The Walking Zomboid | A Project Zomboid Narrative Story

The Walking Zomboid | A Project Zomboid Narrative Story

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Lamp – the product link is in the description below. Okay, back to the video. What would you do if one day the zombie apocalypse
actually happened? Would you be prepared? Would you succumb to the undead? Hey guys, this is Eric with Pixel Rookie and
I’m going to share a story with you through the game Project Zomboid. This a story that follows two unfortunate
strangers who took the same train the same evening to Knox County – ground zero for the
zombie outbreak the day before it began. The first character was Rook Grimes, a police
officer, fresh out of the academy. Anxiously accepting a job in Knox County,
a veteran officer would pick him up at the train station and drop him off at his temporary
residence where he would start his job the following day. The second character Karlomka, a college graduate
that’s visiting a friend for a few days. Karlomka was picked up by his friend and they
were going to go camping starting the next day after she finished up her closing shift
at the bar that night. Neither of these men knew the area nor did
they know what was in store for them. Rook Grimes woke up early in the morning and
got dressed. His new partner would arrive to pick him up
in a little bit. As he was anxiously waiting, he thought he
heard screaming off in the distance. He didn’t have a badge or weapon yet, but
the screams were violent and he knew someone was in danger. Rook Grimes searched the cupboard and found
a fork and a sauce pan while rummaging through the supplies. You know what, he thought to himself, this
is better than nothing. He approached the door and stepped outside. He wasn’t familiar with this neighborhood
but he could hear the screams from afar. He hunkered down and prepared himself – he
wished his partner was here but for now it was just him. He looked around and took in his surroundings. There was a small gravel driveway that led
to a small road. That’s where the cries of help were coming
from. He hurried his way in that direction but…
something didn’t feel right. He couldn’t put his finger on this feeling
he had but he ran down the road to investigate. Karlomka awoke to a loud bang. It sounded like a gun was fired right outside. He was expecting to be woken up by his friend
when she got back from the late shift at the bar but it was just him – all alone. He went outside to see what was going on – her
car was in the driveway but the windshield was destroyed and she was nowhere to be found. He also saw a neighbor standing in the middle
of the road and it looked like she was covered in blood. Confused and panicked, he snuck over to the
neighbor’s yard. He didn’t want to draw attention to the
person on the road so he opened his neighbor’s window to sneak into their house and see what
was going on. Karlomka crept inside as quietly as he could
and made sure to close the window when he entered – and the curtains too – just in case. It was uncomfortably quiet in the house except
for the humming of a tv show that was playing at a low volume. Nobody seemed to be home so he went to the
tv to see if he could find anything on the local news station. The channel was offline and it defaulted back
to the other channel. How odd, he thought to himself. He thought he heard something in the other
room. He opened the door and he found the source
of the loud noise that woke him up earlier. There laid a man who shot himself in the face
with his own shotgun. Karlomka was shocked and confused – the man
had bite marks on his arms – what was going on? Something was definitely wrong. He grabbed the shotgun from the dead body
and took the ammo lying on the ground. He inspected the shotgun and reminded himself
of the shooting lessons he took a few years ago. As he left the bathroom and turned the corner
into the kitchen, there was another one of those things staring at him through the window. As soon as it noticed him, it began groaning
and slowly banging on the window. The other station was out now too. He wouldn’t be able to run while holding
onto the shotgun and put it away for now. He was quite certain that he’d need to run
soon. The screaming stopped but Rook Grimes saw
where they came from. There was a man standing in the dirt driveway,
covered in blood. He slowly began approaching the man and calmly
asked him if everything was okay. He only replied with faint groans as he slowly
shambled towards Rook Grimes. He called out for him to not come any closer
but his screams went ignored. In a panic, he stabbed the man but it didn’t
phase him – he kept trying to bite his neck. He saw another person limping towards him,
groaning and foaming at the mouth. He used the fork and stabbed it into the person’s
head and it toppled over. He yelled at the woman to stay back but she
continued slowly moving towards him. He ran away and she followed, slowly – something
wasn’t right. These people… they looked like they were
