Shuttle Atlantis STS-132 – Amazing Shuttle Launch Experience

Shuttle Atlantis STS-132 – Amazing Shuttle Launch Experience

this has been a very quiet morning for tanking, no issues that the team’s working weather is set at, currently at 70%
chances of having good conditions at liftoff time This is the Vehicle Assembly Building,
that is where the shuttle gets put together and then it rolls out, a couple of
miles, out to where the shuttle pad is That’s pad 39a… shuttle Atlantis is on there, is on there, waiting to take off final inspection team and close out crew have entered the pad. *copy that* final inspection team is complete and
we’ll be rolling back to AB11 Did we get everything? *Yes sir* Inspection complete, we are departing the pad copy departing the pad, and just head up Tom, flight crew has… are in the process of departing the LMC at this time, you guys might make it without having to pull over but I’ll need you to be advised that they are in route to the pad and here comes our STS-132 Atlantis crew *cheering from crowd* so with that, the Astro Van now will
proceed on out to Pad 39a there they go, and they’ll be escorted out to the pad by a NASA security van, as is customary,
behind them the inspection team is on the way back from the pad in their vehicles, I don’t think
think the two will pass, but it will be close the landing aids at the shuttle landing facility are about to be activated
should a return to a landing site be necessary this afternoon The Astro Van now arriving
arriving at the pad and going up the incline the ramp, on the way up to the pad’s surface the crew compartment reports that they
are ready for the astronauts’ ingress The crew may pause for a moment to take a look at Atlantis before they head up the elevator and that’s exactly what they’re
doing that shot there, looking up the side of
the flame trench to the crew on the pad surface and we’re at t-minus three hours and
holding with an hour two minutes 50 seconds remaining in his built-in hold here are the astronauts now, getting off
the elevator ready to cross the orbiter access arm and our commander Ken Ham being assisted with his launch and entry suit prior to boarding Atlantis to be our first crew member aboard today here we see our Commander being seated in the cockpit and Mission Specialist #3, Steve Bowen,
being assisted with his launch an entry suit Steve Bowen now confirmed to be aboard Atlantis at this time Tony Antonelli, our pilot, will be boarding next Piers Sellers, is Mission Specialist #4 ready for his entry into the crew
compartment next to board, is Mission Specialist #1, aboard Atlantis on STS-132. Yes, so we’re three hours from launch, just a little under, and so some of these guys have already been sitting on their back for a little while. I guess when you can’t turn your head, can’t move around, a mirror is not a bad thing to have and Mike Good, who you’ll hear called “Bueno” on the loops during the mission that crew has actually been working with these guys all through training they are assigned, kind of, to the crew when the crew is assigned, and they show up at all the training events where they’re suited and
kind of go through the whole choreography every single time, make sure the suits are fitting just right Mike Good coming into view in the MS 2 seat, and Chris Cassidy will start working on him here shortly yes with the exception of the commander and pilot and MS2, most of the guys are
up and moving around very very quickly and actually the guys down in the
mid-deck will be getting out of the A-suits (Ascent suits), pretty quickly after getting an eight-and-a-half minute ride to orbit you can see the hatch there with
Atlantis written down the side SRO? SRO is go, you have range clear to launch… and CDR? (CDR is Commander) (CDR) Atlantis is Go and NTD Launch Director you’re clear to
launch Atlantis Copy that Launch Director Go for Orbiter Access Arm
retract. Atlantis crew, our team has worked hard and it’s with great pride that we
send the first “Last Crew” on Atlantis to the International Space Station with the
mini research module to be installed t-minus two minutes and counting. Atlantis, close and lock your visors and initiate O2 OTC, that is “in work” the ground launch sequencer will hand off to Atlantis’ onboard flight computer, 15 seconds from now firing chain is armed, sound suppression
water system activated t-minus 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, go for main engine start, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 lift off, of space shuttle Atlantis Houston, Atlantis is in the roll roger roll Atlantis Houston is now controlling Atlantis is in a ‘heads down’ position, on course for a 51.6 degree 136 by 36 statute mile orbit you can hear the roar! the three main engines on Atlantis have now been throttled down to 72% of rated thrust As the orbiter prepares to pass through the area of maximum dynamic pressure on the vehicle
in the lower atmosphere there you get the arc
(as the vehicle builds lateral speed) engines now beginning to throttle back up Atlantis, you are GO at throttle up Copy, GO at throttle up all three engines looking really good
back at full throttle now at liftoff, the fully fueled shuttle, boosters and external tank weighed four and a half million pounds, has now burned half of that lift-off weight in propellent Atlantis is already 19 miles in altitude, downrange from the Kennedy Space Center 20 miles, traveling 2,500 miles per hour coming up on staging the point at which
the twin solid rocket boosters burn out and separate from the orbiter booster separation confirmed the onboard guidance system has done its job of settling out any of the dispersions that have been introduced at
the booster separation Atlantis is traveling 3,700 miles per
hour, at an altitude of 47 miles this view from a camera on the external
tank looking down the length of the orbiter you can still see that little
dot, wow! Still there, that is wild you can still, if you know where to look you can still see that dot going. Atlantis, you are single-engine OPS 3 Copy, Single Engine OPS 3. That roll the heads-up provides a good satellite communications link to with Atlantis continuing its travel into space you are press to MECO and single-engine
Zaragoza 104. Copy, press to MECO and single engine Zaragosa 104. Scorch, I got the roll! *Lucky dog!* Atlantis copies, nominal shutdown, go for the plus x, go for the pitch. Still going *splashing water echo sounds* Atlantis is now travelling 13,000 miles
per hour 580 miles away from the Kennedy Space Center at an altitude of 340,000 feet Atlantis can reach orbit on one engine
now, should two fail, however all three are still in good shape. Atlantis is
traveling 15,500 miles per hour approaching eight minutes
into the flight, downrange 740 miles at an altitude of 64 miles plasma? oh! are they burning out, MECO? main engine cutoff confirmed, standing by for separation from the external fuel tank There they go! they’re separating Atlantis now flying away from the
external tank, after separation plus x burn maneuver being
performed by a Commander Ken Ham nominal MECO, OMS 1 not required, preliminary OMS 2 TIG will be 37:30 Wow! look at at that! awesome welcome back to space for you, and your
veteran crew Copy, 37:30 it’s good to be back Scorch, as you know, and OMS 1 is not required! as is typical with all Space Shuttle missions, the crew rapidly
gets out their handheld camera and takes them still and motion video of the
external tank as it drifts away from the shuttle this gives the ground teams an idea of exactly how the foam on the external
tank faired, to make sure that all of it stayed in its proper position if you look down, with these binoculars, at one spot on the ground *yes*
We are going absolutely ludicrous speed ludicrous speed!
we have achieved ludicrous speed Distortion speed, if you were down there in an airplane you would be a cinder!
This is ridiculous how fast we’re going! you can see some of the the cryogenics from inside that tank still venting as the
tank separated from space shuttle Atlantis that tank also has what are known as
tumble jets installed on it, that enable the tank to basically flip end over end, to ensure that it actually breaks up as expected as it goes back down into the
Earth’s atmosphere and disintegrates and wow, what a ride, I was really digging, like, no master cautions that was a cool thing yeah… not a one, nothing!
We appreciate all the folks working the ball bearings down in that MCC and LCC
get us off the pad! Incorrect Date of Launch, was 2010

