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100 Replies to “Rock Climber Alex Honnold on Free Soloing El Capitan”

  1. Jeez Jimmy. All you had to do was watch his Ted talk or read a bit about this climb on line. What a terrible interview. He obviously did not prepare for this interview. He has no clue what prep and hard work Alex put in to this climb. Poor Alex having to answer 5 year old type questions.

  2. Alex Honnold is not only a great athlete he is also a great human being. Unlike Jimmy Kimmel who is a moron.

  3. after such interviews u know that these hosts are dumb as fck..only to fit for interviewing 0 IQ celebs….hehehehehehehe

  4. Having Alex Honnold do something for the next big Spiderman-Movie would not be such a bad idea or at least ask for his advice how to do some awesome climbing scenes… 😉

  5. Disgusting interview by Jimmy! Did any body catch the doble sense question he made? “Do you look for a Kravis in general?”

  6. Kimmel is a buffoon, he makes a mockery of what should have been a very interesting interview with an incredible super athlete and an interestingly brainy methodical man. What a waste of Alex's time and a shame for us viewers.

  7. Jimmy is a f idiot disrespectful interview he doesnt listen have 0 control respect for the man he interviews or the Epic thing he has done Jimmy just waits for the next thing to make fun of in the interview F Kimmel he is a stupid f moron

  8. Alright I don’t think Alex needs to be treated like a superior human, but don’t give him a Miley Cyrus interview jimmy

  9. He's super interesting, and IMO he's the #1 athlete on Earth. Not in rock climbing, just in general. Sure, guy runs fast, guy throws far, big whoop.

    You absolutely do not have to make a sub-par joke every single time you see a chance.

  10. I wonder if this was uncomfortable for Alex, it's one of the worst interviews I've ever seen and Jimmy Kimmel is 100% at fault for allowing these questions to be asked.

  11. 3:32 – “I assume you love climbing?”
    And the Oscar for the stupidest question ever asked in the course of human events goes to…

  12. Jimmy, oh jimmy, you never cease to amaze us by how dim witted you truly are. “Rehearse? It looks like your just going up”. You’re attempts at jokes are pathetic and so is your show.

  13. First time in my life I am writing a comment, but just could’t leave this behind. Jimmy Kimmel that inteview is a joke, as you showed you are. I am disgusted by you after watching this.

  14. 6:05 "How the hell did you not get the part for Spiderman" literally the only thing that Jimmy said that made sense during the interview. This guy would have been perfect!

  15. I usually enjoy Kimmel but it seems that my frustrations have been served justice by about nearly everyone here in the comments. So "writing a note" to his mom doesn't seem crazy as if he was some sort of daredevil or magician, what an absolute ignorant idiot when facing one of the best athletes in the world! This was very irritating to watch

  16. Weird interview, jimmys trying to act all ignorant with his questions to get laughs but it’s one of the most amazing climbing feats ever. Not the right crowd for an Alex honnold interview

  17. Jimmy really doesn’t express enough respect to Alex for his achievements and I didn’t realize how Ahole he could be until I see this interview

  18. I don't think Jimmy is being disrespectful at all. I think he's being very respectful and asking questions to portray how amazed he is at what he does & that Jimmy couldn't do anything like that.
    His show is light. It isn't meant to be d&m.

  19. Not matter of IF, but matter of WHEN.
    One little rock, one little slip. Why hate Jimmy's line? Deep inside we all know it is going to happen, this guy will make a mistake.

  20. The interview wasn’t that bad, Jimmy let him talk, and the questions he ask are what people completely new to climbing would ask

  21. What the hell?! Your sitting face to face with a man who made history and you’re taking it as a joke with inappropriate questions . This was really uncomfortable to watch. What a waste of an interview.

  22. Why are people butthurt white knighting for Alex lmao This is a talk show and if you can't take few jokes with it gtfo. Pathetic

  23. This was good for Kimmel's resume. Alex, not so much. I guess when a sponsor pays you, you have to play that part of the game. I mean, it's your job. Poor Alex.

  24. I wasn´t really sure if I liked Kimmel, but from this interview I can say he's a total retard. the "you will be missed" comment was really stupid.

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