The Most Spoiled Brats In The World

The Most Spoiled Brats In The World

– [Narrator] Everyone
had a friend growing up who was given everything they ever wanted. At the time you were jealous, but growing up, you learned to appreciate the way your own upbringing
molded your character because those overindulged kids turned out to be horrible brats. These are the type of spoiled kids this video is talking about. I’m not going to be talking about all the pampered kids out there. I know, there are lots of them, but most of them still grew
up to be decent human beings. Instead, let’s focus on the bitter ones, whose fortunate upbringing has dramatically damaged
their character for the worst. (gentle music) – Amazing! – [Narrator] Number 10, Cherylyn Futch. According to her mom,
Cherylyn has blown $100,000 on clothes, makeup, fast
cars and fine dining. She has an unbelievable 17
credit cards, all maxed out, and, by her own count, is $25,300 in debt. She says that being able to go out and buy whatever she
wants makes her happy. One time, when she was taken
to Disney World on vacation, she was upset she didn’t get fine dining, she pushed her mom’s
fish filet in her face. But Cherylyn says that it’s not her fault because her lazy, moody and mean mother raised her to be that way. In her own defense she said, I blame her because growing up, I didn’t have to do anything. Which is ironic, because
clearly that meant her mom made a lot of sacrifices, but when asked if she appreciates
any of it, she replied. – No. – You don’t? – No. – [Narrator] But the best part is when she pawned family’s heirlooms. In need of money, she took
her mom’s priceless jewelry to the pawn shop and sold it. Then when asked if she appreciated the BMW she was gifted by her parents, she said she would have
preferred a Mercedes. Her response to it all? – She grew me up, didn’t she? – [Narrator] Maybe that
time would have been better spent on English lessons. Number nine, Lil Tay. This nine-year-old is a
self-proclaimed rapper who burst onto the scene next to fellow Instagram
brat Woah Vicky at Coachella. Not content just being
extremely fortunate in life, she’s garnered a followed by flaunting what can only
be her family’s wealth in front of other people’s faces with videos saying things like. – Lil Tay be trappin’
out a six-star hotel. – Wow. – And I got the iPhone X. What y’all broke (bleep) have? Y’all have iPhone 5. And I’ll be drinking your
college tuition, (bleep). – [Narrator] She supposedly drives a $200,000 sports car without a license and has been suspended from
Instagram for using the n-word. But the facade all came crumbling down when two investigative
reporters discovered that the Mercedes she used in her videos was actually her mom’s boss’ work car and the five houses she
claimed to own were empty homes being sold by her mom’s
real estate company. Number eight, Toy Tantrum. This kid was making such a scene, a bystander did the only logical
thing in such a scenario, film it and post it into YouTube. Supposedly, he was throwing a
tantrum over a $3 dollar toy, and he turns into an immovable anchor to try and force his
parents to buy it for him. His parents repeatedly tell him to get up, but he just keeps on refusing. – No.
– Please give it to him. Oh my. – No!
– Get up! – No, no! – [Mom] Get up. Get his hand. – I want it! (child sobbing) – [Narrator] One stranger even approaches and attempts to understand
what’s going on, and exposes the ridiculousness
of the situation. Thankfully, nobody bought
him the toy in the end. That would have been
the worst thing to do, as it would have just rewarded
this type of behavior. This clip is sponsored
by condoms, no doubt. That kid must have been so spoiled for the majority of his
life to act like that. It’s just crazy. Number seven is socialite and
spoiled brat Brandon Davis, the super-wealthy grandson
of oil tycoon Marvin Davis and BFF of Paris Hilton. You might know him from previously coining the term firecrotch
for nemesis Lindsay Lohan. – Lindsay Lohan is a firecrotch. (Lindsay laughing) – [Narrator] Or calling ex-girlfriend Mischa Barton, Mischa the Heifer. Here are just a few
examples of his antics. On one binge, Davis spent $300,000 on a single casino night in Vegas. It turns out though that he was
playing with unpaid markers, which he then refused to pay for. The two casinos had to sue him and the Clark County District
Attorney’s office stepped in and ordered Davis to pay off the debt, plus interest, of $323,962. The man who has lived
his life without rules has been arrested for cocaine possession, given a DUI after
totalling his Mercedes-Benz and has been checked into rehab twice. He was even arrested back in 2011 for reportedly punching
comedian Ben Gleib. Davis is also known by
the nickname Greasy Bear because he has more oil in his hair than comes out of his family’s oil wells. Number six, Conrad Hilton. There had to be a Hilton
in here somewhere, and in sixth place is the younger brother of the famous family,
Conrad Hughes Hilton III. In 2014, Conrad was on a flight
from London to Los Angeles when he, naturally
enough, needed to relax. According to the court papers, he repeatedly entered the bathroom to smoke marijuana and tobacco, taking it upon himself to
disable the smoke alarm on a trans-Atlantic flight. When flight attendants
attempted to stop him, he shouted, I am going to effin’ kill you, and proceeded to punch one of them. He carried on. I could get you all fired in five minutes. I know your boss. The court documents allege. Hilton allegedly told a flight attendant, my father will pay this
out, he’s done it before. Dad paid $300,000 last time. During his tirade,
Hilton allegedly yelled, I will effing own anyone in this flight. They are effing peasants. Later, Conrad Hilton,
after more antics at court, pled guilty to misdemeanor assault. But there’s plenty more
where that came from. Like any self-respecting
mega-rich troubled child, he’s totaled at least one car, this time a BMW in a
high speed police chase. At 21, he faced a felony charge of reckless evasion of a peace officer. There’s no doubt he
thinks he’s above the law. Since his plane antics,
