Top 15 Most Scary Videos Caught at Hospitals

15. Newborn Taking
NDTV published this surveillance video on November 5, 2012, after a woman was caught
taking a newborn baby from the maternity ward at Yashwantrao Chavan Hospital
in India. According to the video description: “[Taking]
newborn babies from hospitals is a [act] that seems to be growing by the day across the
country. [In this clip a] one-day-old baby boy was
[taken]”. As the camera rolls, the woman is seen, dressed
in white, casually walking out of the hospital carrying the baby, which is wrapped in a colorful
blanket. She cradles the baby rather stiffly and walks
quickly and with purpose. The purpose being to take this baby. What a horrifying thing for new parents to
have to live through: the very day their baby is born, and it’s taken away from them so
cold-heartedly. Although it’s not clear whether the woman
was captured and brought to justice, one thing is certain: this hospital needs better security. 14. Demonic Possession
Jonathan Sevaux published this video in January, 2015, after visiting his girlfriend in a Paris
hospital. He wrote that a woman in the next bed was
roaring and screeching with the voice of a devil. And that’s what the video captures. The woman is seen lying flat in a bed, speaking
in a raspy evil voice. She is harassing the couple, calling them
tacky and ugly, and telling them they’re all going to die. Although you can only see her profile in the
video, and you can’t see her mouth moving, what you can see is her chest rising and falling
as she delivers her angry tirade of insults and threats. She then says she’s going to call her mafia
friend, after which she claims she’s going to remove her IV drip, so they can get out
of the hospital. That’s where the clip ends, leaving us wondering
if the woman did, in fact, try to escape. But Jon doesn’t leave us hanging. In his own words, he wrote: “I was no longer
filming when she or ‘it’ started to get up and wanted to [take the life of] a person
sitting next to her. Five nurses came to stop her and we were asked
to leave the room quickly.” Prior to this experience, Jon says he was
skeptical about demonic possessions and everything related to them. But after seeing one in the flesh, he’s
a believer. 13. Metropolitan Hospital Sighting
Youtuber Trevor Heasley published this clip in August of 2016. The footage was on the set of “Postcards,”
a 2008 Pasadena City College student film. He’d taken it during the film shoot at the
Metropolitan State Mental Hospital. Although the cast and crew heard a lot of
ruckus during filming, they didn’t see anything unusual…that is, until Trevor got his camera
home and watched the footage back. The abandoned state mental hospital appears
quite eerie in the footage; darkened windows on a hot summer day. The footage involves lots of close-ups and
long shots of the area, including some gags with the cast. Everyone seems to be having a good time on
the shoot. But will what happened next haunt them? During the shooting of one scene, the vapor-thin
figure of a ghost appears to be walking across the hallway right before two of the cast,
apparently completely unaware of what just crossed their path, come running through. Okay, so it probably won’t haunt them, being
as they weren’t even aware of what was happening before their very eyes. That is, unless the evil spirit somehow inhabited
one of them. I think we need a follow-up with the cast
and crew of “Postcards” and maybe then we can solve this scary mystery. 12. Ghost Doctor
If you spotted a spooky figure roaming the hospital at night, I’m guessing your first
response wouldn’t be to grab your camera. It would be to run as fast as your legs could
carry you. But one brave individual saw capturing the
passed away doctor on video as a challenge. The footage was taken in the Honduras School
Hospital Universitario. The doctor in question is said to have taken
his own life at this very hospital and remains there, stalking up and down the place at night
and flicking the lights on and off in patient rooms. As you can see in the video, a shadowy ghostly
figure floats in the empty, poorly lit hallway from behind a door. The hallway is full of stretchers. Do you think this figure is something from
another dimension? A ghostly presence or, perhaps, something
else? Whatever it is, I’d steer clear of this
corridor at night. 11. The Wheelchair
What would you think if you saw a wheelchair moving down an eerie, empty, poorly lit hospital
corridor at night? You might think you’ve walked straight into
a horror movie. That’s probably what security for this hospital
thought when they reviewed the security footage after some ghost was up to no good. In the footage, a wheelchair is parked near
a wall at the end of the hallway. But slowly, it starts to turn and begins to
roll backwards around the corner. No one is pushing it, and no one is sitting
in it. So who – or what – is maneuvering the chair? And where are they going? Only the spirits lingering in this hospital
know. 10. Scary Russian Mental Hospital
This video looks like it came straight out of a scary movie. But it is claimed to be real-life footage
of a patient at a mental hospital in Sadovich, Siberia. According to William M. who wrote about “the
true story of what happened in Sadovich, Siberia,” the story of Sadovich asylum is incredibly
disturbing. The location is remote, and all that remains
are records and legends about what happened there, some of which served as inspiration
for the 2012 film, Entity. Without further ado, let’s analyze this
video. The footage shows a skeletal man in a white
dressing gown, sitting and rocking slightly on a hospital bed. The room is dark and sparse, and the bed is
narrow and doesn’t look comfortable at all…which is perhaps why this patient is up all night,
rocking back and forth. You see the patient curled up in the fetal
position on the bed, then huddled over, then standing. He then starts pushing the bed by the railing. After that, he appears as though he’s removed
his hospital gown, and he is seen leaning offscreen, perhaps against the wall, trying
to get out. He makes his way around the room, then he
is seen lying on the floor by his bed. You can hear a horrifying guttural scream
in the video. It’s one of the most tortured howls you
will ever hear. Along with whatever is unfolding in this video,
other paranormal events are said to have occurred at Sadovich. And these events were becoming more and more
