Ring Video Doorbell Pro Review, Installation, Setup and Connecting to the Wink Hub for Home Security

Ring Video Doorbell Pro Review, Installation, Setup and Connecting to the Wink Hub for Home Security

Worried about package stuff
during this holiday season? Today we’re going to
install, set up and review the ring video doorbell Pro. Stay tuned. (upbeat music) Hi again. Johnstone the DIY smart home guy from the channel that’s
all about showing you tips, tricks and devices that
you can use to create your ultimate affordable smart home. Today I’m going to do something that I personally have no reason to do. Well that’s not entirely true. One of the first devices that I installed in my smart
home was a video doorbell, at the time I purchased my video doorbell, the only one on the market
that had true HD video was a Skybell and I
should say that I’m very happy with my Skybell so
there really is no reason to replace it, but I
get a lot of questions about the ring video
doorbell so I decided to move to ring just so I can make this video. It’s all about you and for the record, I don’t accept paid
endorsements for these videos and I personally purchased my ring Pro. The product links however
are affiliate links and in some circumstances
I do receive commissions when products are purchased
through this links. The holidays are rapidly
approaching and reports of package theft is out of control. Video doorbells are a
great way to keep an eye on your front porch. All of the video doorbells
that I’ve looked at, offer motion detection real-time video and two-way voice. You can access all of these
features from your smart phone. All of this is true for the ring Pro also but one of the features
that convinced me to switch to the ring Pro was the integration with the wink hub. A quick review of smart
things website also shows that this doorbell is supported by Samsung so let’s get this unpacked and installed and then we’ll cover how you
can enhance your security with the ring Pro. When you open the box,
you’ll see the ring Pro, a screwdriver and three
additional faceplates. Underneath the ring,
you’ll see a doorbell kit This acts as a power booster
for the night-vision function and it’ll need to be installed
on the chime inside your home Ring provides these handy speed splices for the interior wiring, you’ll
also find exterior splices and jumpers just in case you need an outside at the pushbutton. Under the screwdriver,
you’ll find a drillbit. This is just in case you
need to mount the ring Pro in brick or stucco. Now, this next part is very important, the ring Pro is only
compatible with digital chimes or mechanical bells if you
have an older mechanical chime, pay close attention, this
doorbell will only work in situations where the
doorbell switch completes the circuit from the
transformer to the chime. To figure this out, you’ll need to look at your doorbell chime,
if you see a layout with two wires clearly
labeled transformer and front, then you should be in the clear. Here’s what’s happening,
somewhere in your house there’s a 16 to 24 Volt AC transformer. It usually located near
your furnace, water heater or in the garage somewhere. One wire from the transformer
runs directly to the chime. The other to the doorbell
switch, in some cases, both wires run to the
chime and one is spliced and sent back out to
the front door switch. The wire from the switch
completes the circuit when the doorbell is pushed
and then returns the voltage to the terminal log labeled front. If your doorbell uses the
power from the transformer to power the chime constantly
and a separate circuit to detect the pushbutton then
the ring is not compatible. The ring does not like to
share the transformer power. It must be in full control. This is easily fixed by
purchasing a new doorbell, which you must do if you want the ring to actually make your doorbell ring. That just kind of felt redundant. The ring Pro does have an
option not to use an actual bell or chime and this is set
up inside the ring app. I’m not going to go
through the setup process, ring makes one of the best
setup of videos I’ve ever seen and I have a link to that
video in the comments below. Alright let’s take a look at the ring app and then we’ll go over after that and we’ll go into the Winkhub. So in the ring app, you
can see that you have an activity log, the
activity log is very cool. This will give you
everything that’s happened at your front door. And you can see that it
has any motion detected anytime you manually go
in and do a live view. If you’re subscribed to the cloud service, this is gonna give you everything, even your missed motions. So let’s see if we can
go down and find one, here’s a missed ring, so