he’s violated his probation on multiple counts including trespassing, failing drug tests and not completing any of
his treatment programs. Oh and it gets better. Less than a week after
receiving his sentence, he was arrested outside the
house of his ex-girlfriend for violating the restraining
order she had put on him. Who is his ex-girlfriend? Hunter Daily Salomon, daughter
of actress Elizabeth Daily and poker player Rick Salomon. The same Rick Salomon who shot to fame for making a sex tape with
Conrad’s older sister Paris. Of course, Paris has long been setting an example for Conrad, like when she was escorted
by police from the stadium during a World Cup game in 2010 for allegedly smoking marijuana. She’s also been arrested with
weed at an airport in France, with cocaine in Las Vegas and famously stormed out
of an interview on ABC after being asked whether she was insecure that her fame might be fading. I think that answers the question. Number five, Vorayud Yoovidhaya. He’s the Thai grandson of the founder of Red Bull
and an international fugitive. In 2012, he allegedly
killed a police officer in a hit and run with his Ferrari, dragging the man’s body 200
meters down the Bangkok street. His family is rich, very rich, and he had his father pay
the officer’s family $97,000 to stall the civil lawsuit. To put that in perspective, the
car involved in the accident was itself worth a million dollars. The 27-year-old was the
charged with drunk driving, causing death by reckless
driving, and escaping arrest. since just a few days after the accident he fled the country. He’s still wanted by Interpol
on the federal charges, but nobody knows where he is. Yoovidhaya’s family is worth $5.2 billion, according to Forbes. At this rate he could run over
53,608 more police officers before they’d be broke or one officer a day
for the next 146 years. Number four, Rachel Canning. We’ve all had arguments with our parents, but have you ever taken
your parents to court? That’s exactly what New Jersey
teenager Rachel Canning did after her parents stopped
supporting her lifestyle. Of course, Rachel was 18 and
had moved out of her home, but she still wanted them to
pay her private school tuition, $650 a week in child support, her future college tuition and,
obviously, her legal bills. She claimed her parents were abusive and had contributed to her
developing an eating disorder. The judge refused to
grant Rachel’s request for emergency funds, asking, are we gonna start opening the gates for 12-year-olds to sue for an Xbox? For 13-year-olds to sue for an iPhone? You’ll be pleased to know that Rachel has since withdrawn the suit and has moved back in with her parents. Number three, Audrey Lexus. The original spoiled brat of the social media era was Audrey Lexus. Her mom has to take Valium to relieve the stress of
having her as a daughter. She became famous for her
tantrum when her mother gave her her 16th birthday
present too early. What was it? A Lexus, which isn’t what she wanted. – What the? – Happy birthday. That’s yours. ♪ I got an oopty, oopty, oopty ♪ ♪ Watch me do my thing ♪ – What the hell, I didn’t want my car now! That was only my car, I
told her not to get it. I want the day of my of
party, I didn’t want the car. It’s not even the car I even wanted. I feel like such an idiot. She just ruined the whole party. Everything, she just ruined everything. – [Narrator] She stormed out of her party and sent everyone home,
canceling her birthday. Hey Audrey, if you don’t want your Lexus, I’d be happy to take it off your hands. Number two, the Beverley Hills Brat. Then there’s this girl,
the Beverley Hills Brat. Her real name is Nicolette
and as a 15-year-old, she appeared on Doctor Phil with her mom. When her mom lowered her monthly allowance from $5000 to $1000, she just went into
credit card debt instead. According to Joel, family friend
and Nicolette’s chauffeur, she doesn’t have any friends because of the way she treats people. – [Phil] How does she treat people? – Like peasants. – [Narrator] Her only future goals are wearing designer clothes,
being rich and not working. When Dr. Phil suggested she
should work as a volunteer at a local soup kitchen, she started crying
hysterically from the thought. She has beef with her mom and claims she was never loved
as a child, only given money, which probably explains her bad attitude. Even so, her parents finally relented and gave her the $150,000 Mercedes G Wagon she had always dreamed of,
which meant that her mother, a doctor, had to take the bus to work. She probably needs a reality check more than an allowance check. And number one, Liesel Pritzker Simmons. Finally, we have a special
kind of spoiled child, one that uses her powers for good. The Robin Hood of brats, if you will. Liesel Pritzker Simmons, heir to the Hyatt fortune
and child actress, sued her father and
cousins for $6 billion. Yes, you heard that correctly. She sued her own family for $6 billion. She claimed that they had
taken money from trusts that had been established
for her and her brother. After dragging on for three years, both parties settled the lawsuit and Liesel walked away with
a cool $280 million in cash as well as control over other trusts valued at close to $170 million. Her net worth is now upwards
of half a billion dollars. So, what has she chosen to do with the money she
clawed from her parents? Strangely enough,
philanthropy, that’s what. As well as earmarking $50
million for impact investing, she’s given $50 million to
start a charitable foundation focusing on education. The rest is invested in fair trade, sustainable and
fossil-fuel-free companies. On becoming filthy rich, she escaped her fame and
notoriety in the United States to teach yoga to heroin addicts in India and then to do work doing
manual data entry in Tanzania. I didn’t earn this money, she says. And I’ll be damned if
I’m going to screw it up. So, I guess there is hope out there. What do you think? Who was the most annoying, most spoiled, most entitled brat of them all? Let me know in the comments
section down below, and thanks for watching! (gentle music)