already dead but they were mindlessly walking towards him regardless. He remembered that he grabbed the saucepan
from the cupboard and gripped it tightly in his right hand. He slowly approached the decrepit looking
woman again while examining her. She looked like a corpse that was partially
rotten, covered in bites and blood stains. Rook Grimes hit her right in the forehead
with the pan and she toppled over. In a panic, he swung at her but missed. Adrenaline was flowing through his entire
body. He finally hit her and shoved her to the ground. He screamed as he landed one final blow to
her head. He heard a screeching moan and he felt her
skull cave in from the hit. He thought he was going to throw up. Rook Grimes checked the bodies for IDs. He’d have to report this. Neither of the corpses had any identification
on them so he went towards the house. He was nervous, he’d never experienced anything
like this. He crept over to the window next to the door
and looked in – there was only a laundry room, nothing out of the ordinary. He opened the door and explored the home. He felt very uneasy but he didn’t find anything. He slowly went upstairs and looked around
the rooms – his guard was up in case there were more of those… things. Rook Grimes found no other people there – did
the screams come from one of those monsters? Karlomka didn’t have much time – that thing…
that zombie was going to break through the kitchen window so he took a deep breath and
went out the front door. Another one was waiting for him and started
to follow once it noticed him. He ran between the two houses and saw two
more ahead of him. He was about to run away but he noticed one
was wearing a backpack – that would be really useful for him. He examined it from a distance until he heard
the groaning sounds of a bloodied corpse walking straight towards him. He could hardly believe his eyes. But as it got too close, he shoved it back
until it fell to the ground. Karlomka moved to it’s head and stomped
as hard as he could until it caved under his foot and finally stopped moving. He was always a fan of zombie movies, he couldn’t
believe that’s what was happening but he knew that right now, he had to protect himself
and try to escape. He stripped the jacket off of corpse and put
it on – he already had blood splattered on his boots so he didn’t care if it had blood
on it. He pulled large hand fork from it’s body
and equip it as a weapon. If he could just get the attention of the
zombie with the backpack, he could take it down and claim the backpack for himself. It looked like he got the attention of a different
zombie. Karlomka was patient and let it come to him. As soon as it was close enough, he stabbed
it in the face and when he saw an opening, he jammed the fork through the chin, into
its skull. He slowly approached the backpack zombie again. One behind his target noticed him and started
moving his way. Karlomka began to slowly back up, luring it
closer to the house but as it passed the backpack zombie, it began to approach him too. The first one was close enough for Karlomka
to strike. He saw the opening and jammed the large fork
into its head. As the first zombie fell to the ground, his
main target shambled up to him. Karlomka tried to keep his cool and shoved
the fork into its head as well. Nervous and anxious, he seemed okay for now
as he removed the backpack from the limp corpse and tossed it over onto his back. He slowly moved to other neighboring houses
and found that there were more of these things. He took another one out with relative ease
and pulled his hand fork out of it’s head. Karlomka crept up to a window and was caught
off guard by another zombie staring at him and banging its face against the glass. He quickly backtracked around the corner of
the house to inspect it further. He slowly peered through the window into the
bedroom and moved his way past the bathroom – they were both empty. As he rounded the corner, he saw the door
was broken down already. He peered into the kitchen that opened up
into the living room then back outside – he didn’t feel safe there so he left that area
to check out another house. As he got close to the neighboring home, he
saw a group of them standing there – it looked like he caught the attention of one of them
so he fell back to make sure he didn’t attract more. He let it get close to him and gave it the
same treatment as the others. As it collapsed to the ground, he quickly
pulled the hand fork out of its head in case other zombies were nearby. He also noticed a map with some scribbling
on it – it had marks of areas with information on it. How long has this been going on? They arrived past dark yesterday and he went
to bed shortly after – he wasn’t paying attention on the way back to his friend’s
place so he wasn’t entirely certain if anything seemed out of the ordinary. Based on this information, this was a bigger
problem than he was hoping for. Rook Grimes found nothing in the house and
as he walked outside, another one of those things were approaching him. It wouldn’t back down when he shouted at
