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100 Replies to “Surveillance video released of PBSO deputy shooting woman”

  1. Very very few officers are mentally unstable like this. Rigorous testing is required but we cant stop the few bad apples. Very sad for her.

  2. If he had been a black officer you would have been saying bad things about them but when it comes down to certain people it's okay to kill but black people does not have the right to kill.

  3. Woman without a gun,pretty stupid to not defend yourself.This is the part when people pray,excluding out the reality of why she died.

  4. According to a lot of district attorney's there are no bad cops just misunderstood. Guessing this is why so many walk after committing a crime.

  5. Went to college in Las Vegas course title "how to be a leader" it's a 2 week course. You graduate and get to make 80,000.00 dollars a year as a cop.

  6. Yet another video that will get us all worked up. Yet nobody is worked up about how much taxes are yanked from your paychecks.

  7. Couple years back same department had a officer rape a young girl at gunpoint.. one of the lieutenants there actually thinks he's Rambo.

  8. That's what I can't stand about cops. For some reason these European males feel like they decide who lives and who dies. The job is merely incidental.

  9. that is our police force – they can kill children ,woman unprotected people , but is someone show up with gun like in school scoring police are barricading outside – cowards!

  10. Doesn't matter if he's a cop or not get to know people very well before you get into a relationship. Anybody can be crazy

  11. Not surprised one bit this is just what corrupt cops do every day. Every cops a criminal , There's none righteous, No not one.

  12. Police are either wife beaters, pedophiles or so corrupt is gives Satan a boner. That's just the way it is. Takes a certain type to be a biggy. Kind of why priests are what they are.

  13. Police need to be thoroughly mental evaluated. So many lives have been taken due to this neglected process.

  14. Another "highly trained" cop who "passed the psych exam." LOL. If this murder weren't on video, the police department would be giving press conferences about how the woman charged at the deputy with a weapon and she unfortunately had to be shot.

    Police are the new criminals.

  15. If the dog can't at least fight with u or distract him or scare him while they defend themselves, then i dont want it. If someone walks past, my dog is on guard until i say its ok and i feel they arent a threat. Jack russell and pit bull, crazy energetic breed. As soon as my door starts to open or he hears someone on the other side hes waiting for them to enter. An african woman who couldn't read english, entered my apartment by mistake. I was sleeping on my couch in the living room, my wife forgot to lock the door, i woke up to someone about to walk in, and my dog chased them down the hall until i looked and seen it was the neighbors gf i recognized. I called my dog back, and she had the nerve to say she was gonna call the cops. I said go ahead hun, in america, if u enter my residence i can pull a gun on you and not get in trouble. I said im very sorry but thats what hes trained to do. I live on the 2nd floor, her bf lives directly above me on the 3rd.

  16. Another crazy cop out for revenge praying on helpless women walking her dog wow it keeps getting worse. Does cop's ever have a happy ending or treat people with a manner that they deserve. Justice has left this world.

  17. @WPBF hey PBSO has a fake profile here that goes by Catherine Adriance. Catherine Adriance job at PBSO is to come into videos like your and make false statements. Watch out for her.

  18. He would've been put on administrative paid leave and situation investigated if he hadn't committed suicide.

  19. Pro-bunkers: he is a cop and did his job correctly.
    Common Sense: no, he is a human. Humans make mistakes, and here he made a big one.

  20. Pay your debts (give back furniture) and it is likely this situation never occurs. This in no way justifies what happened, but you can live your life smart and honestly or take risks.

  21. If he did not shoot himself. He could of said she had a gun. Then he could of got paid vacation. Don't know why he did not.

  22. Apparently Women don’t have rights in Florida With the PBSO. I was told in a recorded video by a PBSO Sergeant that he does not have to present a Warrant. He flat out said, No, I don’t have to show it to you” as he began to bust the door in for a Financial Warrant that was paid in full over six’s months ago and a Satisfactory of Writ was issued at the time. This is how women down there are being treated.

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