Stripped In Seconds | Allstate Auto Theft Safety

Every thirty three seconds a car is being stolen. People don’t realize how fast you can take a car. Car thieves can take a car apart in three minutes. Most cars are worth more in parts than they are a whole. Parts are very valuable easy to get rid of and they go fast. Allstate has its dismantling team touring the country to help raise awareness of the problem of auto theft and give real common ways that people can protect themselves from this crime. Car thieves mash into window get into car and then pop the hood pop the doors and take whatever parts they are looking for that are in demand that you can sell quick. $800 is a lot for a door. I am surprised by how much the parts cost. Lock your car when you are getting out of your vehicle don’t leave your keys in your car. Don’t leave your cars running because you want to go run in and run a quick errand. Make sure you don’t leave valuables out. If the general public realizes just how quickly this can occurs. How quickly somebody can break into your car and how quickly that car can be dismantled. I think it going to motivate them to take that extra step to keep the car from being stolen. As auto theft goes down across the country we would like to think that premiums will go down as well.

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