Security Camera Thief in S.F. Caught on Security Camera

Security Camera Thief in S.F. Caught on Security Camera

THIS THIEF MAY HAVE THOUGHT HE’D GOTTEN AWAY WITH IT. BUT NIGHTBEAT’S ANDRIA BORBA SHOWS US: ONE GLARING CLUE.. GAVE HIM AWAY. IT WAS A QUARTER AFTER ONE ON SUNDAY, JANUARY 23RD…WHEN THIS MAN DECIDED DOLORES HEIGHTS RESIDENT ANDREW MURDOCK DIDN’T NEED HIS HOME SECURITY CAMERA ANYMORE. 07.32.26 He just grabbed it and yanked it out. He was sticking a tool in there WHAT THE CAMERA THIEF DIDN’T KNOW…WAS HE WASN’T JUST BEING RECORDED FROM ONE ANGLE. Andrew Murdock\Homeowner 00.32.01 It records instantly, so if you go up and steal a camera and take it away with you, I have video of you stealing a camera ANDREW LOADED THIS VIDEO ON NEXTDOOR AND YOUTUBE…HOPING TO HELP HIS NEIGHBORS BE AWARE Andria Standup: It was 12 hours later when Andrew went to replace that camera and saw a familiar face. 01.32.15 As soon as I walked up in front of cliff’s, i saw him across the street – so i went over there with my iPhone and video taped him walking by THE DEAD GIVE AWAY? THAT BLUE BANDANA. 01.42.29 It was the same exact thing that he was wearing in the video ANDREW CALLED SFPD…WHO STOPPED THE SUSPECT ON 18TH STREET. 02.10.26 I showed them what was on my phone, the evidence, they looked over it and said, “Yeah, that’s the guy” BUT, BECAUSE THE CAMERA WASN’T WORTH MORE THAN 250 DOLLARS…HE WASN’T ARRESTED, MERELY CITED. 04.38.20 He got cited for a misdemeanor offense and if he misses that, it will escalate from there ANDREW HOPES BETWEEN THIS VIDEO…AND HIS EAGLE EYES – THAT OTHERS WILL BE DETERRED FROM PROPERTY CRIMES. 04.55.24 I feel sorry for the guy. It wasn’t violent, but I don’t want people screwing with my camera. IN SAN FRANCISCO – ANDRIA BORBA – KPIX5. TRENDING TONIGHT: A GYMNASTICS COACH MAKES THE

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  1. The story is a little more in depth than the video shows. I eat my lunch in the Castro and see this guy walking around on a regular basis. From his behavior I believe he is mentally ill. One day he grabbed my finished apple core off of a dirty ledge where I had put it and popped the entire thing in his mouth. Where I do believe stealing other peoples things(cameras) is wrong the story could also explore why we as a society don't do more to help the mentally ill. The story makes it look like we nabbed a criminal. I see it as a sad story of a mentally ill guy walking the streets doing crazy things.

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