Solution! Wi-Fi cutting out/dropping connections randomly (using FREE WiFi analyzer Android app) #15

Solution! Wi-Fi cutting out/dropping connections randomly (using FREE WiFi analyzer Android app) #15

Hey, welcome back! If you have trouble loading web pages using
your wifi on your wireless device, or your Wi-Fi keeps cutting out, then please watch
this video! So I bought a new wireless G and N combination router. After connecting it,
we had problems right away! Mostly connection issues and difficulties loading web pages
on our wireless devices from some places within our house. Our cell phones, laptops, and gaming
devices were all affected. The following steps led me to a proper solution! Using my Android phone I installed a free
app from the market called “WiFi analyzer”. Then I scanned my home wifi network with
my PHONE using that free app. This immediately showed me that even though my wireless G signal
was very strong throughout my house, several of my neighbour’s wireless G networks were
all pushing their way into my house too, some with the same channel number as mine! This
was a “huge” source of interference for me, as I probably was for them as well. Knowing
this, I logged into my router and into the wireless 2.4 ghz settings section, where I
then “changed my channel settings” from automatic, to a “manual” channel selection which appeared
empty in the wifi analyzer app I used. I rebooted my router and scanned my house again. I now
had nobody else sharing my channel, and most importantly, those connection problems completely
disappeared. Everything was fine again. Upon doing the same scan within the 5 Ghz band,
there were no other channels conflicting with mine. This does not mean that it won’t happen
in the future though. Now there is one very important thing to keep
in mind here. Even though my router can simultaneously transmit on the 2.4 AND 5GHz bands, the 2.4
GHz frequency has the ability to travel easier through walls and obstructions than the 5 Ghz
can, as you can see here from a scan I did in our rec room downstairs. Since our devices
will automatically connect to our stronger networks, this will lead to network slowdowns
and stumbles if our neighbours 2.4 G signals at the same channel setting are mixing with
ours. So there you go, if you have a wireless router (WLAN),
neighbours, and connection problems, you might want to think about doing what I did. You’ll
need to follow the instructions from YOUR router’s manufacturer if you want to make
changes to your settings. Good luck and hopefully, you’ll be able to save some time, and aggravation!
Until next time, check out my other videos, and thanks for watching!

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100 Replies to “Solution! Wi-Fi cutting out/dropping connections randomly (using FREE WiFi analyzer Android app) #15”

  1. Can anyone help? I went to the website to change my Chanel, but it would not let me click it to change it and it's on auto please any one help

    I checked… and I had a bunch of others using the same channel and one that covered mine entirely.
    Switched to one that was empty… thanks so much.

  3. i had like 10+ network on the same channel ( living in apartment does it ). pretty interesting video, i will def. play around with settings!

  4. I have a netgear router and the app says that channel 14 is the best option, I went to change the channel but it only went up to 11…help please

  5. Can someone help me? My Internet speed constantly drops to 0bytes every few seconds then goes back to normal. I'm the only one using the wifi and I know it, this happened just yesterday, please any solution for this? I'm using iOS

  6. Hello Sir,
    My internet connection has a weird problem.

    my Internet connection works nicely on my laptop but on and off (disconnects most of the times) on the cell phone.

    I changed the mode of the router to B AND G, but it didn't work.

    Please reply.

  7. I have no clue whats going on with my wifi. When I moved here to florida, my home wifi modem / router werent working for a long time. When we called Bright House Networks for support, they scheduled us an appointment for our internet. They got rid of our "old" equipment, even though it worked last year; and replaced it with their own Arris modem / router. We kept our old access point from belkin, but now there's a big issue.
    Whenever the internet is being used, it only works for about I'd say 45 seconds. Then, it turns off for a minute or 2, and turns back on.
    Most of my notifications for my iPhone come in, and at the top they say stuff like "6 minutes ago, 9 minutes ago" even though I just get them. My xbox one s is plugged in through ethernet, but the connection STILL drops on my xbox, which means I can't game, or do anything in general other than watch youtube. Any solutions?

  8. What do I do if there are like 5-10+ routers around me. My router is in my basement but it seems to be on the wrong channel. and i don't know which channel to change it to because all the other routers are randomly taking the channels. Except 14. Nothing is on channel 14 but it isn't labeled wi fi network like the other channels.

  9. netgear won't tell you this! What crap! I was getting ready to go buy a new router again! Thanks for the info! You deserve a tip! Where's the tip box? Thanks for posting!

  10. yes but if there are like 20 wifis on these channels and i cant go anhwhere without dharing the same channel what do i do ?(this is happening to me )

  11. Thank you, after hours and hours of research and failed attempts I came across this video which solved my problem. I Changed 2.4ghz from Auto to 1 and now my tablets can connect to wi-fi once again. I kept getting an "obtaining ip address" and "Authenticating" error messages and would never actually connect to wi-fi. I'm guessing this happens to older Android versions such as 4.0 and 5.0 as my newer devices running 6.0 don't have a problem connecting to wi-fi. Thanks again for your tutorial, thumbs up and subbed.

