Ring Video Doorbell Review – How to install the Ring Video Doorbell

Ring Video Doorbell Review – How to install the Ring Video Doorbell

welcome back to silver eagle locksmith
youtube channel, today we’re going to talk about the way you can protect your
home while on… vacation, ok I’m enjoying this beautiful place I love this Island, but who is watching my
home while i’m in a vacation? hmm so what silver eagle locksmith recommended
is the Ring Video Doorbell yes completely wireless device that you
Installation takes about 10 to 15 minutes and it’s a free application download to any Apple or Android device now I can monitor what’s going on my
front door by watching this video right here let me show you well that’s my wife right there Hi babe how you doing ? well she can’t hear me right now but the device does have a building speaker, so when motion is
detected you can speak to the person while he’s in
your door and, pretended that you’re home, you while you’re not! we will speak about it later. and another
thing that the company the actual manufacturer does give you lifetime
purchase protection that guaranteed if the device ever get stolen or damaged they’ll send you a new one! Ring Video Doorbell ok so tools on tools you will not need a
lot of things today because the kit the ring video doorbell come with most of the tools that you
will need anyway, but the only other thing that you will need is a power
drill. if you don’t have one just go buy it. alright so now we’re going to show you
how to install the ring video doorbell I got with me the kit right here, and let
me show you what’s come inside ok so the ring doorbell come with the the drill bit right here, the Philips screw
head and, it’s come with the anchors and some screws that you need for the
installation. so pretty much you got everything that you need you just need
the power drill and, to know how to install it correct we’re going to show you right now step by step.
ok so that’s the mounting bracket right here and it does come with
the level here so you can see if it straight or not, it’s a very small piece all you really need to do just put it in
just like that. so this is how it needs to be and that way you know if you put
it straight or not and let’s show you how to how to install it.
what I like to do before install I like to put this masking tape in the
position, aproximity where want to install it, and that way it’s going to be
easier for you to mark it as well so with the level you can just see if it
straight or not and basically all you need to do is just
mark the holes, you can take something sharp, you can take any pan and that should do the work. and let’s do it with a pen really quick you can do a too all right. after we mark the hole that
we know where to drill now we can move forward and actually drill the holes
with the drill bit that provided and let me just make sure about something this installation right now, we going
install the ring video doorbell completely wireless! meaning that there is no existing
doorbell that we have to take off and wire it, and i will explain how to do it
with an actual of Wired installation the only difference is 2 wires that you
have to connect, and i will show you where everything is connected it that’s the whole difference. ok now we’re
going to drill you gotta go all the way in ok so after drilling the holes all you
need to do is to put in the anchors that provided with the kit you just stick it in and pretty much use
a screwdriver or a hammer put it in not a big deal. now you just
tighten the screws make sure when you tighten it up don’t
tighten too much try to make sure that the mounting
bracket is straight as possible that, that’s all it is. just put the put the all
screws and one by one and that’s it. ok one thing after you installing the
bracket, that’s how it looks like and i want to explain you, if you do want to
wire it so you’re gonna ring on your chime in the house all you need to do just take the two
wires after you take off your existing doorbell and, you connect them right
here. this is where you got to connect the wires from your existing doorbell
and he doesn’t matter which wire go where, that’s fine you connect them
either way and in case that your door chime make
this kind of music so, it’s a digital chime, you will have to install this diode
that provided with the kit. all you need to do is just connected it
between those two and connect the wires from the doorbell and that’s all. if you have a regular mechanical
doorbell chime, just connected two wires you don’t need this diode! that’s all guys. so we’re pretty much
done with installation now what you will need is to programming
to your phone and what we’re going to do is we’re going to share a link for both
videos in the end of my video of how to install it if you have an
Android device or any Apple device. that’s all you guys need to do and there
is this thing here that provided with the manufacturer, it’s for the security
screws on the bottom those ones is to tighten it up once you
finish the installation on your phone first after you created an account and all
that good stuff and the last thing you should know if
you install the way we did right now so it’s going to be completely wireless
means, there is no wires to charge the device! it’s a low voltage but there is no wires
to connect it so once every like 2 3, 4, 5 months depends, you will have to charge it! you
have to take the device out and charge it right here with the cable that provided
with the kit, as well that’s all. ok so now we’re ready to install it in
the bracket but before you do that what you want to do before you installing the
mounting bracket and all that you want to charge the device a little bit with
the cable the USB cable that’s come with it that’s where you charge it and just give
it charged about 30 minutes or whatever just make sure it’s charged and you need
to do the programing, so you need to go step by step of how to do the programing
connect the device with your home wireless and we’re going to share 2 links in the end of this video of how
to do the the setup you know set up an account and do the
programming all that good stuff and that’s pretty easy by the way. after
you did the programming with the 2 links that we share in the end of this
video either way you have an Apple device or
any Android device you can download the app you can do the whole steps, we share the links don’t forget! and when it’s done you can
go ahead and connect it to the mountain bracket and there is a provided special
screws underneath they’re very small and it’s provided with the driver that you
need to tighten it up and let me show you how to do it. ok so after we did the programming and
we make sure it working now you have to put it in and slide it down and, you use
the special Philips screwdriver now you just tighten those security
screws with the provided tool that’s – that’s it guys great so now the ring video doorbell
completely installed, now there is a few things you’ve got to remember before the
installation make sure to charge it at least 15-20 minutes 30 minutes top, so
the device will be charge a little bit for the programming and don’t forget
we’re going to share 2 links in the end of this video of how to do the programming step by step. and another thing I don’t want to forget this installation that we need right
here is completely wireless! so we didn’t connect any wire from any
existing doorbell so you just want to remember, every couple of months
depending on the use, depends you know how how often does your ring doorbell recording, you’ll have to charge it so
you can check on the app the battery level you can see it on the application
and just take it off with those small security screws, charge it put it back on you’re done. ok so the very last thing i
want to let you know guys the ring video doorbell the manufacture of you purchase
life time protection for the device so if you ever wonder what happens if it
gets stolen or even damaged so the manufacturers saying as long as you have
a police report to show that you know the device got stolen or damaged they
will send you a new one! so highly recommend product ! and
that’s one of the reason why we installed for our customers its because
of that fact. that there is a purchase lifetime protection for it Hi guys thank you for watching I hope
you enjoyed the video, please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel I really like to do that you know, just
click there and subscribe to my channel anyway if you have any questions please you can write a comment right below i’m
more than happy to answer your question see you in the next video.

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  3. This Ring Video Doorbell is a awesome program. I love how technology keeps getting smarter! Simple is Great by the way! Thanks.

  4. Very informative video. You kept it interesting too – sometimes informational videos are boring. Looks like a good product – if I ever move I'll keep this in mind. Thank you!

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