Take advantage of parental controls on your television

Take advantage of parental controls on your television

Turn on the television today and you will
find literally hundreds of channels to choose from. There are dedicated channels for news,
sports, cooking, shopping, movies, and more. As an adult, we love our huge selection of
channels. But what about our kids? Should they be watching all of these channels too? Hi, I’m Mr. Noobie and today I’m going to
talk about how you can take advantage of parental controls on your television. Parental controls offer a number of benefits.
For starters, you can use parental controls to disable or lock down specific channels
with a security code. This is a great way to prevent your child, or for grandma and
grandpa, your grandchild, from watching a channel that he or she is not allowed to watch,
especially when you’re not around. Don’t worry. You’ll still be able to watch
the channels yourself. You’ll just need to enter your security code to temporarily unlock
the channel. If you’d rather not lock each channel individually,
most parental controls allow you to restrict individual programs based on their rating.
For example, you may only want your child to be able to watch movies with a G or PG
rating. For television shows, you may only want your child to be able to watch shows
with a TV-G, TV-Y or TV-Y7 rating. As your child gets older, you can loosen up the restrictions
on the ratings. Another nice feature that you’ll find with
television parental controls is the ability to hide mature or adult titles from the program
guide. This prevents curious minds from discovering content they shouldn’t be watching. Finally, if your television provider offers
pay-per-view purchases, most parental controls can either disable pay-per-view entirely or
set a daily spending limit. This way, you won’t be surprised with $150 of pay-per-view
charges when your bill arrives next month. Each television provider’s parental controls
are a little different, but if you have a cable or equivalent box with on-screen menus
hooked up to your television, look for parental controls on the menu under Settings or as
a standalone menu option. One last tip. It’s a good idea to change your
parental control security code on a regular basis just to keep your kids guessing. This tech tip has been brought to you by XFINITY.
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