Touring A Massive $188 Million California Mega Mansion | Ryan Serhant Vlog #038


– Oh my – Whoa. – [Jeremy] Oh my gosh. (dramatic music) No, is it a tornado? Kids go downstairs, go downstairs. – I hope our house doesn’t break. – Our trampoline. (gasps) (thunder) – I’m making a cake in a pot. Perfect. – [Kendra] And it’s a cake? What kind of a cake? –

REVIEW // eBags Professional Flight Laptop Backpack

– [Hallease] Hey, everyone, it’s me, Hallease, back with another video. So I’ve recently upgraded my daily backpack to the eBags Professional Flight Laptop Backpack. (minimalist music) This is another product I took with me to London, and it’s now my go-to backpack for everything. Right off the bat, they’ve added this handy top pocket