this is somebody that came to my door, rang my doorbell
and I was unable to pick it up. I just happened to be driving. Now if you want, you
can also take this down to the individual tabs just look at rings, just look at motion
detection or you can go to live view and look at
any of your live views so we could go back to one here and we can look at any of the time that I’ve manually activated
the live view off my phone. Now, sometimes, if your
network connection isn’t great, you are gonna get those little green bars. If we go into the actual doorbell, this is where you’d set up your alerts. If I want something to
come up to my phone, I can set up the motion alerts another way to go in and
look at my recent activity, motion settings is also
a very cool feature. Now we’ll set this up on
people-only, I can tell you that this is very sensitive,
I’ve set it on people-only, that seems to actually
detect people only very well. The all activity just goes buckers. Motion is going all the time, get a leaf go in front of
the doorbell, anything. That was driving me crazy
so set it on people-only. I experimented with all
levels of the settings and I found that people-only
was really the way to go. Setting up the motion
zones is pretty simple and is pretty cool. You can see here that I have the zones I have this blue zone here and
I have the screen zone here and you can also see
that I’ve amassed around some of the trees but I
can pick up everything in the middle, this is to prevent motion from triggering my doorbell every time. So when you click on one of these, you’re gonna see you can
just drag these around with your finger on the screen and it’s pretty awesome and you can add more motion zones, name the zones we can add another one in so let’s go make the red zone up here. I’m not gonna save this one but, this will catch anybody trying to fly, into my house. So let’s go back over to the Winkhub and we’ll get this connected in and then we will look at what you can do with the ring doorbell from the Winkhub. So bring in the ring doorbell
and it’s pretty simple, just like any other product
you’d go into the Winkhub and do the add product and you’re gonna come down to doorbells and you will see the doorbells right there now I used to scan a
barcode function on this and everything set up very
easily because you have the ring app already installed
this is a painless process we’re not gonna dive into it
just to not waste your time on the video so mine is already installed, let’s go back to that and we’ll come down here
to the ring doorbell now from here you can go
straight into the ring app all the video that you’re going to get if you’re in the wink side
of the app is going to take you over to the ring app and we already walked through
that so I’m not gonna do that now because I have door locks installed, my locks will come up here so this gives me the
capability to let somebody into my house should I so choose so somebody rings my doorbell
I go and confirm who they are and I can unlock the door from here, the other thing that you can do is it will give you the list
of shortcuts that you have the ability to execute
right from the doorbell so lights and locks you can access from the ring side of the wink app. Now what I’m most
interested in is the robots I have two robots that I’ve set up, one of them is doorbell
motion what’s happening is if motion is detected I have a light in my upstairs hall that comes on. Let’s say done save those changes and then if somebody rings the doorbell if they get all the way to the doorbell and again this is any time, I turn on my stairs light and I turn on, I’m turning on the nook light but I don’t like that so
let’s take care of that and I’m turning on my front entry light so if my entry light’s off
and my stairs light are off then these lights automatically come on Now this is most likely to
happen after my go to bed hours because generally these
lights may be on or off but something is changing when things are happening at that doorbell. So I’m definitely not disappointed
that I made the switch from my Skybell to my ring but again I gotta say that I really liked my Skybell, I have no
problems with Skybell unit. I’m really just doing this because of the advanced integration features between the ring doorbell
pro and my Winkub you can find a link for
the ring video doorbell pro right here and in the comments below. For more reviews, tips and
DIY videos visit AZHB.com Thanks for watching
don’t forget to subscribe and don’t forget to click like. If you know someone
that would be interested in this video please feel free to share it and you can follow me
on Facebook or twitter both are at DIY smart home guy until next time, cheers.