it so he braced himself for another fight. He landed a hit but suddenly noticed that
more were closing in on him. Rook Grimes turned to run away and more came
out from around the corner. He had to get out of there. He ran down the dirt driveway back onto the
main street to try and find someone to help. He rounded the curve on the road and suddenly
stopped – it was another police officer but she was acting like the others and actually
tried biting him. He knocked her to the ground and was going
to search her body for a weapon but the other ones caught up to him. He took off further down the road and as he
continued running, he saw many more people covered in blood just standing by the street,
turning to approach him if he accidentally got their attention. Still in a panic, he detoured off the main
road again and into a driveway. He found a house, ran inside, and closed the
door. Blood was everywhere. Whatever happened here, it was violent. He went upstairs to further investigate what
might’ve happened but he heard banging and groaning at the front door. He nervously went downstairs to investigate
and he saw that they followed him to the house and were trying to get it. He quickly went over to the side window and
opened it – these things seemed slow and he hoped he could sneak by them. Rook Grimes hurried around the corner and
tried to escape. It didn’t seem to matter where he ran. Every turn led him to another group of these
things that would see him and begin their pursuit. He eventually ran to the edge of a forest
with a group of them not too far behind – he thought he’d take his chances through the
woods. Karlomka put the map away and tried to get
out of the open – he decided to investigate the other nearby house. He slid open the window and crawled through. The first thing he noticed was another zombie
standing in the middle of the living room. He didn’t notice any other ones in there
– the only noise was a different news station playing in the background – it didn’t sound
good. He got close enough to get the zombies attention
and backed away leaving through the window. He had an idea – he was slowly leading the
zombie towards him to crawl through the window. He was nervously waiting as it slithered through
and fell to the ground. Karlomka was a little too nervous as he missed
his opportunity to stop its head while it was laying there. It got back up and he began wrestling with
it – stabbing it multiple times with his hand fork. All of the noise he made caused other groups
of zombies to approach him. There were way too many of them – he had to
get out of there. Everywhere he turned, he saw more groups of
zombies together. He had to find a place where he could lay
low. He approached another house that seemed to
be ignored by the groups of zombies outside. As quietly as he could, he opened the window
after a few attempts. He crawled through into the kitchen and looked
around. The ground level appeared empty so he slowly
and cautiously made his way upstairs to the second floor. He took his time and searched through the
different rooms. He finally entered what looked like the master
bedroom. The coast was clear… at least for now. He searched a drawer beside the bed and when
looking inside, he found a scarf. Karlomka figured anything to help protect
any exposed areas would be helpful so he wrapped it around his neck. There were too many zombies surrounding this
place. He wanted to find a more remote area where
he could hide out for a few days at least. He exited through the front door and walked
outside, a zombie jumped him from around the corner. He violently stabbed at its head to take it
out but he couldn’t land a solid hit. His weapon finally broke from the heavy use
and in desperation, he began shoving the zombie away with his bare hands. The zombie finally fell to the ground and
he began stomping on it until it stopped moving. This drew the attention of more zombies to
Karlomka’s location. He dug through his bag and found a pipe wrench
he picked up from earlier. He equipped it and continued moving. No matter where he went, there were groups
of zombies there, waiting for a victim to feed on. He continued trying to evade any groups he
would spot before he got their attention and kept weaving through the houses in this neighborhood. Karlomka spotted more groups from across the
street. It didn’t seem to matter where he looked,
they were nearby. He was able to sneak by the groups unnoticed
and he found himself back where he started. Rook Grimes traveled through a dense forest
long enough that he lost track of time. He was tired, but determined and he eventually
found a clearing that opened up into a large field. He crossed through what looked like a plot
of farmland until he found a large barn near the field. He paused as he saw another one of those things
standing by the entrance. Rook Grimes now knew that they couldn’t
be reasoned with as he caught it’s attention and approached him. He knocked her over and panicked while swinging
his weapon and missed. As she got back up, he was able to knock her
