Shear nuts

Shear nuts

A shear nut is a type of security
nut this particular one is made out of stainless steel it’s an m10 and these
are designed to be anti-theft nuts so you would use that as you would use and
normal nut it goes on that way once you get to a predetermined torque the actual
nut part will actually shear off leaving just the doomed section at the
bottom that means if somebody comes along with spanner and tries to steal
the item they can’t actually remove it because it’s just a dome there which is
incredibly difficult to grip the traditional nut is just like that obviously
anybody with a spanner could come along and undo that and steal wherever they
wanted that is why you would use shear nuts like that I’ll now give you a
demonstration about the shear nut works we start off by screwing it onto the
bolt once it’s on though we tighten it up using a spanner once it gets to a
predetermined torque the nut will shear off and leave the dome part behind like so
as you can see the hexagon part of the nut has sheared off leaving behind a
domed fastener which is very difficult to remove so they are great if you need
to fix something where there’s a likelihood that somebody could come along and try
and steal it

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29 Replies to “Shear nuts”

  1. Thank you for this video I've always wanted to see how these shear nuts work. I'm about to install a heavy duty bolt and padlock on a shop exterior door and the owner wants as much security as possible so I will give these a try. One question, if I have to how would I take the dome part off?

  2. Believe it or not i once remove 2pcs Shear nuts !! how i did it is by grinding at the both side of the Shear nuts Flat and remove it with a spanner :0) u can try it and it works like a charms

  3. This why i love You Tube, never heard of or seen these before so thanks for the upload. Glad i subscribed, these look really handy. Thanks.

  4. They are a good idea. Do you have a problem with tea leaves in your area dude, it seems you like locking things down lol.

  5. The question I have is ………………… Are these strong enough to hold a winch on a vehicle ?   If so , where do I get them ? 

  6. I'm looking at using shear nuts to secure my spotlights to my 4WD. They seem to be the perfect solution for this application. I'm assuming I use the normal hex nut as the main anchor nut first and then an M12x1.75 shear nut under the hex nut. Is this correct?

  7. So….. What do you do when you need to remove it? You're in the same predicament as the would be thief.

  8. Hi, we produce the shear nut in Taiwan and get various patent, would you mind my sending some sample for your testing?

  9. So really if you had access to a mig welder you could use a standard nut and then just weld on top of the nut and the thread. You then wouldn't have the problem of the burglar like on your other video of filing two notches on the dome and undoing it. Then again we are still screwed if they turn up with a decent battery powered angle grinder. Can only try and slow them down.

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