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100 Replies to “The Most Spoiled Brats In The World”

  1. I hate lil tay the most bc shes not only ungrateful like the rest, she also things thinks she owns the whole fucking universe when she knows everyone is worth more than her bc she has no money and her parents make all the money

  2. And then there is Bill Gates and Warren Buffet who can literally own all of this brats. But very humble and very wise

  3. Growing up as an orphan, being a private tutor to pay college tuition and being a teacher… I love being a middle class.

  4. You know how to deal with these ungreat full living take a group of them put them on a whole island for a year no luxuries no credit cards no money and no way to get off the island check on this group when the year is over if attitude has not improved well the get cut off from everything yeah perhaps some of them learned a lesson others might need help and a lot of us can help them to see the area of there ways now how do families deal with the ungreatfull because remember the selfish baby boomers think everything belongs to them fuck these jerks take everything away from them show them people can lose everything they earned or was given to by others well life is often on a low scale perhaps the video can teach them to appreciate all they've got now a roof over their head a place to eat and sleep this would be a good start

  5. All i want is love, NOT MONEY!!! Love and friendships are better than money! Money can fuck up your life, like lottery!!

  6. No put im not spoiled my dad bought me a nintendo for my grades,going everyday to school(not on the TSUAMI DAYS or sickness) and being always nice sooo am I spoiled?

  7. Why did you call the last one a brat. Brats are selfish, she wasn't. Here's what I think happened. Her family has scammed and ripped off people. She wanted to change the family name, parents did not like the idea and refused to give back to the community. Thus she went FUCK YOU and took them to court. The only way she's a brat is towards her scumbag family and other people of a similar caliber

  8. PS she said she’s getting her college tuition I’m getting the iPhone EXR iPhone ex and on the first smartest person in my class so little tea if you ever see the suck it

  9. I hate spoiled rich ass people I like them to walk in my shoes I did everything on my own and still appreciate my parents

  10. God:ok someone new will be born lets randomise the character
    his machine:Sex:female. hair:brown. attitude:spoiled etc
    Satan: (:
    God:dont celebrate too early satan cuz im coming to kill ya (:
    Satan: ):

  11. Kid: Mom I don’t like this Bugatti I want a Hennessy venom!
    Mom: post what she said on youtube
    has 100 million views
    Me: watches it
    Me: Where is my axe and whip?
    Me: goes to her house
    Me: destroys Bugatti and give 10,000,000 dollars to mom
    Me says to kid HOW DO YA LIKE DAT!

