Syrian Ambulance man: Security forces is shooting at  the ambulance cars [Eng Sub]

Syrian Ambulance man: Security forces is shooting at the ambulance cars [Eng Sub]

This is unacceptable Its all wrong, really wrong What about that (Killing people) isn’t wrong? Go and kill the president if you can but don’t burn our city Bravo, there was no blood (on the ambulance car) Good, there was no blood Live bullets!! Dara’a people are facing live bullets Dara’a people are facing live bullets Thank you Mr. president (Bashar) Thank you, Dara’a people have been supporting you for 50 years What good have you done to Dara’a people? Killing them??!! Thank you 228 citizens Before you talk put on the mask first (in order not to be recognized by the secret police) Take this off No, No , its OK No, here, here, here you can be seen Ambulance man: “We -ambulance crew- we have found more than 237 injured people, eight among them were dead” This happened today Today The date?? 20 20? or 21? Today, the date is 20th of the third month 2011 20th of Mrch 20th of March there were 238 injured people Allah Akbar More than 238 citizens were injured Allah Akbar And more than 8 citizens were killed Allah Akbar (God is greater) There is no change nor power, except through Allah We -ambulance crew- were attacked by the security forces More than 8 Ambulance cars were damaged because of the security forces

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3 Replies to “Syrian Ambulance man: Security forces is shooting at the ambulance cars [Eng Sub]”

  1. Where are the subtitles? Anyway the camera man says "they are shooting at them with live bullets! Live bullets! Thank you Mr. President." Then the guy with the mask says "Today, 20 march, we (the first aid) counted 238 injured, and among them more then 8 deaths, and we, the first aid services, were victims of assaults, more then 3 cars (ambulances) were attacked by security forces"

  2. He says 228 then 237 then 238, it seems the number are not accurate. There is also confusion about the date, he says 21, then 23 then the cameraman keeps reminding him that they're the 20'th which he finally says. This confusion can be attributed to the stressful situation they're in.

  3. @rolfen thank you for your explanation, the subtitles are in, just press the button "CC" in the lower part of the video frame then the subtitles will appear

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