Swiss Gear Laptop Backpack Review with RFID Pocket

Swiss Gear Laptop Backpack Review with RFID Pocket

Hey everyone today, we’re gonna be reviewing this Swisgear laptop and tablet backpack. It’s great for all your gear. So check it out Hey everyone, it’s Ken here from Northern Viking Explorer. And if you are new to this channel, it is all about Travel Exploring and Discovery. So make sure you click that subscribe button so you don’t miss out on upcoming videos So today we’re gonna be doing a review on the Swissgear laptop electronics backpack that I purchased It is model number SWA9965C. So let’s get right into it. So the first thing you’re gonna notice with this backpack is that it’s covered in compartments There’s zippers everywhere great places to store all your stuff if you’re like me I have tons of gadgets when I travel so it’s really convenient That’s actually why I bought this we’ll get into what fits inside in just a moment But you can see there’s even clips on the back there to hang things on I’ve had this backpack for a couple of weeks now and I do find it quite comfortable It’s got padded shoulder straps as well as the chest strap to keep it nice and snug even when it’s loaded down It is quite comfortable to have on So let’s move on to see what it looks like inside the bag. You can see up here at the top it has really nice rain proof zippers on the laptop compartment the laptop compartment can hold up to a 17.3 inch laptop. This is a 15.6 inch laptop and it fits in there nicely. Lots of padding to help protect your computer The other cool feature about this backpack is it has a highly protective compartment up here at the top It’s designed for glasses or your sunglasses and it’s got padding in there and the glasses do fit in there quite easily And keep them safe The main compartment is actually quite large. I’ve got my neck pillow in there as well as a packing cube These are items you’re interested in I’ll have links at the end for you to click on so you can watch those videos as well and Behind all my stuff here. You’re gonna find a pocket to put your iPad or your tablet in slides right in there It has a velcro strap to keep your tablet secure in there and keep safe Up here on the front You’re gonna find several more pockets to keep your gadgets and your knickknacks in this backpack is truly designed to keep you organized and This pocket up here on the front is my favorite It has an RFID pocket inside it to help you against identity theft There’s also a whole bunch of small little pockets and hooks to keep all your small loose items secure on The side here, you’re gonna find a pouch for your water bottle as well as another pocket here And on the other side, there’s another cool pocket Let’s zip that open and in here You can put your battery pack and your USB cable and there’s actually a hole for your cable to come out So it’s really easy to charge your devices This backpack is also designed to slip over the arm of your suitcase So if you’re going through the airport, you only need to use one hand for two bags So what do I like about this Swissgear Laptop electronics backpack? well The first thing I really like about it is the padded laptop compartment about five minutes ago while I was sitting here it slipped Right off the desk onto the floor and my laptop is still safe and sound in there And also it’s got this rain proof zipper on the laptop compartment Which is really handy if you’re out in the elements the second thing that I really like about this bag is the sunglasses pouch Right here at the top. It kept my sunglasses safe while it flipped on the floor. So that’s awesome There are also several pouches all over this bag So lots of big with a big one up here at the top and they have really strong zippers on them That’s one thing. I always look for in bags as strong zippers. I don’t like breaking zippers while I travel Well, it’s a pocket and this comes in really handy is this RFID pocket if you’re traveling you can keep your stuff safe and sound in there the other couple things that are really nice about this Bag are the water bottle pouch right here on the side as well as the pouch for your battery pack So it’s really convenient to run your wire through the little hole on the outside Recharging your devices and also this little flap here that can go over your suitcase So it’s really convenient when you’re walking through the airport. So if you’re looking for a backpack, I highly recommend these Swissgear laptop backpacks I’ve been really happy with this one so far I’ll leave a link in the description down below if you are interested As well as for the packing cubes and the neck pillow Those are always handy when you’re traveling also If you did like this video remember to give it a big thumbs up Also, remember to subscribe to Northern Viking Explorer because I’ve got tons of videos coming up that I’d love to share with you Thank you so much for watching and take care

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