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  1. This is a great video I wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time to put this together. There are a lot of great things happening with the space program and other companies participating in the space program , but there's something especially amazing about what NASA has done and what they have accomplished through the work of so many people. I really encourage people to check out the book "High Calling" written by the Columbia Commander Rick husband wife.

  2. I always like NASA & their activities about Shuttle Space Program. If I could go into space how much better it would feel. Love from Bangladesh.

  3. झूठ झूठ झूठ
    1. चांद पर झंडा कैसे लहराया जबकि वंहा हवा नही होती है ???
    2. गुरूत्वाकरण बल नही तो चले कैसे???
    3. हवा नही तो landing ओर take off कैसे???
    वो सहारा के रेगिसतान की shooting थी
    चांद पर पहूंच तो जाओगे लेकिन वापस कैसै आओगे ?? इतना बडा़ roket कैसे वहा बनाओगे
    आज तक कोई चांद पर ,उतरा ही नही
    possible ही नही है
    अमरीका सबको बेवकूफ बनाता है।

  4. What a stunning Video! I really thank you, Jonathan, for caring to put this video together, and that music is utterly epic. Watching this makes me believe as if Mankind has found its destiny, the place called heaven, our real home, lurking out there on some distant planet where God, too, lives…!

  5. سوال نمبر ۱۰۔
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    ایک راکٹ کس طرح انتہائی تیز گھومتے ہوئے چاند کے اوربٹ(مدار)میں داخل ہوسکتا ہے؟؟
    اس راکٹ نے فضا سے چاند کے اوربٹ میں داخل ہونے کا جھٹکا کیسے برداشت کیا ؟

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  7. This video is using the theme music from Band of Brothers. It makes me want to watch that series from the beginning

    And the ending music from Gladiator.

  8. on any shuttle launch, i love the view of the shuttle @8:28 when the walkway starts to move and you see the name of the shuttle – can't describe why but that tiny clip gives me the chills

  9. I always wanted the ultimate feeling of riding the shuttle and I've seen al lot of videos. This one is for me the best one ever. Thanx for sharing!

  10. Making like NASA does not matter if the money from Bangladesh's 2 years of corruption can be put together.Thanks for the Video Bro.

  11. Thank you for making this video. Incredible tribute to the greatest machine ever built. Heard Chris Cassidy in the closeout crew. One of only two Navy SEALs to become an astronaut. Talk a about a superstar!

  12. Most of the people at my age dreamed to go to Florida and visit Disney World as a child. I dreamed of visiting KSC to watch a Shuttle launch and still do.

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  15. Can you imagine how much more we would know about Challenger if the shuttle had so many views like this in HD? I wouldn’t know if I should describe that as terrifying or not.

  16. 16:06 That bright spot, I’m assuming is the sun? If it is, I can’t believe what it looks like outside of Earths atmosphere.

  17. 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀💵💵💵💵 IAM dreaming to go to space I have that achievement that I should go to space🤺😔😔😔😣. a space shuttle costs around 60 to 70million


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  19. With 57 years I am wondering what comes next? But I think our Generation of 1962 did see both sides – the Apollo Program and the Shuttle Program.

    I had the honour to see Apollo 11 launch and see men walk on the moon, and also I had the honour to see the first Space Shuttle Columbia to launch on 12. April 1981! I think I was born within some very exciting time. Sometimes I want to say thanks to God!

    Best Greetings out of Bavaria, Germany!

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  21. Pretty much the best video of any launch I have seen, really, really good. A shame you put the music in there, who needs that when you can hear the shuttle. Nevertheless, great work, ty.

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