Ring Video Doorbell 2 | TechHive Review

Ring Video Doorbell 2 | TechHive Review

the ring video doorbell – is an update
on one of the most popular video doorbells so some new features with the
ring video doorbell but the basic concept hasn’t changed inside the
doorbell is a camera and a motion sensor when someone comes near your front door
or presses the doorbell button you’re going to get a little dirt on your phone
if they press the doorbell button you get what looks like a video call which
you can ignore or you can take if you do take it then you can speak to and watch
the folks in front of your front door listen to what they’re saying and have a
conversation with them the important thing is that they don’t know if you’re
at home and just too busy to come to the front door or if you’re outside of your
house so there’s a security aspect to this too one of the big changes with the
version 2 is an upgrade in video resolution pictures should be slightly
sharper and clearer because the resolutions gone from 720p
high-definition up to 1080p high-definition the doorbell can be run
on a battery or wired if you have existing doorbell wiring then hooking it
up is easy and that’s what you should do but if you don’t have door bow wiring
then you can use the internal battery one of the big changes is that with the
previous version you had to take the entire unit off your wall to recharge it
once every so often the new video doorbell has a battery that simply pops
out of the bottom installation is pretty easy ring does a really good job of
giving you all of the tools that you need plus there are adapters in there
and if you’re upgrading from the previous version there’s even an adapter
so you can keep the same screw holes so it’s a really nice touch and something
very thoughtful motion detection is based on infrared so it’s looking for
movement in sources of heat this is an older and not as sophisticated motion
detection system as a video motion detection but in all of the testing
we’ve done video motion detection has been really difficult to fine-tune we
were getting a lot of false alarms not just with other video doorbells work
with security cameras as well infrared is a more basic technology but it’s a
bit more reliable if you just want an alert when it sees something and someone
walking by the system does allow you some adapting of the sensitivity
in the app you can take a look at a screen that gives you a rough estimate
for how far in advance of the sensor you are sensing you also have some basic
control over the motion detection area that it’s looking at and you can set
time zones as well so if there’s a certain time of the day when you don’t
want the motion detection switched on that’s all settle in the app as well the
camera also supports night vision of course so you’re gonna be getting a
picture and you’re gonna be getting a detection both day and night when you
put the doorbell on your house you get live video for no extra cost you’ve paid
for that it’s using your Wi-Fi network in your data you’re done but if you want
it to start recording clips when it detects motion or when someone comes to
the door you’re gonna have to pay because it needs to put them somewhere
and that someplace is rings cloud storage service ring charges three
dollars a month per camera $30 a year which is on the cheaper side versus some
of the competitors if you’re looking for a complete outside of your house
security system ring sells other security cameras you’ll be able to
access them all through one app and if you do that you do start to get some
discounts in the cost once you get above three cameras ring three dollars a month
per camera but ten dollars a month will allow video storage for an unlimited
number of cameras so if you’re going to go big then that might be something to
consider because you can tie this all together it then also means that you get
everything in one app but ring doesn’t at the moment have an indoor security
camera so at the moment you’re limited to outdoor security with ring the camera
itself costs a hundred and ninety nine dollars it’s often on sale for less than
that so definitely shop around if you are intending to buy it
tech I’ve rated it 4 out of 5 if you like this video please subscribe for
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  1. good video but i need a little help with my install. I installed my Video doorbell 2 but before I changed my transformer to 8-24va. I also have a digital chime which is 16v, so I installed the supplied diode. My doorbell is working, I get a great video and the digital chime is also working. My problem is the transformer is making a humming like noise and the digital chime is warm. I'm using the 16v-20vac terminals on the video doorbell. Can you help

  2. Question: Ring door bell 2 if I connect unit with 24 volt power, is it safe to leave the rechargeable battery inside the unit?

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