Aukey WatchTower: Low-cost connected security done mostly easy

– So if you’ve ever bought a cable or a battery or a charger or a drone or almost anything electronic online for your phone or mobile or anything like that, there’s a really good chance that you bought it from Aukey. Now the also apparently sell security systems. That’s one that I didn’t even

Ring Pro video doorbell review!

– Hey there everybody, it’s Phil. Welcome to my crib. Does anyone talk like that anymore? Anyway, you can’t come inside and there’s a good reason for that. I wanna show you my Ring doorbell. So if you’ve seen me anywhere, anytime lately, I’ve been singing this thing’s praises forever. This is the Ring Pro.

Nest Secure Review (1 year in!)

Nest Secure Review (1 year in!)

– So the first rule for do it yourself home security, maybe is this, okay. Don’t tell the entire world about your own home do it yourself security. I’m about to do that now, obviously. So this brings us to the third in the series that has been sponsored by Lowes Home Improvement. You know