The Importance of Security Camera Systems – Monroe, New Jersey Residential Crimes PSA

The Importance of Security Camera Systems – Monroe, New Jersey Residential Crimes PSA

Hi Bob Murphy here today, owner of Central Jersey Security Cameras and alarms. I’d like to talk to you about the
multiple phone calls we’re receiving in our office from residents of monroe
township in Middlesex County in New Jersey this seems to be a rash of
burglaries going on where the where the thieves haven’t been caught as of yet
and people want to protect themselves in fact I’m on my way out to see a few of
these customers as soon as we finish making this video while having an alarm
in your house is absolutely imperative it kind of starts the clock it gives a
countdown of how long they can get in and get out the important thing is that
they will into your house with an alarm to have that visual of a camera in your
face when you walk up to a house when somebody sees it it’s kind of like
kryptonite they look at it they get scared they move on to the next house
you don’t want to be the neighbor’s house you know in fact in Rutgers
University has conducted a study where cameras nowadays are the number one
deterrent for burglaries and I agree with that
I mean even if they do break in you’ll at least have that footage where you can
assist the police and trying to apprehend and find these these thieves
burglars that have entered your home so if you’re considering cameras you know
what you want you want some advice or you want some information on it just
give my office a call at seven three two three three three zero two two seven or
visit our website at Central Jersey security cameras calm thanks for

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