Special Report: Police discuss benefits of high-tech surveillance cameras over low-grade systems

TYPICALLY GO UNNOTICED. BUT áá WHEN A CRIMINAL DOES SOMETHING BAD áá LIKE HAS STICKY FINGERS INSIDE A STORE áá THOSE CAMERAS CAN HELP POLICE CATCH THE CULPRITS. TECHNOLOGY HAS CHANGED OVER THE YEARS áá AND CAMERAS CAN SHOW DETAILS. BUT SOME PLACES DON’T UPDATE THE SYSTEM LIKE POLICE WISH THEY WOULD. AS FOX16’S STEPHANIE SHARP EXPLAINS áá IT MAKES IT HARDER FOR POLICE. High tech security camera can help police see things clearly. But many stores don’t investigation IT RUNS LIKE A WELL á OILED MACHINE TIRE TOWN IN BENTON IS IN THE BUSINESS OF KEEPING CARS SAFE ON THE ROAD. ALSO KEEPING ITS PRODUCT SAFE FROM PROWLERS. (Patrick Newman/ Tire Town Assistant cameras can save us a lot of money PATRICK NEWMAN IS THE ASSISTANT MANAGER. HE SAYS THEY HAVE AN ENTIRE SYSTEM SET UP. (Patrick Newman/ Tire Town Assistant Manager) This shows the back of the building. This is our front counter NOW áá THEY ARE IN THE PROCESS OF UPGRADING IT THROUGHOUT THEIR SHOP. (Patrick Newman/ Tire Town Assistant Manager) Before too long all these that are blurry will be updated and will be a lot clearer MAKING LIKE THIS áá BENTON POLICE LIKE TO SEE. (Sgt. Quinton Jackson/ Benton Police Department) The better the quality the camera, the more it helps us SERGEANT QUINTON JACKSON SAYS THE CLEARER THE IMAGE áá THE EASIER IT IS TO CLOSE OUT A CASE.. AND FIND THE PERSON RESPONSIBLE. (Sgt. Quinton Jackson/ Benton Police Department) Sometimes it’ll be the make or break on what we are able to accomplish HE SAYS LOWáGRADE SYSTEMS.. MAKE IT MUCH MORE DIFFICULT FOR DETECTIVES TO FIND THEM. NOT OFTEN áá BUT SOMETIMES ááá THE ONLY OPTION IS SETTING IT ASIDE. (Sgt. Quinton Jackson/ Benton Police Department) When we close cases it’s usually because we don’t have enough information to proceed forward. THE POLICE DEPARTMENT SAYS THE POOER IMAGE CAN COME FROM BIGGER BRAND STORES áá WHILE THE HIGHER QUALITY CAMERA SYSTEMS COMES FROM SMALLER SHOPS… LIKE TIRE TOWN. (Sgt. Quinton Jackson/ Benton Police Department) You’re only as good as the equipment you have so if you don’t want to put money forth on it then you’re only as good as what you’re trying to use HE SAYS WITH TECHNOLOGY RAPIDLY CHANGING áá IT’S EASIER THAN EVER TO GET GOOD QUALITY VIDEO. (Sgt. Quinton Jackson/ Benton Police Department) Sometimes a little bit of effort in that area would helps us tremendously. We can work with a lot. We just have to have something to BUT JUST IN CASE áá IT’S THERE. (Patrick Newman/ Tire Town Assistant Manager) it will help us out a lot. It also gives the customers security knowing we’re watching out THE MECHANICS OF MAKING IT EASIER TO SEE WHO IS AROUND. IN BENTON áá I’M STEPH SHARP. ((DONNA)) BENTON POLICE SAY NOT ONLY IS IT BENEFICIAL FOR BUSINESSES TO HAVE GOOD SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS… BUT HOMEOWNERS TOO. ((DONNA))((KEVIN))

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