The Purge (3/10) Movie CLIP – Please Just Let Us Purge (2013) HD

The Purge (3/10) Movie CLIP – Please Just Let Us Purge (2013) HD

Charlie: That one’s saying something. Polite Leader: …and Mrs. Sandin. Your home tells me you’re good folk just like us. One of the halves. And your blue flowers tell me that you support the purge. We want to treat you fairly, so listen closely. Let me introduce us. We are some fine…young…very educated…guys and gals. We’ve gotten gussied up in the most terrifying gysers. As we do every year. Ready to violate, annihilate and cleanse our souls. But things took a turn. Our target escaped us, and uh… Several of your dear neighbors informed us that you, the Sandins, have inexplicably given him sanctuary. Mister and Missus, the man you’re sheltering is nothing but a dirty homeless pig. A grotesque menace to our just society who had the audacity to fight back Killing one of us when we attempted to execute him tonight. The pig doesn’t know his place and now he needs to be tought a lesson. You need to return him to us… …Alive. So we may purge as we we’re entitled. Here’s the plan Sandins. You have untill our provisions arrive, provisions which will help us break into your elegant home. If you don’t- If you don’t deliver him by the aformentioned time, we’ll release the beast on him… …And on you. And um…we can enter any home we want. And we will want as wanting is our willingness this fine night. Don’t force us to hurt you. We don’t want to kill our own. Please just let us purge.. Too-da-loo, Sandins. Polite Leader: Cut it! Cut it now!

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100 Replies to “The Purge (3/10) Movie CLIP – Please Just Let Us Purge (2013) HD”

  1. If i was in the purge i will be that person who wear a rainbow unicorn mask of spiderman mask and also deadpool lol

  2. The guy: Please just Let us Purge

    Me: oh yeah I about call 911 if I let you in I will suck you ass up!
    Me: I have a pistol if you found way to get you Now ass out of here you dead
    Shoot guns at camera
    * Doors open in back yard *
    the guy: Please let me Purge you
    Me: Ok
    The guy: tysm
    Shoot guns
    police siren

  3. Ugh, I have a thing for crazy people and villains in movies

    this guyy thoughh! he takes the cake for me hahah

    I love him ;w;

  4. Wow, the amount of stupid women on the comment section saying how much they love the psycho is disturbing. These stupid women always love the worst ones. And they say it's us, men, who sexualize everything…

  5. Man Zoey pisses me off!
    These rich kids. I’m glad that Charlie saves the bloody stranger. But this FUCKEN family can’t stay in one damn room! Zoey had to piss off and hide somewhere and then Charlie.

  6. You d think a rich person would have somekind of weaponry at doorstep so he could just click on a button and everyone around his door would die but no no no.

  7. To be fair he was being nice. He has the right to purge and was willing to not do anything to the family as long as they gave the guy over

  8. When it becomes legal to steal things, it's not really stealing anymore. It just means everything is free.

  9. The joke here is that once the doorbell rings, scooter there got a full sentence out before the home owner would have put a bullet in his head.

  10. Lol the poor people get the rich people s money at the end what the movie shows on the new purge moving coming to theaters Warren Brother s Films

  11. Thanks for creating such an awful idea that turns everyone into murderers and targeting mainly the poor and homeless (Although this time the rich as well became the target). I don't understand how anyone even give this movie 1%. That tge psycho acts well doesn't cover up enough the whole idea behind this ridiculous movie. And how any known actor agreed to play in this I don't even understand.

  12. My response would be: “Get off my lawn before I return you to the curb where you came from.”

  13. Polite Leader:Thank You for your Sacrifice…It Was Well…
    Polite Leader:I Loved You Fine Folk….
    Mrs.Sandin:Don't Shoot…
    Polite Leader:A Nation Reborn.[SHOT GUN RELOAD SOUND]


  14. I would
    – Rob a bank
    – Rob jb hifi
    -Rob Target,Kmart and Big W (I’m aussie)
    -Rob the Apple store
    -and Rob any other stores I love but I have forgotten about

  15. I'd run them over with a car and crash at stores just to get some good food I mean if its the purge at least I can get some good food

  16. this is such a stupid movie jesus. and they would have tons of guns in their house knowing that a purge happens every year. they better be defended

  17. I remember when me and bro’s would get incredibly stoned and then watch movies and play games. Those were simple times

  18. And just think, all of this could have been avoided if that dumbass kid didn't open the door and kill his father and scaring his family.

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