SimpliSafe Doorbell Review: With & Without a SimpliSafe Alarm  (Resolution Compare to Nest Hello)

SimpliSafe Doorbell Review: With & Without a SimpliSafe Alarm (Resolution Compare to Nest Hello)

Today our video doorbell battle continues
with the SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro. You can use this doorbell as a standalone
doorbell or you can attach it to a SimpliSafe Security System. We are going to explore both options. I purchased SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro
from Best Buy for $169.00. If you buy from Best Buy, it ships with three
interchangeable faceplates, and rumor has it that if you buy directly from SimpliSafe,
you’ll only get the white faceplate. The doorbell also ships with a wedge which
you can use to install in a corner or on an angled base like shingles, but it won’t angle
the doorbell left or right. Let’s talk requirements. First, this is a wired doorbell that will
replace your existing doorbell. Second, it requires an analog door chime. Third, it requires a 2.4Ghz network connection. Installing it should take about 15-30 minutes,
and as far as installation complaints, I don’t have any, but other users have three. First, is something I’ve already mentioned
and that’s just that the wedge doesn’t go left and right. Second, it doesn’t work with digital doorbells. Third, some users have reported that once
installed their chime sounds continuously. This can reportedly be solved by using a doorbell
chime connector. I already had one in place for Nest Hello
so for better or worse, I left it there, and things seem to be working fine. Video Doorbell Pro has a Full HD 1080p resolution
which is great but it’s not adjustable. It also offers HDR which helps balance light
and dark. And as you can see in this video, the home’s
across the street are visible which is thanks to HDR. The camera also has a 160-degree field of
view, and the overall effect is similar to Nest Hello, but yet different as Nest Hello
has a different aspect ratio and coloration. While the two cameras are fairly similarly during
the day, SimpliSafe falls behind at night. This video was created using Nest Hello, and
this is what SimpliSafe looks like at night. The doorbell captures both video and audio
and it also offers two-way audio. Skybell. Yeah, do you like it? It’s okay. It’s not working. After, I feel like, I don’t know if it was
a year or so, the connection was poor. There is about a two-second delay between
what’s happening in real life and what you see on the app, which affects two-way audio,
as it’s executed walkie-talkie style which means that you press to talk, release to listen
so you have to be a little patient for that two-second lag. SimpliSafe has both a web app and a mobile
app, but the mobile app has more features. For example, you can’t use two-way audio via
the web app. As far as other security features, the doorbell
has motion detection. It actually uses PIR motion detection and
will soon offer human form detection. In testing, I found that notifications appeared
about 2-3 seconds after I triggered an event. However, the doorbell has a built-in retrigger
time of five minutes. It will continue to record motion events,
it’s just that you won’t get a notification until that clock resets. From the app, you can adjust motion sensitivity
from low to medium to high, but what you won’t find here is the ability to create zones or
other intelligent features aimed at improving notifications. Fortunately, false alarms were rare during
testing but they did occur, mostly they were caused by cars driving by. If you want, you can turn motion detection
off, motion alerts off, or you can turn ring notifications off. My suggestion is that you leave ring notifications
on. Ring alerts are quick, and unlike motion alerts,
there appears to be no retrigger time. Alerts are free, and live streaming is free,
but if you want to access your recorded videos, you’ll need to pay. Cloud storage starts at $4.99 per month per
camera or $9.99 per month for unlimited cameras, which adds 30 days of cloud storage for on-demand
recordings as well as motion and ring events. From the timeline, you can download recorded
clips and play them back. All of my clips recorded at 1 minute in length
plus 3-4 seconds of pre-roll footage. Scrubbing the timeline for events isn’t easy
as you can only see times and event types. You have to click in to see a snapshot of
the event and click again to view the video. When viewing, you can skip forward or backward
10 seconds, but can’t digitally pan and zoom here or on the live view screen and you also
can’t delete clips. After testing it as a standalone camera, I
attached it to my SimpliSafe security system. I’m using the newest hardware, but the doorbell
does work with both new and old hardware. When you have the hardware in place, you’ll
add a monitoring plan. The first plan is Standard and if you have
that plan, you’ll still need to pay for cloud storage. The second plan is Interactive, which is $24.99
per month, and that includes cloud storage for all of your cameras as well as optional
video verification, so I decided to go with that option. For the most part, the experience is the same
as using the camera for free, so we’re going to quickly focus on the major difference which
is sensor triggers. When attached to a security system, your sensors
can trigger a recording. They will record when you swap modes, during
entry and exit delays, and also during alarm events. The clips are different lengths than motion
triggered clips. My alarm triggered clip was just over five
minutes. Beyond that, I was a little disappointed by
what I gained by paying for Interactive. While my security system can send SMS and
email alerts, my doorbell can only send push notifications. And though my security system works with difference
voice assistants, there are no voice commands that work with the doorbell. And finally, I had a little bit of trouble
attaching my doorbell, my indoor SimpliCam, and my security system to one location. SimpliCam has a privacy shutter feature. The problem is that turning the camera’s privacy
feature on also affects your Video Doorbell. If privacy is on, your doorbell won’t record. Right now, the only solution is to attach
your indoor camera to a different location than your video doorbell, but then only one
of them will work with your security system. My experience with Video Doorbell Pro wasn’t
perfect. I had to delete and re-download the app twice
and even remove the doorbell from my account and readd it to resolve various issues, mostly
issues related to push notifications. Overall, I am giving the SimpliSafe Video
Doorbell Pro a thumbs up. I think it’s a nice device, but my opinion
is that unless you see a lot of value in those sensor-triggered events, you’re better off
going with Nest Hello or Ring. Next up, I will see you sooner rather than
later. I’ve partnered with a couple of my favorite
female tech YouTubers to put together a holiday shopping guide prior to Black Friday so be
sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it, and I will see you all then!