  12. the 2nd deserves to talk to the best richest people (the nicest) in the world. why? because they would probably try their best to change her mind!

  13. i actually like the girl at the last video. sure, her family is rich but i guess theres more behind the story. she got the money and she actually spent the money wisely.

  14. The kid having a tantrum about the 3 dolar toy i would have just said bye and walked out of the shop easy enough lol

  15. why do people have to be like this if somebody was acting like that and telling me this stuff I said I don't give oof

  16. Lil tay is a stupid 9 year old who looks like a 7 year old who dosent got a licence of a car im sorry if one of you are a fan of her its just a fact and you have to face it lil tay thinks she owns the world when she dosent ,Spoiled brats who thinks that its funny to be so selfish is a really horrible person

    And your mom made you so dont be such a brat you havent made her havent you? Shes a adult and your a kid and adults protects you for safety reasons and no you just say "Get me a new make up kit or else" cant you alteast be grateful for what your parents give you. Your mom gave you life and a whole life! Your parents gaved you food,clothes,shelter and your mom teached you how to walk and talk just becuase your super rich dosent make you the queen of the world

    Thanks for reading and be nice and grateful and treat people for the you wanted to be treated 😊💕

  17. Hate these people abusing their money and being ungrateful while there are humans dying of hunger and thirst everyday
    Why not do something good with that money?

  18. I’m spoiled, and I live in a decently wealthy family, but I’m no brat. I appreciate the sacrifices my parents made, and I always try to do my best in repaying the favor. And I’m grateful for what I’m given. And in general, I think I’m a nice person. I have no right to insult these people, but they really do need to learn appropriate social behavior.

  19. I do not think hate is a word to use. It is most disgusting that these mothers and fathers did this to these children. When they go into the real world assuming they do not sponge off of their parents forever, the reality will be that their scata (Greek for crap) stinks like anyone else's and they are not special. I think the parents are child abusers and they are getting the respect or say lack of respect so rightfully deserved because the need to have a red car vs a blue car or a caddy vs a mercedes is most certainly systemic neglect. Disgraceful to the core.

  20. Oh my god f all those spoiled brats in prison for their entire life
    Stupid brats cant do one simple thing in their life

  21. gets fucked on a plane because hes smoking pot… dude just get a fucking rebreather kit with a filter for smoking in nonsmoking areas, expensive as a 4k tv, but hes obviously rich as balls. and its a niche item i guess. sucks smoke him, cuts it, blow smoke out, cuts it with a carbon sensor for smoke vs normal exhale, so extra exhale. nothing comes out, but stale air. simple as hell. if you manage to get on and off the plane with that… and take that one simple step of fully exhaling and not inhaling till you cough, or have the balls to handle the smoke and not cough. if youve got that desperation for a hit of pot, or entitled. you better have the balls to handle that simple shit…. while money solves alot of things, so does attitude. but its alot easier to get your bearings and avoid the conflict if youre intending to do something like that… although personally i think smoking areas should be a thing again, to enjoy the little things when you are one, for whatever is legal in your state at the very least. and pot should be legal, it does not cut down on drinking despite popular belief, drinkings been a human trait for thousands of years. smoking pot only about 1000 or slightly more.but its a great way to substitute alcohol once youve had some if you lean in that direction even, keeps you from overdoing it, and at that degree keeps you from doing worse things, if only my mind worked that way, but alcohol altered my brain to the point pot no longer helps outside my normal drinking routine. you can get trashed on a plane, which is fucking worse. im blaming him 100% for stupidity and arrogance though. he had 100 other choices, get stoned before, use a rebreather system with an exhale filter. use a vape in the bathroom with 100% pg for no notice, but an invused thc liquid, dude youre rich, you have all these options, why cost you, or your fuckin dad 300k XD… and why risk it…. theres this thing called a private jet that people as rich as you can afford. go get one and you can smoke pot, do cocaine, shoot up heroin and drink until youre all fucking dead and the pilot wont say a word or even open the door to your fuckin containment shelter to check until he lands. do that.

  22. What a bunch of useless cunts! Bloody parasites, should be stripped off their money and forced to work, to realise how hard most people get by.

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