The All-New Ring Stick Up Cam: Smart Security Inside or Out

The All-New Ring Stick Up Cam: Smart Security Inside or Out

– [Narrator] Ring makes
simple ways to protect and watch over your home. Because safer homes mean
safer neighborhoods. Introducing Stick Up Cam by Ring. A next-generation indoor,
outdoor security camera that keeps you connected
to your home and family. – Hey dad. – Hey honey. Remember, Eli’s recital is at seven. – [Dad] I’ll be there. – [Narrator] Motion-activated
notifications alert you to the things you need to know. – Can I help you? – [Narrator] Stick Up Cam
keeps an eye on things when you’re not there, and gives you peace of mind when you are. Combine Stick Up Cam with your Ring Alarm and other Ring cameras
to create a complete Ring of Security around your home. Stick Up Cam works seamlessly
with your Amazon Echo devices. – Alexa, show me the pool. – [Narrator] So, you
can be doing anything, while still keeping an eye on everything. Stick Up Cam is available in wired, power over ethernet, solar, and battery options, making it easy to install in any home. So, get smart about your home security, with the easy-to-use, anywhere, anytime, Stick Up Cam by Ring.

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28 Replies to “The All-New Ring Stick Up Cam: Smart Security Inside or Out”

  1. Why doesn't Ring work on fixing their server issue(s) first before venturing into introducing new products? Customers, like myself, who have the Ring Doorbell, still cannot properly maintain proper RSS and connection despite having fast internet options.

  2. Awesome news and great pricing for it. Would love to have this for my garage and home office. When do we get the Ring Beams lighting though???

  3. This is what I've been waiting to add to my 3 ring floodlight cams, ring doorbell 2 and ring alarm system.. but i have one question. Will the indoor cam integrate with the ring alarm system? Meaning, will it have the option to only record motion detection when i have my alarm system set for Away? Thanks in advance

  4. Does the wired stick up cam have the option to plug to an outlet? All Iā€™m reading is POE and micro USB to power it. Also how long is the power cable?

  5. RING sucks!!!! Theyll delete your posts if they dont ANY of the content! You have to write basically happy stuff about your neighbor getting robbed etc. There are delays in the wifi. Better to get a hardwire system.

  6. Will the New Ring Stick Up Cams integrate its motion detector with the Ring Alarm so that one doesn't need both a camera AND a motion detector for the main room?

  7. If I have a ring home alarm and ring floodlight and ring stick up cameras if the ring home alarm is triggered can I set it so that all the sirens on all the cameras also sound?

  8. I dont think its possible yet but it would be a great integration into the software that if someone has RING cameras and an alarm system that should the alarm go off all the cameras would also activate and start recording. Along with this if in this scenario all the video devices opened in 1 window so a home owner could easily see where the intruder may be.

  9. I have three Ring camera devices throughout my house and what they don't advertise is that it takes anywhere from 15 secs (at best) to 30 seconds (on average) to get the app running and the video feed to start, even with fast internet connections (mine is 300mb down / 20mb up, all hardwired ethernet). Sometimes the app can't even connect to the cameras. I've tried answering my Ring Doorbell while I'm upstairs in my own house and I end up watching the "Activating Device" screen the entire time while I walk to my front door. The most use I get out of my Ring cameras are watching replays of things happening, but it's a rare occasion when I can catch someone at the front door, like delivery people, before they've walked away. I've contacted support a few times and have gone through a battery of diagnostics, but in the end the support person says the devices work "as expected" and maybe things will speed up in a future update. They're better than nothing, but potential customers should have some expectations that the instant video feed shown, ultra sharp display, and even clear audio (the speaker in the doorbell is very low in volume and worse sounding than the one in most smart phones) in these adverts are not reality.

  10. Important suggestion šŸ†•šŸ†’

    I have 5 shared users can access my ring stick up camera , I figured out that they have only an alert button for the camera . I really want them to have a full control on the camera, I need them to have the ability to turn the camera on and off.
    If you add this feutre so the owner can give permission to the users for full control on the cameras , it would be awesome.

    In my opinion Ring is on the top among other competitors

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