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27 Replies to “SimpliSafe Doorbell Review: With & Without a SimpliSafe Alarm (Resolution Compare to Nest Hello)”

  1. I was wrong about digital zoom. You can digitally zoom if you hold your phone horizontally.

    Also, more info on sensor triggered clips. The lengths of the clips, as mentioned in the video, varied. The actual alarm clip was over five minutes, but the countdown clips (entry/exit delay) were fifty seconds. This is longer than my set entry/exit delay.

  2. Let me be the 1st to say, I am looking forward to your Black Friday video. Your videos get better and better every time. Excellent Rose !

  3. Hmm. My security system is simplisafe but my outdoor camera is a ring spotlight battery. When I get a door bell cam which one should I get?

  4. Thanks for the review Rose! I didn't even know this doorbell was out yet. I think your guest speaker mentioned SkyBell which has to be the worst product I have ever owned. That doorbell never worked all that great to begin with and about a year ago it just stopped connecting to my wi-fi completely. So now it's just a doorbell. Anyway, I was hoping that the SimpliSafe doorbell could replace it but I'm surprised at how bad the night video was and that there seems to be some incompatibility issues SimpliSafe's own cameras. BTW, I have a couple of those and I'm not really impressed with them but they were cheap relatively speaking and wanted something that would work with my security system. I won't write off the SimpliSafe Doorbell completely but I'm just a bit disappointed.

  5. Doesnt use 5GHZ or work with Alexa to display on my show….its almost SS?! I have SS alarm and simplicams and this is disappointing…I will still use Ring for doorbell until this gets with the times.

  6. Hi Rose, thank you very much for this video. I am very grateful you did not use background music – makes a huge difference in professionality.

  7. I still like my Ring Pro. Have you thought about using the LifX bulb on your porch for night time monitoring, regardless of what doorbell you use – seems like it would work great with the enhanced IR.

  8. Rose, I know this has nothing at all to do with the product you are reviewing, but, that white nail polish looks really great on your pretty hands.

  9. Thanks. I have a Ring Doorbell Video Pro and a SimpliSafe Security System, I also have a YourBell Digital doorbell. Was thinking about the SimipliSafe doorbell especially now that they are offering a free camera, but if it will not work with a digital door bell I will have to wait.

  10. How was the installation? I noticed the surface where yours was installed looked a lot like mine. My surface is exactly 1 inch. Did you have any trouble? The simplisafe doorbell is 1.35 inches wide and I was worried about it hanging over the side.

  11. I just installed a SimpliSafe Doorbell Cam on 1-15-2019. There is NO lag or delays in video in real-time. Also I AM able to zoom by finger jestures on my iPhone Xs Max. I also have the indoor SimpliSafe Camera and there are NO conflicts between the two cameras at all. Also, if you have a continuous door chime problem or a buzzing sound, SimpliSafe will ship you a Chime connector kit free of charge. I have a SimpliSafe System that I installed in January of 2015. The doorbell cam integrated flawlessly with it. This seems to be an unfair and inaccurate review. I'd give this review a thumbs Down!

  12. You left the plastic cover on the doorbell's camera lens. I almost didn't buy the simplisafe doorbell because the night view looked so bad in your video, but I gave it a chance and it looked exactly like yours before I took the plastic off. It's perfectly clear at night once you remove the plastic.

  13. Sucks that it doesn't work with digital doorbells… C'mon Simplisafe! What year is this? Also lets see some outdoor cams and how bout a mount for the indoor cam? I love the system but needs better accessories.

  14. doorbell camera sucks to put it nicely. on my third one. actually the first one was the best except that it eventually died altogether. have it on high sensitivity and can stand two feet away from it and wave my hands and maybe after 15 seconds it turns on, maybe. but yet it can go off about thirty times a day with cars going by in the street over 30 feet away. forget about it on garbage day with trucks going by all day long. i have had things delivered and no recording of delivery person. wife went for a walk, no record of her coming back in, still waiting for her to come home. i was told it is heat activated instead of motion activated. can't wait to see what happens when it hits 110 out here. don't waste your money. sometimes i have seen the ass of the delivery person as they walk away. needs major improvements and yes i have reset it. even bringing down the sensitivity get about the same thing, don't see much difference. still get cars all day on low sensitivity. i shut off the notifications so i don't have to scroll through pages of push.

  15. We installed our doorbell last night, but we do not currently have a subscription. Our time line shows someone was at the door, but neither my husband (iPhone) nor myself (android) received a popup notification that someone was at our door. So we have to have a subscription for notifications?

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