Spark Plug Replacement DIY (the ULTIMATE Guide)

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100 Replies to “Spark Plug Replacement DIY (the ULTIMATE Guide)”

  1. By the way if you shop at Advance Auto and use the code "SPARK" at checkout, you will get 25% off your entire order (order anything, not just plugs) from 6/21 – 9/30. *I do not make a penny from this. I literally asked Advance Auto for a discount for my Subscribers (and I use it too lol). I hope that helps!

  2. Had no idea I was also going to see how to change the spark plugs for my '17 WRX STI in this video. Thank you for the thorough guide. The compressed air shot to the hole is something I wish I knew back when I had my integra

  3. My dad is always using the same old fucking spark plug in his chainsaw. Now I know how to replace it in a car and I can help my dad identify the broken plug.

  4. Hi Chris. Thank you for your videos they help me a lot. If you don't mind can you make a video on how to replace spark plugs for a frs/brz? Thank you.

  5. i use copper spray on the thread – you guys think that's wrong?
    I thought, when you remove a plug, you can not use it again, because of the ring around the thread, which secures it in the engine.

  6. Hey Chris, finally I subscribed u. Always used to watch your videos but I haven't seen anything you do to a new car I mean 2013 and beyond. Can you please kindly do Toyota Rav4 2013 and beyond. This is a car thousands of people need help. Please kindly do cooling flush on Rav4 2013. thanks

  7. Hey chrisfix can you tell me why is there a engine logo in the meter? Is it i need to change the spark plug or need to go service my engine?

  8. When I get a brand new car I am doing as much of my own service as I can. Anything difficult I’ll have my family mechanic do it and learn from YouTube at the same time…. I don’t know how people do it but I rather work in my own can than to trust someone at minimum wage with my car.

    I have a car currently but it was used and I am the 2nd owner.

  9. Hey Chris,
    Curious if you have/will do a video on using a heli coil to rethread spark plug holes? I know there are some out there but I always trust you!

  10. I learned a lot here about Spark Plugs and other tips and tidbits than Google. Mine stated Iridium Spark Plugs (expensive ones). I might have to take a micro loan for these metal puppies =P. Great video.

  11. In my Truck used AC Delco Double platinum plug, and found that the platinum on the ground on half the plugs were just blown off, while half were perfectly fine (V6) it looked like it just fell off where it was connected to the ground, I assume it's a small enough piece of metal that it would blow through the valve, but also found I had some rattles in my cat, and I think the platinum was the culprit.

  12. Too bad service manuals nowadays instead of giving u information, they say, 'go to your nearest authorized dealer' as the answer to all the issues

  13. My car is having issues starting, I’ve replaced my starter and battery but it’s still having issues turning on. Any idea what the issue could be.

  14. Try changing them on a Lexus rx400h the dealer charged £700 for a service including sparks (spark plugs was most of the price)

  15. On ford sparkplugs,I notice that there is no washer so when it hit the bottom it won't turn anymore,Can't torque it.Not like the Japanese brand like NGK it is so easy to torque .Autolite and motorcraft can't torque.

  16. Have fun Hemi owners , you only have 16 plugs and if you cross just one wire it is dealer time. And the '05-'06 Hemi Jeeps have a hydraulic radiator cooling fan powered by the power steering pump .

  17. by the way i allways look what you do befor i couse you are the best to learn from 👍🏻 (and got very very good content)

  18. Hello Chris,

    I have a 2012 Civic EX 1.8L 4cyl. I just bought and the spark plugs seemed OEM. Before the car would start strong. With no problem. Now when I start the car it starts shaking almost feels and sounds like a misfire with low RPM’s but, it fixes itself after like 6-10 seconds and the RPM’s get back up to a normal cold start and once the engine is warm it runs with no problem. Can you advise anything with these symptoms? Thanks 🙏🏻

  19. you F'ing ROCK!!!!! Thank you and congratulations finding a way to make our world more DIY!!!! I have learned and put into practice so much from your content. Thank you Chris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Chris you are one of the top Mech,s on YouTube. (Thank you have give Us so many good things to use) and. So much Thank you for making these videos. It’s really helpful. Wish I was with you guys. Take care bud have a happy year when inseenyouo
    Glad that you live bye your a good person.

  21. I don’t think Ford and other motor companys should be able to discontinue spark plugs or any other important hardware.

  22. Changing spark plugs in a v6 FWD car is such a PAIN to work on, without removing the whole intake manifold to get to the plugs.

