The Pogue Review: Nest Cam

The Pogue Review: Nest Cam

[MUSIC PLAYING] DAVID POGUE: Whenever I review a new gadget, I have to figure out how I’m going to assess it. What tests will I run? What criteria will I use? Well, in the case of the new Nest Cam Home Security Camera, this is gonna be easy. The six things it’s supposed to do are listed right on the back. All I have to do is test each of those things and find out if they’re exaggerating or lying. OK, ready? Here we go. Number one, easy 60 second setup. Just plug it in and download the app. 60 seconds? That would be remarkable for a home security system. Start the clock. Download the Nest app, set up an account, plug in the camera. Bummer that it has to be connected to a power outlet. Connect to your Wi-Fi network, name the room, set up your settings. [BUZZER SOUND] Total elapsed time– a little more than 60 seconds. But you know, it’s still really simple to set up. OK, next. Two, see every detail. Stream securely in 1080p HD or zoom in for a closer look. OK, now, this is the cool part. On my phone, wherever I go, I can peek in on my home back at home, no matter where I am in the world. London, Paris, Detroit. What I see is 130 degree panorama of the room at home. And at anytime, I can take two fingers and zoom in to any area of that room. And then I can tap the enhance button, just like they do in the movies, to make it extra clear. You’ve got yourself a security monitor, or a doorbell cam, a “Has the package arrived?” cam, a pet cam, a babysitter cam, or a “Who’s been raiding the fridge?” cam. Too bad it’s not weather-proof. But hey, I’ll give them the point. Three, get alerts on your phone so you know what happens when you’re away. And sure enough, when something moves in the scene, your phone lets you know. Unfortunately, that includes every time your dog or cat walks by. OK! [DING] Four, with Night Vision, you can see in the dark. And sure enough, even in zero light, the Nest Cam can see. [DING] Number five, talk and listen through the camera. This one is true. I see you, River. You know you’re not allowed up there. Get off that chair. Get off the chair! There’s a little bit of a lag. There’s a little bit of a lag. And it’s not especially loud. And it’s not especially loud. But it’s very handy. You can even eavesdrop on conversations that are happening at home. MAN: Did you know that there is only one actor who ever played a Romulan and a Klingon? Mark Lenard. DAVID POGUE: Actually, that’s not true. Aren’t you guys forgetting about James Sloyan and Vaughn Armstrong? You know what I mean? Guys? No, no, I’m just saying. Guys, guys! [DING] Six, see what you missed. Continuously record video and save clips with subscription. There’s no fee to look in on the Nest Cam live. But if you want to record the video or save clips, you have to pay $10 a month. That gets you access to a website where you can rewind through 10 full days of 24-hour recordings and save the clips you want. For $30 a month, 30 days of recordings. I mean, I guess it’s kind of cool to have a complete video recording of your entire life. You know, baby’s first steps or who started the argument. But man, that’s going to get really expensive. [DING] As you can read in my full written review of the Nest Cam on, rival cameras offer more features. Some have an alarm, or they work on battery power, or they control other home automation products. But the Nest Cam feels solid, and polished, and reliable. It’s incredibly easy to set up, it looks cool, and the video quality is amazing. And it delivers almost everything it promises. [MUSIC PLAYING] WOMAN: Download the Yahoo app to your phone or tablet. MAN: (SINGING) Yahoo!

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  1. Love being able to spy on my dogs>>>  Easy to use phone app. Great night vision. 2 way mic lets me say hello.

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