RWBY Chibi, Episode 12 – Little Red Riding Hood | Rooster Teeth

RWBY Chibi, Episode 12 – Little Red Riding Hood | Rooster Teeth

[Ensemble]: RWBY Chibi! [Neptune]: Junior Detectives! [Sun]: Hey man! How’s it going? [Jaune]: Oh, uh hey man, uh, you’re talking to me. Never thought I’d see the day. Uh, good, I’m good, great actually, uh, I’m okay. How uh… how’re things with you? [Neptune slams the cup out of Jaune’s hands]
Ah!! Hey! [Officer Abs]: LITTERIIIING!!!!! [Jaune]: What?! Officer! No! I was framed! [Officer Abs]: Likely story! [Neptune]: And right next to a trash can? Do you have no heart? [Jaune]: No! I’m a good person! I swear! Look! I have a library card! [Officer Abs]: Woah! Look out! [Neptune]: We’re going into lockdown! Neptune (Offscreen): Ow! Ow! Ow! My goggles! [Officer Mustache Down] [Officer Abs]: Oh, now you’ve done it! [Jaune]: Why don’t I learn?! [Ozpin]: And now, Team RWBY presents an original stage play entitled “Little Red Riding Hood”. [Ozpin]: Once upon a time, there was an adorable girl who went by the name of Little Red Riding Hood. [Ruby]: What is good in the hood? [Ozpin]: Loved by many and known for her colorful hood, Little Red was on a very important mission: to deliver baked goods to her dear sweet grandmother. [Ruby]: Yeah, we tried to put her in a home but she wasn’t having it. Sooo… gotta go feed her. [Yang]: Hey Red! Make sure to bring Grandma some produce this time! These old legs can’t run on chocolate chips alone! [Ruby]: Yang! This isn’t your scene! [Yang]: And these aren’t even real glasses! Heyo! *Audience chuckling* [Ruby]: Ech, amateurs. [Ozpin]: But as she frolicked through the woods to her grandmother’s cottage she came across a creature who had more.. sinister intentions. [Ozpin]: A big bad wolf! [Blake]: Okay… why am I the wolf? And why am I flying? [Ruby]: Duh, because you’re half animal, this part was made for you! [Blake]: What about Zwei?! [Ruby]: Zwei? He’s the stage-hand! Plus, the wolf’s a bad guy, and you can’t be mad at that face! *Zwei barks* *THUD!* [BIake]: *muffled* I can be mad at that face. [Ozpin]: The big bad wolf wanted to gobble up Little Red and her treats, but she had made one terrible mistake.. [Ozpin]: Little Red Riding Hood was a trained warrior with a deadly mechanical scythe! [Ruby]: It’s also a gun! [Blake]: It’s that a prop or… [Ruby]: Step off, wolfy!
*cocks Crescent Rose* [Ozpin]: And so, the big bad wolf decided to retreat. [Blake]: Heh heh… uh… right. [Ozpin]: But the wolf wasn’t going to give up that easily. She had a plan. [Ruby]: Scene change! [Ozpin]: She took a shortcut to Little Red’s Grandmother’s house. Where she found the old woman sleeping soundly in her bed. [Blake]: Um… [Ruby (Offscreen)]: Yang! [Yang]: Did somebody say Grandma? [Blake]: You’re looking good for your age. [Yang]: I work out! [Blake]: Uh, aren’t you supposed to be in bed? [Yang]: Who’s got time for sleep when I’ve prepared this great song and dance number? And’a one, and’a two– [Ruby]: Stop upstaging everyone and get in the bed! [Yang]: This is my one scene! Get off my back! [Blake]: Just get in bed Grandma. [Yang]: Easy there wolfy, you haven’t even bought me dinner yet! *Audience laughing*
[Yang]: Heyo! [Ruby]: Ugggh…
[Blake]: Okay, I’m just gonna move this along and eat her. [Ozpin]: And just like that- [Ozpin]: The big bad wolf gobbled the grandmother up! [Blake]: There. Now you’re dead. [Yang]: Oh! Woe is me! I was too young to die! Despite what many thought, seeing as I was a grandmother! *Yang squeaks like a toy as she’s kicked and groans as she crash-lands* [Ozpin]: The wolf disguised herself as Little Red’s grandmother and laid in bed, waiting to ambush the unsuspecting child. [Ruby]: Hi Grandma! Thanks for the birthday cards! Dad told me to bring you food! [Ozpin]: Now… the wolf needed only to draw Little Red closer. [Blake]: Hey, come closer. [Ozpin]: But as the young girl drew near, she noticed something was wrong. [Ruby]: Gee grandma, what big eyes you have! [Blake]: Wow, what an insensitive thing to say to your loved ones. [Ruby]: And what big ears you have! [Blake]: You know I’m really self-conscious about them, thanks for bringing it up. [Ruby]: And Grandma, what big teeth you have! [Blake]: Okay, you’re just a rude little brat, I’m gonna kill you. [Ruby]: Ahhh!
[Blake]: Rawr! [Yang]: Woah! Smells like someone’s got some big, bad, BREATH! [Ruby]: Yang! This is a sad scene! [Ruby]: The audience can’t be sad if they’re laughing! [Ozpin]: Um….. then the…. Woodsman… entered…? [Weiss]: Why do I have to be the Woodsman again? And why does this weapon have two axe-blades? You can’t even aim! [Port (off-screen)]: Ho-ho! Personal preference! [Ruby]: Because we’re best friends, and best friends have each others’ backs! [Blake]: But wait, I thought Red Riding Hood had a scythe, why does she need a Woodsman? [Ruby]: You guys are ruining my vision! [Weiss]: Who wrote this stupid story anyway? [Ruby]: I did! Thank you very much! [Yang]: Ugh, no wonder. Red Riding Hood’s a total Mary Sue character. [Ruby]: What?! [Yang]: “Loved by many and known for her hood?” You totally based her off yourself. *Ruby getting extremely aggravated* [Ruby]: I like to think that art is open to interpretation. [Ozpin]: Wait a minute… aren’t you kids all supposed to be in class? [Ruby]: CHEESE IT!! [Zwei]: Woof! ♪This is the way we wanna spend everyday♪ ♪Laughing with our friends and keeping sadness away♪
[Ruby]: Click here if you wanna wear some stuff with us on it! ♪Join us and see we can be happy and free♪
[Ruby]: And click here if you wanna watch some stuff with us on it! ♪ Life if full of fun ’cause we’re all chibi!♪
[Ruby] Cuz, ya know, more us! Duh! [Ruby] We’re awesome!

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8 Replies to “RWBY Chibi, Episode 12 – Little Red Riding Hood | Rooster Teeth”

  1. "Aren't you kids all supposed to be in class?"
    I think Port gave them permission to do this, I mean, he did give Weiss his weapon to use for the play. Plus Team JNPR is watching too. Team RWBY literally could've just said that Port allowed them to do this.

  2. So I started watching RWBY years before I really got into any of RT's other stuff (besides RvB of course), so it was only recently I realized that Prof. Port is voiced by Ryan from AH. It makes everything he says that much better because it is all absolutely 100% things Ryan would actually say.

    Someone: Ryan, why do you have a completely impractical and excessively dangerous weapon?
    Ryan: Personal preference!

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