  12. hello my laptop experienced wifi signal drop ocassionally only when 4 to 5 devices connect to same hotspot , if my laptop only connects the hotspot, it wont have any problem, i tried changed my hotspot wifi device, problem stiill exist. and this happens only to my laptop, other gadget & laptop of my brother are all okay. I tried change the channel to 1, but no luck, still occuring. could it be my wifi adapter in my laptop defect?

  13. apple store doesn't seem to have an app that is as detailed as the one you use for android 🙁

  14. So what happens when all but channel 14 are being used by like 7-12 router's and I can only conmect up to channel 11?

  15. I actually think that the problem is with my phone because the wifi seems to be working but not on my phone and im starting to get annoyed does anyone know what to do

  16. Wow this is my problem I have 20 plus Wi-Fi signals from my neibors I'm so happy I checked online before calling my cable company I know they would of never told me this tip

  17. i thought the cable was junk…. repeated fucking of the port broke one of the pins. i bare boned it and connected the wires directly…. worked fine for a while after that, thought it was fixed… but then again….. snapped the bitch in two and ordered a new one from my mobile network(before u start wondering) from the rain forest. Set it up… worked fine… or so i thought…. no connection AGAIN…. i think its the range extender that seems to be the issue for me atleast. cuz it works fine on my phone most of the instances when its not working on my pc( connected by the RE)

  18. Dude you are amazing for this video. my wifi kept going out until I watched it. Now my wifi shoots father and stays strong

  19. Everyone around me is on channels 1-4 and I'm on channel 11 yet my wi-fi drops when watching videos on my phone, narrowing it down …

  20. The WiFi use to work perfectly then after a power outage for about 30 minutes it randomly goes away then comes back, I have a smart/rg and have no idea what’s happening or why it’s happening

  21. I think the problem lies with old routers. My neighbor downstairs runs a business out of his apartment and recently upgraded to "business wifi and since then my wifi goes out every 5 minutes.

  22. Great video, thanks for uploading!! Unfortunately, I'm surrounded by at least a dozen other wifi networks because I live in close proximity to other people so I can't move my channel to escape bumping into their wifi signals… oh well

  23. My phone .. Only my phone cuts the internet while i watch youtube only … I tried everything even force stopping both apps … Please help

  24. It’s a balancing act with the “change channel fix” because if you start cross talking on two different wifi channels the problem is bigger then two WiFi ap’s sharing the same channel.

  25. I just went ahead and changed both of my channels (2.4ghz and 5ghz). It was just so frustrating. I factory reset my router and everything. I really hope this fixes my issues. I bet the people next door was getting drops also. So I picked a channel way on the bottom of the list. Thinking the neighbor saw this video also. But if I am the lone person on the channel maybe I won’t get crowded out. I really think router companies should tell people about this.

  26. Like i used to game in my room upstairs i would lagg like hell but when i gamed next to router then it was better

  27. My pc (plugged directly into the modem) works fine, but the last few days my phone and ipad keep dropping the connection – and with the ipad I keep having to type the password again and again.

  28. Hey! I’ve been having a different problem with my WiFi. It’s with mediacom and we have 5ghz but after about 2 or 3 months of having it we started experiencing this lag every 40 Seconds. If I were to be playing a video game (on Wired) id “teleport” or my ping would go to +200 every 40 seconds. If I’m on WiFi on my phone every 40 seconds it stops loading stuff up and I have to wait 10-15 seconds (happens sometimes or loading just slows down) our speeds are fast (150 down 50 up) I just don’t understand how to fix this lag. Any help would be appreciated !

  29. Iceberg having the same issue my 2.4 SSID disappears I just got the new combo router but having big regrets this never happened with the old one, I'll try changing the channel. I work online so I'm afraid to mess with it and won't have internet. I'll have to try it though.

  30. lmao why does this look like it was done by PBS in the 90s. long story short is we're all fucked with the wifi

  31. OR check out my solution:
    take your wifi router, right… hold it with both hands… grasp it so hard your fingers crack, might even break… than slam it against the floor so hard it bounces back and hits the ceiling… no drops after, guaranteed.

  32. My Samsung Android tablet WiFi just keeps on droppin/ turning off every few minutes, I have restored factory settings twice! I may have a a virus to begin with and the tablet is about 3 years old, nothing seems to work! And the WiFi on other devices works fine? Driving me insane lol

  33. So basically you choose the recommended channel of the app? ( it shows when you swipe left with a green star system )

  34. Sir will it fix the problem of my router/modem of dropping the connection and rebooting and then not getting the connection back?

  35. thanks for this video you really helped me out , my wifi network kept on dropping and rising every 20 seconds which lead to connectioni timeouts in video games , since i play very competitively you could imagine how annoying it is to have a mechanical disadvantage with no solution

  36. The only time I've ever had a problem like this is after I download WoW's latest expansion update/patch/gamebreaking technology. May every developer currently @ Blizzard die slowly of radiation poisoning.

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