SimpliSafe Camera Review – Hands-On

SimpliSafe Camera Review – Hands-On

Hey y’all, it’s Rose. Today we are going to be taking a look at
SimpliSafe’s long anticipated home security camera. It’s an inexpensive camera at $99 but does
require the purchase of a Base Station as well as a subscription to their Interactive
plan for $24.99 per month plus possibly an extra monthly fee. So today we’ll answer the question, is it
worth it? I was surprised to find that if I wanted access
to event recording plus 30 days of storage, It would cost an extra $4.99 per month. But what happens if you don’t pay extra? Without the add-on fee, you can stream live
video with sound. In fact, you can stream video-on-demand from
multiple cameras. You can also customize your privacy shutter
and turn night vision on or off, but that’s it. If you pay the additional $4.99 monthly, you
will also be able to view recorded video and download recorded footage locally. All features are accessible from the app,
but you can’t download footage from the web portal, perhaps it’s because the web portal
is still in Beta? But how do you customize events? For example, how do I say, “I want the sensor
to trigger a recording when my front door is opened, but not if my back door is opened.” The answer is you can’t. It’s all or nothing with this camera. From a hardware perspective, the camera is
just middle-of-the-road. It records in 720pHD, can record sound, and
it has automated night vision. But what’s missing? It’s missing two-way audio, motion detection,
and sound detection. Basically, the camera can record footage and
take commands from your other SimpliSafe sensors; but can’t monitor on its own. Back to what it can do. It can record when different sensors are triggered
or when you arm or disarm the system. From the app, you can see recorded footage
from the view live screen IF the footage was taken the same day. All historical footage is found under the
timeline tab, just press play to play back recorded footage. The features tested work well, but they weren’t
flawless. As you can see here, recorded videos don’t
always play back when requested. Though I found that if I close out the app
and restart it, the issue resolves itself. So what do I think of SimpliSafe’s camera? I think it’s a $99 camera. It lacks features and flexibility, but that’s
expected on a sub-$100 camera. It does have a nice picture quality, good
integration with their sensors, and during testing, it exhibited almost no lag between
what was happening in my living room and what it displayed live. I also like the intelligent notifications
that show what action or sensor triggered the recording. If y’all would like to read my full SimpliSafe
review, I’ve linked to it in the description below. There is also a link to the right to the video
review of SimpliSafe. I really appreciate y’all spending time with
me today. I’m very thankful for it. If you have any questions about the camera
or the security system as a whole, I would be happy to answer them in the comment section
below. If y’all wanna check out my video next time,
I’m not done with my camera kick; we’re going to do another camera. This time we’re going to do Canary Flex, which
is an indoor/outdoor home security camera, it’s battery operated, and it’s pretty sweet. So stay tuned.

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39 Replies to “SimpliSafe Camera Review – Hands-On”

  1. Who would dislike this video?? It is a high quality, concise, yet very in-depth review of a product that just hit the market… weirdos.

  2. would have been nice if you actually talked about the video quality, fogging, blooming issues, does it run on batteries, how long is the cable which you didn't talk about, what is that cable, does it detach, how heavy is it, can you mount it upside down, can you flip the image, does it have bluetooth, can it only integrate with simplisafe. Pretty crappy review but you look great!

  3. I ordered and returned this beta-test camera.

    In my opinion, the camera was very buggy and operated intermittently. It needs you to have an internet connection for it to connect to your system. So, if your Xfinity or WOW goes down, so does your surveillance/monitoring capabilities.

    The camera's internal microphone (omni-directional), is overly sensitive and does pick up ALL sounds and conversations, even in other rooms, considerable distances from the camera location and these recordings are then subject to your internet security's strengths or weaknesses.

    Finally, in my case, if you point the camera towards outdoors through a window, the camera always shut down and only restarted when it was pointed inward towards my home's interior.

    My personal opinion is, this camera needs a lot of work; too much work, for a $99.00 price-point, even during a beta test. Another point; in lieu of the new information in regard to system and personal device hi-jacking, user's must evaluate the inherent security vs privacy trade-offs.

  4. Is this camera battery operated or does it need to be plugged in to an outlet? I want to purchase about 5 and place them inside out around the outside of my home. What are my options?

  5. Thank you for posting, you have a lot of good need to know information. I have a question for you? I just bought one but what I was thinking about doing (since camera can't/won't do some things. Can other cameras be integrated with this camera to record on the same system.

  6. when I ordered it I was under the impression that it used the WiFi from the base station,but I quickly realized it didn't.

  7. I think the Simplicam looks really good for the price range but I don't use any of these. 720, 1080, it doesn't matter when a thief will just smash it or take it with them. The nicer the camera they more they can trade the dope man. I use hidden cameras that they would never suspect.

  8. I have a SimpliSafe security system and it works great. Considering getting the camera and thought this review was very good, but please talk just a little bit slower, especially when changing the subject on the various features. Otherwise, job well done!

  9. I moved from a personal to a brand account on YouTube. In doing so, I lost the hundreds of comments I’ve made since early 2016. I apologize that all the data was lost, but we can start again. Let me know if you have a question, even if it’s a repeat!

  10. Update: If you want to live stream from the camera, you can do this using SimpliSafe's Standard plan. Advanced features require Interactive.
    5/24/2017 SimpliCam now supports motion based event recordings.
    4/23/2017 Customers with Interactive Plans can now manage email, SMS, and push notification alerts from the mobile app. The alerts page allows you to add new alerts or modify existing alerts for alarm events, system activity, or system error. Camera customers can swipe on notifications to immediately view live or recorded video associated with that event.
    3/23/2017 SimpliSafe video recording on-demand now live.

  11. Can the camera be operated on battery power or only by plugging it in? How long is the cable? Can the camera be set to record whenever it detects motion, regardless of whether the system is armed or not?

  12. Nice review, dislike all the extra cost associated with the camera and app after waiting a year for it's arrival and being a Simplisafe owner. I think Guardzilla or Piper may be a better all in one solution. Thanks again, it answered all of my questions.

  13. I purchased the SimpliSafe Camera with my Home Security System. I successfully set up the camera linking it to my WIFI Router, but the camera loses connection to my WIFI after being on for about 15 minutes no matter how close I place it to my router. Any suggestions to rectify this problem?

  14. Hey Rose – what are your thoughts on this scenario – I have an enclosed, but unheated area – think of a fully enclosed outside bar/gazebo – it has full power and a Apple router inside year round – any issues with running the camera in these types of conditions? It would be completely protected from the elements, but would be subject to the cold temps of a winter in the northeast – your thoughts? Thanks again for your review and updates!

  15. Hi Rose, (which All in one) budget camera have you found to be the most bang for the buck? Thank you for your time i appreciate it.

  16. Hi Rose, thanks for making these video's. I just joined the Simplysafe team. I'm having trouble adding my camera. It continues to flash red (camera). Troubleshooting shows that it's not connecting to the wifi. Is there a way to rectify that issue?

  17. Hi Rose, I'd like to conceal the camera but covering the blue light makes the pic too dark. Any recommendations to the matter?

  18. People need to be clear , you have to have WiFi hooked up to your camera, or you can't monitor it from you phone, so you have to pay for WiFi service along with the 24$ a month for their service also which is crap!

  19. $100 is too much. I have a $40 camera that's 1080p, night vision, records, has motion detection, it's 2 way able, has an app that shows me recordings, and it has full rotation! That's very unfortunate I need a subscription when I don't need that for my camera. I really liked this damnit.

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