The Carbonaro Effect – Mysterious Ferret Infestation | truTV

The Carbonaro Effect – Mysterious Ferret Infestation | truTV

All right.
Our Season 1 nostalgia tour continues with a look back
at the car wash… You want me to do the shampooing of the carpet? Oh, shoot. What is that? Little animal droppings. …where
Kimberly stopped by for a hand wax,
only to learn that her vehicle was the victim
of a ferret infestation. [ Horn honks ] -Yep.
-Whoa! -Did it…
-Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
I’m gonna have a heart attack! Yeah. A few hours later,
Debbie pulled up, and unlike Kimberly’s
ferret-induced freak-out, Debbie had channeled her fear
into a phone conversation with her
supportive husband. We’re offering this
service free because of the town ordinance,
so you won’t have to worry. So, what are you doing? I’m gonna put the cage in the back here, just near where
they were, okay? And just honk the horn. Now? Yeah, honk the horn. Go ahead.
Loud, hard. Loud, hard. Loud? Yep. Loud and long. [ Horn honks ] Yep. There we go. There we go. Kimberly: Oh, my God. Yep. Oh, my God. No. Yeah. No. We got them. They were in my car? Yeah.
There’s two. How do you know that that’s all there is? That’s a good point.
You want to honk again? No. I want someone
else to do it. -You want someone else to honk?
-I’m freaking out. All right, don’t freak out, don’t freak out. No, those were in my car. I know, but it’s okay. We’ll get them
out for you. How did you get them
in the thing so fast? Here, I’ll… [ Horn honks ] It will scare them
if there’s any more. Let me see here. Oh, my God. I think I’m gonna just,
like — I need a drink. Yeah, I know. So, were there three? Oh, my God.
I’m taking a picture. Michael: Yeah, sure. Well, where
did they come from? Like, in my neighborhood? Yeah, it’s
all over the news. Oh, my God.
I can’t believe it. Yeah. I am freaking out. Yeah, they get inside
through the — And, so, what do you do with them now? Someone comes and picks them up for us. Can you check like
a couple more times? Yeah, I’ll check again. They’re really
cute, though. -I mean, they’re —
-But are they rabid? -No.
-Because they’re wild, right? Yeah. They said there’s
nothing to worry about, other than
they scare people. So, we have
a sign over here. See? Right here on this pole. Come here. -“Ferret alert.”
-Yeah. I should actually go tell them
to switch that to “high.” I’ll be right back. You’re the fourth one today. ♪♪ I decided to come get my car
washed today, and there’s three ferrets
in my car. At the house, I guess,
or at work. You’re gonna be fine. Open your back doors when you
get out there and honk your horn
and see if any come out. And run, ’cause if you
don’t have a cage — Yeah. Are you sure there’s
no more in there? Yeah, I’m gonna do another check for you. How did they even
get into that trap? Well, the bottom is sprayed
with a female pheromone. Pheromone? Yeah. And I lifted
a little bit open, and then when you
honked the horn, I made those ferrets appear,
because I’m a magician, and you’re on a hidden-camera show right now. No. Yes. I’m Michael Carbonaro. No. Yes. Oh, my God. [ Laughs ] So, just for kicks, we left
the “Ferret Threat Level” sign up there for the rest
of the day. Remember, people, if you see
something, say something.

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46 Replies to “The Carbonaro Effect – Mysterious Ferret Infestation | truTV”

  1. Seriously added in a sound track of mice and rats, disrespectful to those ferrets who can make their own noises thank you very much.

  2. Interesting, I've heard Carbonaro's house had an mysterious "child infestation". Also, nice murr reference.

  3. She felt bad not because she was on a hidden camera, but because she called her husband and made a dummy out of herself. πŸ˜€

  4. im i the only one who would keep on thinking what happend for 2 hours before giving up at the end and beleiving that was something illogical? :3 :3

  5. I’m so glad that the producers of this show all went with the Carbonaro Effect instead of Trickster (which Michael wanted to call it) but with the reveal to the ones having the joke done on them they hear the words Carbonaro EFFECT they are actually hearing the word Effect more than anything so it gets them thinking something more strange or paranormal…trickster would probably be more in with a younger viewership…but since I started watching this show Michael jumped from a unknown magician (to me) to my number one magician..went to one now David Copperfield is second…oh I have to add Matt Franco at number 3…but they are all great magicians as long as it doesn’t cross over to the satanic BS like David Blaine, Cris Angel or others….

  6. …And this is why the easily manipulable, easily frightened, and irrational nature of females means they can never be president. Good grief.

  7. Had a neighbour Who had ferrets. He would let them in his back yard. And run around they got into my yard when I was younger. And just ran around looking around and I was like what is that. What is that I was freaked out because it was the first time I saw ferrets. Then when he would call them they ran back into his yard and into the house.

  8. Lol I have a farret,These ones are babies (Kit's) they are so nice and friendly. How could you be scared? Just wondering…

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