back to the ground. He continued beating on her until she stopped
moving. He quickly examined the stable and found nothing. He pressed onward towards a farm house that
was by the barn. He was alert and cautious as he slowly approached
the lone building. Rook Grimes felt the window give as he forced
it open and climbed through. He closed it behind him so nothing could easily
follow him in. It was time to check and see if he was truly
alone in this farmhouse… Karlomka felt like he was going in circles
around this little section of town and no matter where he turned, he found more zombies
close by. As he was circling back to his friend’s
house, he heard glass cracking as zombie slid out of an open window towards him. It groaned as it recovered from it’s fall
and that’s when Karlomka crushed it’s head with his pipe wrench. The commotion brought more zombies out from
the window, falling right at his feet. As they fell to the ground, Karlomka stomped
their heads in one at a time. He saw two more coming his way. He waited patiently and as they fell from
the window, he dispatched them while they laid on the ground. Of course that made even more noise which
attracted the attention of other nearby zombies around the corner of the house. He was patient and waited for one to get close
to him. All it took was one swing from the heavy pipe
wrench to knock it to the ground. As he stomped it’s head in, he saw another
zombie fell from the same window as the others. The pipe wrench was a good weapon – it had
a lot of weight to it and it took zombies down with one good swing. The coast finally seemed clear so he checked
the bodies and found a clean handkerchief to wear over his forehead to prevent the sweat
from running down into his eyes. His jacket was completely covered in a bloody
mess of the zombies he killed, he saw a cleaner one and traded it out. Karlomka could hear more zombies nearby and
before he could go in and check the house for supplies, he saw a zombie pour out of
a window in the neighboring house. He made too much noise here already and knew
he had to get out of there before more of them found him. He went back to his friend’s house with
the intention of laying low and resting for the evening. He made sure both entrances were shut off
and then began closing the curtains to prevent anything from seeing him if a group was to
wander by. He went to close the shades on one of the
windows and he was spotted by a zombie right outside – he wasn’t safe if he stayed there. He found some food in the kitchen and ate
it up as quickly as he could – then he snuck over to the neighbor’s house. “Let’s try this again” he thought to
himself and he shut the curtains by the door. He had to hang a sheet over the other window
and while he was putting it in place, he saw zombies wandering nearby. He tried to move quickly while not drawing
any attention to himself. The sheet fell over the window and he was
certain he pulled it off without them noticing. He closed the final curtain and went over
to the couch to try and unwind by reading a magazine for a few minutes before trying
to sleep. It was a very long day, after all. Rook Grimes searched through the entire house
and it was completely clear of any of those… monsters. He stepped outside to get some fresh air and
clear his head. He began foraging through the nearby woods
to gather some supplies. He had no real tools to help him out so he
made some makeshift ones for now. FIrst, he made a hammer with a large rock
and a solid tree limb. It took him a while to put everything together
and he was quite exhausted afterwards. It was getting late so he went inside and
got a drink of water and then ate some food that he found in the fridge. It felt strange hiding out in a stranger’s
house, knowing there are… things out there that could potentially try to break in at
any point. Regardless, Rook Grimes was physically and
emotionally exhausted so he found the master bedroom and laid down to rest. The sun hadn’t risen yet but he found himself
unable to fall back to sleep. Rook Grimes felt uneasy going back downstairs
but as he checked the perimeter, everything was quiet and the coast was still clear. Since he couldn’t sleep, Rook Grimes decided
to forage for some more supplies. He spent a lot of time out there until he
was able to put together a makeshift stone axe. With his newly crafted axe, he found a lone
tree by the woods and began working to cut it down. He had a lot of pent up stress from everything
that was going on. While he was hacking away at the tree, he
tried to clear his head and figure out a game plan on what to do next. The tree fell and he left the debris on the
ground for now. He didn’t realize how exhausted he was and
the sun was still nowhere to be seen. He ate a can of tuna that he found in the
cupboard and made his way back upstairs to the bedroom – he was going to try to get a
little more sleep before the sun rose. Karlomka felt like he barely slept but it
was finally morning. He felt fortunate that he was left undisturbed. He was going to try to spend the day navigating
