The Right Way To Install a Start/Stop Button

The Right Way To Install a Start/Stop Button

hey guys do you want a push to start button in your car? Not one that you need two hands to use like the one from
Mighty Car Mods yeah nice today we’re going to learn how to install one
ourselves for just under 50 bucks it’s so easy even a monkey can do it first
let’s see the completed system in action so here’s the box it comes with as you
can see keyless entry and push start system this is the instruction manual
which has some pretty useful information which we will be using later as you can
see the wiring information for each wire that corresponds to each part of the
system this is a start/stop button here which just plugs into the main unit this is the wiring harness which
connects to the wires of the ignition house on to the main unit it contains
six wires this is the transponder ring which detects the blue RFID tag and
these are the RFID tags here it plugs into the main unit and it’s connected to
the bricks which signal via the green wire and finally here is the main unit
which everything connects to okay so here the tools you’re going to
need a multimeter wire strippers solder electrical tape a 10 millimeter spanner
a screwdriver a Phillips head screwdriver in my case soldering iron
and Lunia calipers are optional but you can if you have it on the push start kit
of course okay so the first step go inside your car and check around and see
what are the necessary screws you need to take out to remove your staring cover in my case I just stick out three
Phillips head screws once the screws are out go ahead and
separate the cover which is held together by plastic clips as you see
here once um go ahead and remove the top part and then the bottom half of this
cover they’re the ignition wires which we need
to intercept to get this pushes on system up and running go ahead and
switch your multimeter the DC voltage place your negative lead on a grounded
surface and test the individual wires of the ignition harness note that you will
need to turn the key in the key Baro to the various positions to test for
voltage which will allow you to determine which wire or wires correspond
to the various key position I have linked a website in the description
which has the wiring diagrams for many cards I would recommend that you still
test the wires individually to make sure that they match the wiring diagram just
to be seen all right so now that we’re done with
that let’s grab our 10 millimeter spanner and disconnect the negative
terminal of the car battery all right now go ahead and use the wire strippers
to separate some of the insulation and expose the copper wires then make a hole
in the wires by using a sharp object like the tip of the one of the leads
from the multimeter next step is to take a look at the instruction manual that
came with a push Assad system and pass the corresponding wire through the hole
of the wire you just exposed from the ignition wiring harness Bend unsecured
wire and go ahead and repeat the same process for the other wires in the
ignition wiring harness once you have finished that your wire should look
something like this remember to connect the ground wire to a
grounded part of the car like I’ve shown here bear in mind that this is just a
temporary setup just to make sure that the system is functioning properly next
we need to deal with the brakes which wire
remember the transponder ring I showed you earlier there is a green wire
connected to it find the brake switch signal wire which is usually found above
the brake pedal connected to the brake switch and splice into that wire like
you did for the ignition wiring harness connect the green jean spawn during wire
to the brick switch signal wire in my case the brake switch signal wires green
so you may need to check your wiring diagram for your car now go ahead and
plug in everything to the main unit and let’s test out this system double check to make sure that all your
wires are connected properly and insulated from one another now let’s reconnect our car battery and
cross our fingers on hope that we didn’t do anything wrong take the blue RFID tag and place it in
front of the transponder ring and should hear two beeps once done go ahead and
take the start/stop button and press it once and then twice you should see the
accessories and everything turned on except for the engine presses a third
time and the car shut it off now go ahead and put your foot on the brake and
press and hold the start/stop button and let’s see if it works no you probably thinking to yourself yet
that you can go ahead and drive your baby around town but hold on we have
three more things to take care of first let’s remove that ignition key barrel
since the steering lock is activated once the keys not in there there’s a small hole with a button which
you need to depress take a sip of the bottle please the key
in the slot until it in the accessory position once you push down this button go ahead
and gently remove the ignition key barrel you will now need to find a way
to block this hole though I would recommend to either use a rubber
plug or something to that effect or if you are daring and install the push the
start button there over the last time disconnect the negative terminal of the
car battery go ahead and cut off the adapter which connects to the back of
the ignition barrel a new soldering iron and solder properly secure those wild I
would recommend using insulation to bang to secure the solid connections however
if you do not have any an electrical tape should do just fine finally hide
your push-to-start main unit along with the transponder ring on all of the
corresponding wires to make the system look as factory install as possible in
case of the odd chance that someone tries to steal your car at least they
will have a hard time trying to look at the various ways we shall we’ll be
looking for there you have it guys a quick and
simple push to start system install in your car if you have any questions
please feel free to leave them in the comment section below and I’ll do my
best to answer them if you like this video please give it a thumbs up and
subscribe to my channel thanks for watching take care guys

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