CCTV Video Multiplexer for AHD, HD-TVI, HDCVI, Analog Security Cameras

The VM-HD16 is a 16 channel CCTV video multiplexer that supports analog and HD over coax type security cameras. All 16 BNC inputs can accept video from analog, AHD, HD-TVI, and HDCVI security cameras. This configuration screen lets users select the camera type of each channel and also whether the cameras are NTSC or PAL

PIR-IR60 Hidden Infrared CCTV Spy Camera Surveillance Video Demo

The PIR-IR60 is a hidden infrared camera which means that it can be used in zero light, video surveillance applications and the IR LEDs do not have a red glow like a traditional infrared camera. This demo will show two video clips that were captured using an IR60. The first video was captured in an

1080p HD Hidden Spy Camera Invisible Infrared Surveillance Video

1080p HD Hidden Spy Camera Invisible Infrared Surveillance Video

The AHD-PIR18 is a high definition hidden spy camera that captures 1080p surveillance video. To record this video, I mounted a PIR18 in the corner of CCTV Camera Pros tech room. You can see that this security camera provides complete video coverage for small to medium-sized rooms. When I turn the lights off, the camera

Audio From Security Camera Panama City School Board Shooting

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People Spied On Their Dogs With A Camera For A Day

People Spied On Their Dogs With A Camera For A Day

– [Female] Do you like that? – We’re going to be trying the Furbo. Which is a nanny cam for your dog. There’s the capability to look at your dog, talk to your dog, and to throw treats for your dog, while you’re at work. – I have two pugs. Technically because I recently moved

Infrared Security Camera Day and Night CCTV Video Surveillance

This video will demonstrate the BIPRO-9007 infrared security camera capturing surveillance video in normal light, low light, and zero light conditions. I entered that door that’s located straight across from where the camera is mounted. That door is 36 feet away from the camera, and the camera’s mounted about nine feet high. This room is

Security Haaglanden Hikvision IP PTZ Camera met Auto camera tracking DEMO (DAY)
View IP Cameras Live from iPhone App

View IP Cameras Live from iPhone App

Here is a demo of the Zavio iPhone app remotely viewing IP cameras that are connected to a Zavio network video recorder. The initial screen when you open the app lets you choose an NVR to connect to. I tap on one of the NVRs and the app connects to it. The app initially loads

Vandal-proof Dome CCTV Camera Sample Video Surveillance

In this video, I test the day and night video surveillance capability of the DPRO-AS600, which is a Dome CCTV camera. I captured 2 video samples from this AS600 that’s mounted on the front my house. It’s connected to an iDVR-PRO surveillance DVR. Here are some pictures that show where the camera is mounted. The