through the waves of zombies all over and gather supplies and circle back to his temporary
shelter later on. As he wandered through the neighborhood, he
found a zombie laying on the ground wearing a nice baseball cap. Karlomka never really saw himself as a bandana
guy anyways and he quickly grabbed it from the corpse. He walked over to an open area that was clear
enough for him to put it on and continued on his way – he had a big day of scavenging
ahead of him. Rook Grimes opened his eyes and he saw the
morning sun shining through the windows. He let out a sigh of relief and went back
outside. He started cutting down more trees. He felt numb, knowing there could be other
people out there needing help while he was sheltering himself away from it all – he couldn’t
help but to feel guilty. He toiled outside the entire day, undisturbed
by the horrors that were nearby. He was exhausted from the work and went back
upstairs to rest. Tomorrow he would take action. Karlomka spent most of the day evading zombies,
hardly finding supplies that would help him. It was getting late and he was beginning to
get very exhausted. He saw one more house he wanted to hit before
sneaking back to his hideout and resting for the night. The door was locked so he tried the window. It slid open with ease. He crawled through and as soon as his feet
hit the floor, the worst possible thing happened – the security alarm went off. Karlomka’s mind went into a panic. He had to get out of there now. He dashed back through the window and began
running away but he saw them from every angle. The horde was coming. He tried to run but he was so tired from dodging
zombies the entire day, he could hardly even jog. This wasn’t good. He had to escape. Rook Grimes woke up before sunrise again. He felt restless. He was done hiding away – there had to be
other survivors and his job was to protect and serve. He went out through the front door and his
guard was back up. He was going to try and backtrack to where
he was a couple of days ago. He went past the fields and back into the
woods. It was dark and hard to navigate but he was
cautious and didn’t hear anything around him while he traveled. Rook Grimes finally made it to a clearing
where a dirt path met a rundown road. The rundown road led to a slightly larger
road – he felt like he was moving in the right direction. He stopped at a railroad crossing – there
it was, another one of those things just standing there. He slowly approached it and made sure that
nothing else was around him before engaging with it. He kept trying to stab it’s head but it
kept moving and trying to bite him. Rook Grimes kept stabbing it but it wouldn’t
let up. Finally, after engaging with it for too long,
he landed a blow that took it out for good. He stepped away from it and caught his breath,
hoping that he was close to the neighborhood he found himself in just a few days prior. Karlomka felt like he was running forever
– none of that mattered though. Everywhere he turned, they were still coming. That alarm must’ve alerted hundreds of zombies
within a couple of miles. It was late into the night now, he’d been
desperately trying to run from zombies the entire time and was completely exhausted – he
felt like he could collapse at any moment. He had to find a place to rest. He finally felt like he was mostly in the
clear and found a house nearby. There was just one zombie by the window. He approached it and thought maybe he could
take it out fast enough without being noticed by others. He was too tired and his swings were too weak. More zombies caught up to him before he could
take it out. He turned and forced himself to keep moving. He found a clearing and tried a window – it
opened! He crawled through as quickly as he could
and scrambled to shut it behind him. He was already noticed by one – it didn’t
matter though. He hurried upstairs and locked himself in
an empty bedroom. He heard them inside the house already. He grabbed a desk chair and moved it in front
of the door to barricade it shut. As he set the chair in place, he heard a crashing
noise right outside of the bedroom – a zombie already broke down one of the other doors
upstairs and began banging on his door too. Rook Grimes continued traveling down the rural
country road. He clearly made a wrong turn somewhere – it
was hard to navigate a new area, especially in the dark. It seemed like everywhere he turned, it was
more road and forest but no town. He kept running and began feeling a little
hopeless with this road – he found a dirt path nearby and decided to take his chances
going through the woods again. He ran until he found a clearing with more
railroad tracks and figured he would try his luck following the tracks instead of the road. He was already tired and thirsty but not a
single house was in sight. Karlomka had no way out except for a window. He realized he could either leave through
that window or the doorway where he knew zombies were waiting. The decision was easy to make. He climbed through the window and fell through
