Scout Alarm Home Security System Unboxing

Scout Alarm Home Security System Unboxing

Gabe: Hey, everybody. This is Gabe at Security Baron. Today, we’re unboxing the Scout Alarm Home
Security System. Let’s dive in. [background music] Gabe: If you’d like to see a list of our favorite
home security systems, google “Security Baron Best Home Security Systems.” If you have a question about today’s unboxing,
leave us a comment and I’ll get back to you. Let’s see what we have here with the Scout
alarm system. First off, love the animal. Is that a wolf or a coyote? Probably a wolf. I like the all-black initially. That’s my wardrobe. That’s my style. Here we go. First we have, download the Scout alarm app. It has, basically, a picture of everything
you’re going to get right on that back page. That’s good to know. A little piece there. Let’s see what we have here. I’m going to take out the door panel first. Place that box here. The door panel, then we’ve got access. I got to remember what that means. Motion…Oh, this is a very small motion sensor
box. I like that. Maybe, more discrete than what we’ve seen
before. Another access so these sensors monitor. Of course, your window decal. Another window decal. This is probably the hub. Here, you have your Scout alarm hub. Really like that boxing, really smooth. Put that down for now. Here, we’ve got our HD camera. Now, I want to just mention a few things because
they put it right here, make it easy for you. You’ve got the hub, which is the brain of
the Scout. Plugs into the router. You’ve got your door panel, your access sensors
monitor the opening and closing of any window or door. A really important element of any home security
system. Something that did not come in that box, but
that we ordered on top of the system, the HD camera. You know we love to have cameras with all
of our systems here at Security Baron. Then, of course, your motion detector. Your motion sensors can guard rooms, also
sense anything that goes on whether it’s a glass like you have a glass door, glass window,
then just your door panel. That’s a useful thing to have in terms of
your Scout Alarm Home Security System. Now that we’ve unboxed the boxes, let’s look
at each piece individually. Black box, looks like we went with the white
version. I always forget which ones we ordered. I know these come in black and white. It has a pretty nice look for your hub. Here are the power adapter. Place this down here. For our door panel…This is great because
this is both an access center and an RFID sensor. If you don’t have your phone, you can still
get into your home. I rhymed there. I didn’t even mean to do that. Door panel here. That’s cool. Now, these are your RFID stickers so you can
get into your home even if you’re…other things go off. This works directly with that. It’s pretty cool. This looks beautiful, honestly, and definitely
something new in terms of the way in which they’ve put all these pieces together. Let’s take a look at the camera now. The camera for the Scout alarm…White and
black. Let’s see what we have here. Boom, some pieces to help plug it all in. Motion detection here. That’s an interesting design. It is smaller, but it does have a protruding
piece. I want to note, for the motion detector. There’s your motion detector. The piece is not at all flush with the rest
of the system but otherwise a decent design. Then your access center which, basically,
are your door and window opening detectors. Those pieces, like that. These are definitely a little bit different
than what we’re used to seeing with window and door sensors for any home security alarm
system. Then we have another pair here. Before I forget, because this is very important,
we do get the yard sign that are typical, that we’re used to seeing with all of our
systems. Voilà. Hold on, quick break. I’m actually finding myself to be a fan of
the Scout alarm aesthetic. I like the black and white. I like the discreteness. I was wondering what you all thought. Please leave me a comment below with your
thoughts on the aesthetic of the Scout Alarm Home Security System. Let’s go back to the video. We got a lot of pieces with our Scout Alarm
Home Security System. This is not even including some of the pieces
that we added extra that also can function within your home like a Yale lock. Here we’ve got, of course, always necessary
yard sign. We’ve got our various access sensors which
what they call door and window sensors. We’ve got these. I clip them to your keychain that help you
get into your home with the door panel. Our window decals, I guess you could stick
these about anywhere. We’ve got our indoor camera, high definition,
and our motion sensor. I wanted to point out these two pieces, in
particular, because the door panel also works as a door sensor. It can work to know when a door is opening
and closing. If your phone dies or for any other reason
you don’t want to use your mobile application to get into your home, you can use one of
these with your door panel and that will unlock the alarm system. Here, we’ve got the actual hub. It’s the baseline for the entire system. You can hardwire it directly in with this
Ethernet cable here. To be frank, this is a very different looking
system. We’re not used to seeing, one, pieces that
stick with the black and white aesthetic beyond just the security camera. Also, a different look for the access sensors
just generally. Usually, these pieces here aren’t as big as
they are. That’s new. This keychain RFID for getting in and out
of your home. That’s something different as well. I’m anxious to see how this base station works. One, it’s one of the smaller base stations
that we’ve seen. Two, I’m anxious to see how it works with
this Ethernet cable versus WiFi. I’m actually not even certain if you can do
it just WiFi. That’s something we’re going to figure out
when we do our full review of the Scout Alarm Home Security System. That’s unboxing of the Scout Alarm Home Security
System. [background music] If you appreciated today’s video, give us
a like and hit that subscribe button. As always, this is Gabe at Security Baron. Be secure.

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  1. Hi Gab. Got a note. Scout Alarm works with Samsung SmartThings home automation system. Can you do a review on that?

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