SCP-1365 Bike Justice | Safe class | Vehicle / self repairing / autonomous scp

SCP-1365 Bike Justice | Safe class | Vehicle / self repairing / autonomous scp

SCP-1365 “Bike Justice” Object Class: Safe Item #: SCP-1365 Object Class: Safe Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1365 is
to be kept in its containment chamber at Site 73. A mockup bike rack created for containment
purposes has proven sufficient at neutralizing SCP-1365’s teleportation abilities; in order
to ensure it does not breach containment, no bike racks or other structures designed
for temporary bike storage are to be constructed within a 100 metre radius of SCP-1365’s containment
chamber. Testing requires the approval of a Level 3
administrator and is only to be carried out by D Class. During approved testing, medical staff must
be on call in the event that the test subject survives its encounter with SCP-1365. Description: SCP-1365 is a 2007 ██████ brand
bicycle, serial number [REDACTED]. SCP-1365 is unremarkable in appearance, aside
from being in excellent condition and bearing a small sticker reading “BIKE JUSTICE” attached
to its main body. Whenever a human attempts to mount SCP-1365
and ride it for a distance greater than 20 metres, SCP-1365 enters its active state. Subjects will find themselves unable to control
their legs or arms, with both being used to steer and power SCP-1365 without any direction
or guidance from the subject. After ten minutes or 500 metres of travel,
whichever is sooner, SCP-1365 will forcibly dislodge the subject, either via crashing
into an inert object or simply throwing the subject off. In 90% of cases, the force used by SCP-1365
is sufficient to kill or fatally wound the subject upon impact, with the remaining 10%
of subjects usually suffering a permanent disability impeding motor functions, such
as paralysis. Three to four hours after the death or incapacitation
of the subject, SCP-1365 will vanish from its current location and reappear at the nearest
location designed for the temporary storage of bikes in public places. Through unknown means, any damage sustained
during the previous activation event will be repaired, and any evidence of previous
use (such as blood stains from a previously killed subject) will be removed. Separating sections of the bike and putting
them in different locations results in all separated pieces reforming at the storage
location within the allotted time. In all cases, SCP-1365 has never been accompanied
by a bike lock or similar anti-theft device. While SCP-1365 displays no compulsive or memetic
properties encouraging subjects to use it, it is nonetheless frequently activated if
left uncontained, likely due to its pristine condition and the lack of anti-theft measures
normally taken to protect a bike. Addendum: After an activation event on 22
Jul 20██, a note was found attached to the body of D-34242, the deceased test subject. The note was of the same composition as the
“BIKE JUSTICE” sticker on SCP-1365, and was considerably difficult to remove: SHAME THE STEALERS BIKES ARE EXPENSIVE, AND ALL WHO TAKE THEM

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  1. A created a new playlist called "Vehicle SCP playlist" which contains scps that deal with strange vehicles or paranormal things concerning vehicles. Check it out here

  2. I heard alot of bullshit from this channel and I think some are real but I got to say this is really entertaining especially the 🐷 headed scp that snaps your neck if u blink but a fucking bike I o most die laughing keep the scps coming 😂

  3. I like this scp. I have a bike and live in an area with a history of bike thefts. I feel if they release this scp in my area people would stop stealing bikes.

  4. Another note was found written on the cast of a victim that survived an encounter with this SCP. It reads: "Your pain has only begun! I'll be back to finish the job! You stink! <3 Trykie"

  5. #Eastside Show SCP What is the Intro piano song? Ive been asking this on other videos but nobody replied. 🙁

  6. Why is this considered safe?! I know that it's safe because it doesn't actively hunt people down but it still is able to kill quite easily.

  7. Yo, I think Billy's tricycle grew up…
    (Waiting for fans of the Grim Adventures or Billy and Mandy)

  8. I agree that bike thieves are scum, this is a bit excessive. After all if you kill someone they don't learn anything. Bike Thieves should be left in the pillory for at least a week, preferably with no clothes.

  9. But what if you're 100% aware that Bike Justice is an entity unto itself and has no owner, and then ride it? Don't know why I try to apply any logic to these things, 90% of them just seem to be outright evil.

  10. My dad’s friend Should do this, he leaves his bike in front of the pizzaria he works at (with anti theft measures) but it always gets stolen

  11. Should put it in a place where there's a lot of bicycles being stolen it probably cut down on as many bikes being stolen too bad it's not real sorry

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