the roof into the living room. Fortunately, he wasn’t hurt from the fall
and snuck out the front door. He was so tired. His vision was beginning to blur. He needed to find a safe place where he could
rest up. He was slowly limping past the house and when
he turned the corner, a group of zombies were standing there and immediately turned towards
him. His brain screamed at his legs to move faster,
but they wouldn’t budge. It felt like a nightmare come to real life
as he was barely able to move faster than a hasty walk while a zombie was right behind
him. He quickly turned and desperately slammed
his pipe wrench into the zombies face, knocking it down and buying him some time. There were more behind him though and he had
to keep moving. Rook Grimes found more of these things by
the tracks. He let it get close to him and began attacking
it with his knife. There was an opening and he slammed his knife
through its head, killing it instantly. More were nearby. He could see one far behind him and one up
ahead. He approached the closest one and tried to
take it out quickly and quietly. He stabbed it in the gut and he lost his grip
as it was stuck inside the monster. He shoved it away and knocked it to the ground. He tried to stomp its head in but he saw another
one in his peripherals and it got too close for comfort. Rook Grimes fled and when he had enough space
between them, he got out his makeshift axe for his defense. Instead of trying to face them, he decided
to run away. Karlomka was about to black out. He knew it was now or never so he turned and
saw it was only two of them. He struck one and shoved the other away. He tried to separate them so he could deal
with one on the ground but they were too close together. It got back up and while he tried shoving
them away, one broke through and sunk its teeth into him. He screamed out in pain and shoved it away. He desperately tried to force them away but
they were overwhelming him. He was tired – he felt another bite and tried
to shove it away. Another bite. He was in so much pain. He was losing blood. He felt odd – Karlomka knew this was the end. He continued to fight until everything faded
to black. He collapsed and died right there – a feast
for the zombies, like many others. Rook Grimes followed the tracks all night. He was tired and thirsty. He decided to sit and rest for a while to
regain some energy. Enough time passed that he felt better but
he was still feeling dehydrated. He really needed to find a house with some
supplies. He finally found another road and stopped
to think, “left or right?”. He began going left up the road but changed
his mind – his gut said to go right so he changed his direction. It led him nowhere, fast. He was exhausted, hungry, thirsty and very
tired. He tried wandering off the road again through
a clearing to see what he could find. Rook Grimes found nothing. He was becoming desperate and wandered all
through the night. He couldn’t find any food or water and he
didn’t prepare to be away from any houses to scavenge for this long. He couldn’t believe that he got lost when
leaving the farm. He needed water soon. He also needed to get some sleep but couldn’t
do that in the open like this. He was so run down and tired and that’s
when he realized he was in trouble. There was a large group of these things – maybe
15 to 20. He had to go around them, there was nothing
the other way and he was in dire need of any kind of shelter. It began raining – this would help him sneak
by. He thought he was in the clear but before
he turned away, one noticed him. That drew the attention of the others and
before he knew it, they were chasing after him. He wasn’t in any condition to fight them
off. He was so weak from not eating or drinking
and walking for almost two days straight. Regardless, he got out his axe and as one
got close to him, he began defending himself with everything he had. He couldn’t shake them. He turned and saw that two of them were too
close. He’d have to fight them. He was backing up and hitting them with what
little strength he had left. They tried to bite him but he was able to
shove them away. The storm was getting heavier and it was getting
darker all around him. Rook Grimes was scared. He kept hitting them, hoping one would drop. He tried to turn and run but it was too close. He missed his swing and it lunged in and bit
him. He winced at the pain and shoved it away. The rain was falling even harder now. Even through the pounding rain, he could hear
them behind him. He lost too much blood – he wasn’t gonna
make it. The heavy rain poured down on him as he felt
himself fading away. Just like Karlomka, the stranger who he never
met on the train, Rook Grimes suffered the same fate as he fell to the ground and died
on the road. These two men weren’t prepared for the zombie
apocalypse… would you survive longer than them? I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you want to see more narrative content
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appreciate your support. Thanks again for watching and until next time,
have a good one!

