Slingsafe 75 GII Anti Theft Purse Review

Slingsafe 75 GII Anti Theft Purse Review

Hi everyone, it’s Sheila from Married2Travel.
And today I am going to be reviewing the Pacsafe Slingsafe 75 GII anti-theft bag, and it’s
a tongue twister again, but this is it. This is my bag, and I will have to say this is
my favorite bag so far from Pacsafe. It’s so small. I will have to tell you that when they sent
this to me, I was a little disappointed just because when I saw it, I’m like, it’s
so small, what am I going to do with this and also I said, it’s green, it’s not
going to match my outfit. I mean I am usually dressy. So, I was a little disappointed with
the color, but it has become my favorite bag in the past seven to eight months of our travel
through Asia and now in Europe. We’re actually in beautiful Parkway in Barcelona. So, I think
this will be just the right time to do the review now. I usually wear it like this, it’s a little
dirty just because I’ve been using it almost every day. But yes, this strap is snatch proof.
It can also detach, so that when you take this arm strap off, you can put it as a belt,
put your belt through and it could be a fanny pack as you could say. So in the front is a front pocket. This is
where I usually keep like money, smaller cash, like I would access like almost on a regular
basis. So some money to use right now, some coins I put through in the front. Inside,
there is actually an RFID pouch here, so I would put my credit cards, the bigger bills
I have is in here. And it actually can fit a lot of things. It
has a different print inside, and I put my hand sanitizer, my keys, lip gloss, my phone,
it can fit a lot of things. So this is why I actually like using it on a daily basis.
I should feel really safe when I am using this because I can take photos, I could use
my phone without having to worry about anything. I could just easily put my bill on this and
without even much thought I’d put my phone in here, put this in, close and just lock
it in and nobody can really access my valuables through here, see. You can’t open it easily
and also here, my zipper goes inside this little pouch here and nobody could really
open any of my zipper here and all my valuables are safe and I love it. I really, really recommend, it comes in three
other colors, in blue, pink and I think black. I actually when I go back to New York, I am
probably going to get the black one just because I find it that it’s dressier, it could go
with more outfits. I actually would use it with anything, even going out to like a bar,
lounge, I’d just wear this, whatever, I don’t care. I actually find that it goes with my outfit,
but I think I will probably get the black one in case I need it to be dressier. So,
highly recommend this product for travelling and this is how it looks. , Look, I could
fit a lot of stuff. I could actually fit two phones in here. It’s definitely, definitely
good. So, that’s it. I hope you found this video
helpful. If you did, please click the like button and for more travel videos and reviews
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2 Replies to “Slingsafe 75 GII Anti Theft Purse Review”

  1. I own a black one, and also a larger pacsafe purse in tan and love both of them. I actually keep the small one inside the larger one, and use the small one on very short outings.

    Thanks for all your videos!

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