Solving the IMPOSSIBLE Lock Puzzle!!

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100 Replies to “Solving the IMPOSSIBLE Lock Puzzle!!”

  1. I like your channel but is pisses me off SO SO SO much when people like you ruin our language…"Solving the IMPOSSIBLE" If its impossible it can't be solved. IMPOSSIBLE MEANS IMPOSSIBLE. STOP USING IMPOSSIBLE WHEN YOU JUST MEAN "HARD"

  2. Your content has straight up got me puzzle hooked. Im gonna start my own collection 🙂 keep up the great work man

  3. I was thinking that the notches on the back of the keys were used to turn the tumbler, enabling it to slide out to retrieve the broken key half..

  4. to be honest i feel like you knew that part unscrewed (12:08) you just pretended to mess around and not know the answer to make the video more lengthy. Its honestly a compliment i think youre too good at these to miss that because even i saw it earlier.

  5. I just solved the third of the five puzzles in the "great minds – set of five" whilst rewatching this video of yours. You got me in a rather strenuous, expensive hobby, sir. And I'll hold you to it.

  6. Technically you didn't solve the puzzle, because you didn't finish part 2, which is putting all the puzzle parts in their original position. Like if u agree 😉

  7. No offense, but saying puzzle solvers are like engineers with fedoras, is like says googling your symptoms makes you a doctor with a phone. I totally respect what you do, and love you videos, but engineering takes a lot of education, late nights, and in most cases, a degree in that specific field to earn that title.

  8. I think the locker company will claim a case on u man..u simply shows that logic how to open than there business goes down

  9. “You have to turn it the opposite way to screw it out” I never found out how to the the cap of a bottle back until now fucking dweeb

  10. He is really good at puzzles. But everyone makes mistakes. So this is not meant to be an insult at all. But who else was like OMG!! I wish I could was there to show you lol.

    Mostly just the putting it back together tho.
    He is way better than me at puzzles. But for some reason I totally understood this puzzle once he got
    To the last steps that had him perplexed. Especially when he said the one key locked the opposite direction of normal.

    Oh well. Like I said we all make mistakes ha and I guess we all just perceive things differently. There been plenty of times he figured something out that I have been like "hmm I wonder if I was there would I have picked up on that? Probably not" lol. Cause I'm good at certain puzzles and terrible at others.
    Shapes and jig saw
    Puzzles and any sort of puzzle revolving around shapes. I'm very good at. But generally speaking I'm not any good at "engineering style puzzles" like the ones that require you to think like a engineer. That's just not in my wheel house I guess I'm far more right brained than left brained (unfortunately because for 90 percent of us, the chance of us getting a job based on creatively and pattern recognization is slim to none. But getting
    A job with logic and reason and being able to schedule a task etc. well shit. That's almost every fucking job.

  11. I've never, ever, watched someone lock keys on a lock, and be happy about it. Amazing job, and astonishing patience.

  12. I needed to go back and find this, the 1st of your puzzle solving videos. Thank you for these. #PuzzleSolving4theSoul

  13. Sorry Chris but this puzzle actually wasn’t created. The key ring and broken key weren’t put back in their original place 😂

  14. But bro you didn’t actually solve it… you didn’t return all pieces to their original position…… unless you did it off camera but it don’t count we didn’t see it 😂

  15. I discovered Chris's puzzle videos recently. After some time I realized he has magic videos as well! I sorted all the videos from oldest to newest and found this is the very first puzzle video Chris ever did. It's so cool to see this! It's so amazing how everyone has a different version of who you are in their mind. At first Chris was the puzzle guy, then Chris was the Puzzle guy who also does magic. Now I realize Chris was a magician first and this little video is the start to such a huge portion of today's videos!

  16. LOVE THIS!! You are Alot of fun to watch AND listen to (who has time to sit down anymore, eh?). Thank you! Keep'm comin'!

  17. I bought a Dan Lock from the man several years ago. It's one of my favourite metal puzzles proudly on display with my small collection.

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