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  1. I have a mental image that Karlomka and Rook Grimes were doing their jam at the same time as one another. Karlomka didn't deserve to go out that way. The spawn rates were obscene for him. Rook's death was his own dang fault, though. Ran away from supplies, empty space, and ease of access to wood and stone.

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    I hope you guys enjoy this video. Now that Project Zomboid released their open beta of the animations update, I had to get back into the game and try it out. Next up, Kenshi episode 10 πŸ˜‰

  3. I can't watch this right now since I am at work. However as soon as I got the notification, I came to like this because I love Project Zomboid.

  4. Nice story as always πŸ™‚ If you ever want to try another Narrative game on a much grander scale, Crusader Kings 2 would be a good choice. It mixes RPG with Strategy as you manage a Dynasty in Medieval Europe (or Westeros, or PostApoc America if you get certain conversion mods). Though it has a lot of DLC that commands a steep price to make it worthwhile, plus a mountain of a learning curve. Maybe look at some gameplay, and the DLC can be gotten in a future sale.

  5. i liked all of your previous vids but this one doesn't sit well with me and i don't even know why hmm anyways keep up the good work!

  6. OH MY, this is one of my favorite game, so I'm eager to watch what you will come up with this one since I love all the narrative content on your channel!!

  7. I legit was gonna make a series in this game after the update with the exact same series title that you picked with a protagonist based on Rick Grimes lol but I wouldn't have done it as well as you, I love your narrative videos man, keep it up

  8. Man, Karlomka was dealt such a bad hand :(. However, his death was well narrated since I'm remorseful that a pixel man died. Great video man.

  9. oh man zomboid was a great choice for a new story series. Haven't seen this game since they added new animations, it looks amazing now

  10. I am 100% sure that I would be one of the zombies if an actually apocalypse happened. I am fat and slow so at least I'd be easy to kill. You are welcome.

  11. Yo, congrats on your first sponsorship man! Your content is real great, and i'm glad to hear that you got a sponsorship!

  12. Project Zomboid is such an amazing game not many people know about, please make more videos on this game. It has so much potential for videos like that.

  13. Imagine getting ready to spend your day camping but then being capable of jamming a fork through someones chin into there skull.

  14. So basically, you showcased being bad at the game in THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE!!! Jk, sometimes life be like that (still best way to showcase tho)

  15. I was disappointed when I heard that the narrative video won't be kenshi but DAMN i LOVE Project Zomboid Narrative VideosπŸ₯°

  16. I didn't really know what this game was about before this video, so I was expecting both characters to meet up at the end and band together. Didn't realize it was two separate playthroughs! The ending was heart wrenching πŸ™ It felt like I was watching a tv show and you killed off the only two characters in the pilot episode!

    So glad your channel is doing well, grats on the sellout πŸ˜€

  17. Excellent choice of game for a narrative ! I sank many hours into it and always thought it would be the perfect zombie apocalypse game for a narrative playthrough. So glad you made a video on it πŸ™‚

  18. The lamp look interesting but it kind of quite expensive for a lamp and there is no information about how long it can last like a year, 2 years or only few months. $150 including shipping for a lamp, look good but too expensive.
    I dislike this game because of how slow everything can be and how little there is to it like I give this series tries with few youtubers to see if it can interest me but in the end it is not, hopefully with this in dept narrative story it can be more bearable.

  19. Absolutely loved it, super fun and well done 10/10 πŸ˜€

    I especially liked (real talk for a moment here) how your guy KNEW WHAT ZOMBIES WERE, it annoys me so much in zombie movies with everyone calling them like "biters" and shooting everywhere BUT the head until ike season 3.
    So thank you so much for just actually using the word and having a guy who just understood what a zombie apocalypse was. πŸ™‚

  20. 1-wow remember few weeks back wishing to you get sponsored xD glad you got one.

    2- i got Kenshi and i got ROOK mod and i am excited to try playing it today.

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