Ring Video Doorbell Review – 2 Weeks Later | DIY Home Improvement

Ring Video Doorbell Review – 2 Weeks Later | DIY Home Improvement

Hey guys. Today I just wanted to circle around on the installation of the ring doorbell. The reasons why I decided to just use the battery versus using the hardwire. I decided to go with the battery because the casing on the side of the door was too thin for the size of the doorbell 2. The ring doorbell 2. So I went with the battery. However I was pleasantly surprised how long the battery is lasting. It’s now been about two weeks. The battery in the ring, which you can see here, is still about 3/4 charged. Somewhere about 3/4, maybe it’s a little bit less than that three quarters charged. Which is pretty good. So my guess is that in about a month I’ll have to change the battery. So what I did do is I went out and I purchased a second battery. So I can just charge this. Then when I get the warning from ring to change the battery, or I get low battery, then I’m just gonna snap this one in, pull the other one out, and charge it. I’ll have it as a back up. So I’m probably going to have to do this 12 times a year. Maybe more in the winter time. I’ll probably have to do it more because winter and batteries don’t go along very well. I did buy a second battery. That’s the answer to the problem or removing the battery, charging it, and not having the ring working for a little while. This allows you to just snap one in after you pull the old one out that’s dead. I also wanted to give you an overview of my thoughts on the Ring Doorbell. This thing is awesome. I decided I’m gonna install one on the back door of my house too. But it’ll be just a camera type and not a doorbell. Which will give me a larger area that I can see. I get notified all the time when there’s motion in front of my door. If someone comes up the stairs and they don’t ring the bell the camera picks it up. It notifies me that someone is in front of my door. Freaking amazing. It’s unbelievable. I’ve had absolutely no issues with the Ring Doorbell malfunctioning or anything like that. It’s been better than my cameras in the house. So I highly recommend the ring doorbell system. I think it’s great. It’s also tied to my refrigerator so when someone rings the bell it pops up right on the screen. They thought this ring doorbell out pretty well. It was well engineered and they really did a great job. I highly recommend it. You can also review any past motion video. It keeps an event history in here. So you can go back to the event history and they’ll give you a whole list of what time the actual event happened. You just click on it and you can watch the video on what happened at that time. You can see who was at your door, if anybody, if it was a UPS guy or FedEx guy dropping off, or the guy taking your packages. It could be any of those things. I’m very happy with the product. If you don’t have one, I would recommend you get one. I get no sponsorship or anything for this. I’m just recommending the product as a person who has bought one and installed it. I’m very happy with the product. So that’s my video for today. Thanks for watching. Please share my videos. Subscribe if you like what you see. Hit the bell so you get notified of new content, and give me a thumbs up. Thanks for watching.

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