button recently fell off my original camera (yrs old) and the co sent me a brand new device not reconditioned…. I love ring!

  53. Very useful & informative. Re the subscription, can this not be linked to any existing cloud storage e.g, Dropbox..?? Thanks


  55. 720P is more than efficient. However, the Ring company compresses the video so much that it degrades the video quality tremendously. If you want to see what 720P really should look like, set you smartphone camera's to 720P and view your self. Matter of fact, set you smartphone camera to 480P. The 480P smartphone video quality blows the Ring 1080P videos right out of the water.

  56. iPhone can take a screen shot of what your viewing on iPhone. Push home button the exact same time you push the power button. Pictures will be saved to photo gallery.

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    I've caught unwanted guests 5x in the 2yrs the cams have been up.
    Do Ring sell a gatling gun door bell" πŸ˜‚ a nice GAU-8 version will do πŸ‘

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