  23. Sorry to bother again… But this sparked (pun intended) another idea… How about a channel called: "The beginners repair channel…" all the things a novice can do, and hence spent less money… I, being a novice, would love that! Thoughts?

  24. I don't have pressurized air. Can I replace that with a can of cleaning duster? Like the ones you can get at office Depot

  25. Hey Chris although I am a certified mechanic after watching your videos, you should do one on removing a broken plug in the head.

    This past weekend I did a full fledge cam swap in my 06 stang, getting it all put back together. Go figure I decide literally being this far into the engine might be a good time to check when the plugs were changed as it has 95000 miles on it. (Just recently bought it) well turns out it was brutal getting these plugs out as they are OEM 🤔 with that, got to the sixth plug and it breaks. Most people expect the plug to crack at the ceramic . Or it to separate from the threads. Mine did not, I unscrewed the threads just fine, pull the plug out to find the bottom part (just below the threads) effectively rust welded itself to the head . So I now have the electrode portion rusted into my engine….

    So in short this might not be a Chris Fix sort of topic, but maybe normal spark plug breaks could be good showing us how to get them out without flat bedding it to a shop

  26. Yeah, that universal joint extension is the best $2 or $3 you'll ever spend. EVER. I have the transverse engine mount. This video is the best, I have already saved it to my car maintenance playlist. Hands down to ChrisFix. I'm getting ready to change my car's spark plugs, probably in December.

  27. Awesome tutorial on spark plug removal and install, I'm a DIY guy myself, and sometimes I get stumped with certain projects, I am glad I clicked on your video, your explanation on how to maneuver around the engine compartment helped out a lot. I just subscribed to your channel, keep posting these sensational videos!!!!!!!

  28. The worst vehicle I've ever changed plug in was my Aerostar van. I had to jack up the front, remove the front tires, remove the access panels, then I could get to the plugs. Pain in the rear.

  29. Okay okay, I'm addicted. As a computer geek that just got into cars lately after my first new car purchase (Stinger GT2 AWD), I want to become JeffFix and do EVERYTHING I can on my car by myself.

    Keep them coming man ! You're awesome !

  30. I am a mechanical engineering student but the syllabus in my country is shit. So here a mechanic is more smart than an engineer.

  31. Thanks for these videos, it encourages me to do my own servicing,….. just one question though, does the battery have to be disconnected to change spark plugs?

  32. On BMW e30 325iS M20 do NOT upgrade. Use copper plugs. It’ll run a lot better. Also n54 335 do NOT use Bosch. Stick to NGK or Denso. I personally like NGK for bmws.

  33. The blue wires look really good and great tips. I like the compress air. I’ve never done that and also greasing the ceramic and boot.

  34. The other day I ordered spark plugs. I thought I did my homework.

    The site has both Denso plugs, but they seem identical and same price, so I chose one. Only after I ordered, I saw the difference was the heat range rating.

    Denso ratings are the higher the number the cooler it is.

    I happen to order the 'warmer' (rating#16) for a 1.5L engine of a 26 yr old 4 door
    (The cooler is rated at 20)

    Will that make much of a difference? Will the hotter plug run the engine?

  35. ''So before you remove your sparkplugs, use some compressed air'' >>> blows and almost no dirt… This guy has a car with an engine bay cleaner than my room u.u

  36. I want to do auto body, paint art and auto servicing, this dude is killing my future career and helping auto parts shops sell to a bunch of noobs buying the wrong parts and doing gum glued jobs on their own

  37. How do you remove glow plugs from a Diesel engine ? Do you use oil penetrant if the glow plug is sized in by carbon deposits ? If so, which penetrant eg non silicone containing oil or engine oil ?? The engine should be not to assist differential thermal expansion removing the glow plug from the engine block, correct ? Use a torque spanner with manufacturers setting, correct ?

  38. ❤ The vids I want to be a automechanic and you make me know more and efficiently thank you Subscribe to Chrisfix

  39. hi there Talking about you are saying about the spark plugs being one reason why you lose mileage on your feel that is not the only reason why you lose mileage on your fuel I was following a diesel bus and it was blowing out black smoke I was following close behind in traffic did not realise while my mileage was dropping down fuel consumption them when I got home after a week or so I found my air filter my ear filter was the cause of my fuel consumption dropping changed yes filter because it was black as

  40. when you are talking on the videos they all are in English there when I get an email from you it is in French or something like that so what's the chance of getting it in English

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