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27 Replies to “Ring Video Doorbell Pro Review, Installation, Setup and Connecting to the Wink Hub for Home Security”

  1. Great video! Also starting to watch your other videos as well. I enjoyed the way you present the products, features and examples. Will reference your videos as I start my journey into smart home/automation. Thanks!

  2. Be aware that the output files are not really 1080p. Download a couple of files and you will see that the files are actually 1302×720.

  3. Thanks for the great videos. Keep it up. One question I had. Do you use the stick up cams outdoors permanently? What do you do inside the house?

    I like the stick-up cams for outdoors (with the solar panels since i'd prefer to avoid drilling for wiring) but I like the nest cams for indoors. I just think paying for two separate subscription services (ring and nest) is unnecessary.

  4. First time I've heard about robots. neat idea. is there a way to add delay to lights so it seems more realistic as if you were actually there even when you're not? as opposed to obviously being linked to doorbell

  5. I have been scratching my head all day trying to figure out why my Ring Doorbell wasn't working with my chime. You clearly explained it at 3:20 in your video…THANK YOU
    I called Ring Technical support and checked their website. They didn't explain this limitation. Thanks again, great video

  6. I have had the normal ring door bell for about 3 works and absolutely love it. Only problem was it kept going off every few minutes during the day with motion and killed the battery within 3 weeks.

    I tried to recharge it but woukdnt work so i called ring and they have swapped it for the pro as there was no way i want to keep taking it off every month or so to charge it.

    Currently I have it on WiFi but the pro will be hard wired. Will call an electrician to fit it.

    So my question is. As I also purchased the ring chime, would I still need to buy one of those digital chime boxes or can I link it straight to the ring chine plugged into the wall.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
    many thanks

  7. Can someone confirm that I could have more than one Ring Doorbell Pro installed on the same home. We have a doorbell on the front door and one installed on the man-door to the garage. I would like to install the Ring Pro on each but want to confirm you could have two working on the same home without issue. Thanks in advance for your responses.

  8. Great review. Can't seem to find the Wink App at the iPad App Store. Who is the seller? Thanks for the review.

  9. lol… ring disabled thier video comments because this is retarded!! Yea you see me stealing your shit! cops don't go after ppl wearing a mask!!

  10. Hi John, Great video! I have a quick question for you. I read a review where the SkyBell often failed to pick up the postal carrier's mail delivery. Have you had any problems with that? I'm trying to decide between it and the Ring Pro. Thanks!

  11. Good video but i need a little help with my install. I installed my Video doorbell 2 but before I changed my transformer to 8-24va. I also have a digital chime which is 16v, so I installed the supplied diode. My doorbell is working, I get a great video and the digital chime is also working. My problem is the transformer is making a humming like noise and the digital chime is warm. I'm using the 16v-20vac terminals on the video doorbell. Can you help
    Read more


  12. OK. So, the Ring comparison page shows that the basic ring model can be powered by hard-wiring it to an existing doorbell.


    But, if a doorbell button is wired the way you show at the 3:00 mark, and you replace the old doorbell button with a Ring, won't the Ring still run off the battery ?

  13. Any videos for indoor/outdoor cameras? Have the ring pro, would love to see ring release stick up cam elite. But not sure they will since being bought by amazon and would compete with amazon cloud cam. Speaking of cloud cam love price but doesn’t integrate with SmartThings. Fail. Like Arlo for working with smart hubs but that price. Any advice would be nice since I’m still catching up on sleep after my ADT alarm went off at midnight because of basement motion and my choices were have cop show up for probably nothing or go check it out myself. Thanks for all the videos btw. I’ve got SmartThings, harmony hub, zoos, ecobee. And anytime people ask where to start I point them to you (okay I’ll go while my nose now)

  14. Thank for the video. I got a question. You need to pay the monthly fee for Ring to use the app that record and let you view the Ring Bell live ? Could you connect the Ring bell into Wink app to see the live video or receive alert without paying the fee?

  15. Dear guy, instead of the device ringing a doorbell can't it just signal to one's cellphone ? … can the device call my telephone instead ? Thank you.

  16. Dear guy, from what your video says, if one only has a small apartment, then there's no need for pro. the cheaper one will do, without all the "lights coming one etc" ? – thanks guy.

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