The Curse of La Llorona – Official Trailer [HD]

The Curse of La Llorona – Official Trailer [HD]

♪♪♪ – Patricia… I’m very sorry
about your loss. – It’s your fault! – I can’t even imagine
how you must feel. ♪♪♪ Your children… – Rinsing.
– Rinsing. …are safe now.
– [ woman sobs ] – But have they heard
her crying? ♪♪♪ Have they felt the sting
of her tears? [ horse creaking ] They will.
[ woman sobs ] – and she will come for them. ♪♪♪ Who? ♪♪♪ – La Llorona. [ wind blowing ] ♪♪♪ [ door creaks ] Hijo. [ indistinct whispering ] Siempre.
– [ screams ] ♪♪♪ Father, can you help us? The Church
works with people who specialize
in situations like this. – It’s La Llorona.
– Is she coming? – She’s already here. [ wind whistles ] – What do we do? – [ snarls ] ♪♪♪ – We are facing an evil… ♪♪♪ …that has no bounds. [ drop falls ] [ drop falls again ] – [ screams ] [ water splashing ] – Ay, mis hijos… – Rinsing. [ gasping ] [ sighs ] [ screams ] ♪♪♪ ♪ No es pena ♪ ♪ Llorona ♪

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100 Replies to “The Curse of La Llorona – Official Trailer [HD]”

  1. Don’t quit your day job, Tuco! Everything about this movie stunk! Some of these legends and tactics to scare kids, or cheaters, is pathetic.

  2. I wouldn't have heard of this movie if it was n't from a youtubeclip showing an article about this movie being played when it was supposed to be pikachu xD

  3. Bad CGI and poor writing are killing horror/terror genre. And when a horror/terror movie gets over…they milk it till the end like "Paranormal Activity" which is now on its 7th released?? I honestly dont remember and dont care. Expect to see Annabelle VII in a couple of years.

  4. Who else finds it hard asf to get scared at scary movies like this one like I can watch it and not even flinch that’s why I get bored and I’m like fuck this

  5. Every hispanic has GROWN UP with this story, so I can't imagine the hype this movie gave to us when we saw this trailer!

  6. The fact they have a Mexican legend set in the U.S. shows already its a bad film. Like why have it set in Los Angeles rather then its origin country? Was it really that hard to do?

  7. A bride was appeared in Annabelle comes home. It was wearing the same gown and veil as la lorraine..what she was doing there?

  8. If you knew her stories she is weeping for her children cause after the river she lost her kids at is the reason she wants youe kids she mistakes them for her children

  9. Wasted 5.99 for this bullshitt mad ass fuck nothing good in this movie don't waste you're time watching this bullshitt movie even chuy from blood in blood out couldn't act like wtf

  10. All this movie was missing was a grandma throwing a chancla and splitting la Llorona skull in half

  11. Horrible movie!! Didn’t even finish it. What a boring, stupid, pointless film. By far, this film has been one of my biggest wastes of time ever. It’s horrible in every single way. Do not bother with this stupid crap of a movie.

  12. is the house in this movie the same as the house in Insidious? it really looks a lot the same except in this movie it has a pool, in Insidious it did not show a pool though

  13. Despite the name, is a very scary movie, watch it at midnight, alone in the dark of any room of your house, with stereo headphones…then come to comment.
    Don't pay attention to those that says that is a bad movie, because it's not.

  14. The whole time I was watching this movie the mom seemed so familiar and then I was listening to her talking and i realized it Velma from Scooby-Doo!!!

  15. I’m kind of sure the original movie of this was Spanish. I can’t recall the title though 🤦🏻‍♂️

  16. Just watched the movie. It’s fuckin shite, I mean come on the two kids saw la llorona and wouldn’t tell their mother and one of them told the mom that she fuckin fell. Retarded ass movie.

  17. Oh my little pretty one, pretty one

    When you gonna give me some time llorona

    When you make my motor run, my motor run

    Gun it coming, off the line llorona

    Never gonna stop, give it up

    Such a dirty mind, always get it up

    For the touch of the younger kind

    la la la i yi wooh

    la la la la llorona

  18. Reality is often disappointing like 1 to 10 I will give this a 4 let's hope that #IT chapter two can beat it

  19. This movies saving Grace (although small) was a small twist in the last act.. that went to shit within 7 minutes. This movie is a waste of time

  20. Kids: "Mommy I wanna go see Detective Pikachu"
    Movie Theater in Montreal: I'm about to end this mans whole career

    (based on a true story, no lies)

  21. Movie was so bad. It was just jump scare after jump scare. You though the nun was shit. Wait ll you see this one. Fucking sad what horror has turned into.

    Whatever happened to suspense and fright. Build up. Smh ..

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