common. More than one patient reported of evil things
happening within that institution, until the authorities were forced to close the facility
down. And it’s good that they did. This video gave me some serious chills. 9. Child Ghost
What’s scarier than a child ghost? A child ghost at a hospital, that’s what. When hospital staff saw the ghost of a child
at their hospital ten times over only a few hours, they were left shivering in their scrubs. Cordoba Children’s Hospital in Argentina,
it is claimed. The hospital staff weren’t going to let
the ghost leave peacefully. Instead, they were determined to interact
with it. Some say they placed balloons in the location
where it’s routinely seen, and those balloons always burst on their own. And one nurse was even more determined to
capture the young child on camera. She claims to have succeeded in capturing
him or her, playing hide-and-go seek. In the video, the specter is crouching behind
a bed, which had been left out overnight in the hallway. The cot had a sheet tucked overtop of it. A nurse caught the ghost on camera, as she
saw the child ghost peer from behind the sheet. While some skeptics don’t believe the hype,
other visitors and hospital employees say they’ve seen this child ghost too. Moreover, not all viewers agree that there’s
anything in the video, while others say there’s certainly a creepy shadow to the right of
the cot. The ghost’s nickname is the “ghost of
500,” and legend has it that this child ghost is the soul of a patient who passed
away in room 500. The corridor where it was caught on camera
is no longer in use, and it links to the childrens’ wards. 8. WWII Hospital
While most hospitals have some stories to tell, I’m guessing a WWII hospital has even
more grisly ones on the docket. In this video, published by Subie in November
of 2017, he and his friends explore an abandoned WW2 hospital in Milton Keynes. For some reason, they chose the dead of night
for their exploration, so straight off the mark, the hospital looks scary, simply because
it’s cloaked in darkness. The only guiding light is the beam from Subie’s
flashlight. The crew enters in through a broken window. The pair have apparently been in the hospital
before, because one of them says he’s not going down a certain direction, because that’s
where they hear things all the time. At one point, they stop to listen, because
they both say they’ve heard something. It isn’t clear what they’ve heard, but
they continue on, regardless. It sounds as if there’s loads of glass on
the ground, as they walk through the building, cracking and breaking the shards beneath their
boots. While the hospital doesn’t turn up anything
truly mind-blowing, the idea that WWII patients were once brought here conjures up images
of scary times. Or maybe that’s just my imagination. 7. Four-Legged Freak
While exploring Overbrook Insane Asylum Essex County Hospital in February of 2013, John
Edmunds caught something on camera that he’s not likely to forget. In his own words: “I was exploring this
massive hospital with my friend, when we heard a loud screech and turned to see the scariest
four legged freak.” In the video, John and his friend are checking
out the place. The room of the abandoned hospital appears
to be empty. The pair are checking out an old, broken tv
set, after which they are wondering about all the bricks on the ground. John’s friend throws a broken piece of brick
or a rock, when suddenly, his face falls and he starts to point off toward
the right. John turns to capture some four-legged creature. You can see its outline paused in the light
at the end of the hallway. It’s still, unmoving. But then it starts to scuttle, its legs moving
fast, and that’s when the shot drops and, I assume, the pair run for their lives. At least, that’s what I would do if I came
across this thing in an abandoned hospital. While some think the creature looks inhuman,
others say they aren’t falling for it. One skeptic, Keri Moran, wrote: “This video
is in the Verona buildings, and that ‘thing’ is obviously another friend – popping out
from a doorway on hands and feet.” Keri could be right, but in my opinion, the
thing doesn’t look human. 6. Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital
YouTubers, The Proper People published this exploration of an abandoned psychiatric hospital
in April of this year, 2018. The psych hospital was built in the 1800s
for poor folks who couldn’t afford healthcare and has been abandoned for more than two decades. The place certainly looks old. Whole pieces of wallpaper are chipping from
the walls. Below the hospital are tunnels, connecting
to the surrounding buildings. The crew didn’t enter the tunnels, because
unlike the psychiatric hospital, those buildings are still in use. But they did come upon a fallout shelter. Many of the rooms they come across are empty. Some are locked, making the crew – and their
viewers – curious about what’s inside. But perhaps the most curious rooms are those
with piles of the psych hospital’s supplies and equipment. Chairs, tables, walkers, buckets, mattresses,
all thrown together in one place. They even encounter an old green tub with
an adjacent seat used to lift disabled patients in for bathing. And further on, they arrive at half of an
elevator car. “For some reason, there’s something so
unsettling about an open elevator shaft, and an elevator not where it’s supposed to be,”
Michael says. “It gives you a bad feeling.” Well Michael, this whole place gives us a
bad feeling, so I’m going to stay away as far away from that hospital as possible. 5. Ascension
The alleged footage of a spirit ascending upwards after a patient passed away at a hospital
was captured on camera. And this is one for the books. The individual lays on a cot in a dark hallway,
wrapped in a sheet, with his still feet sticking out from the bottom. All is quiet, all is calm, when suddenly you
can see a faded spirit sit up from the body. The spirit appears to be wearing a hood, but
without a face hiding beneath. Is this what we look like after passing on? Do we lose our face, our identity? After it sits upward, it ascends slowly, adorned
in what appears to be white robes. The body remains, while its spirit floats
off to meet the unknown, it’s robes floating gently behind him. People across the internet have been on the
fence about this claim, and it’s authenticity. Something like this could be done with special
effects and editing. On the other hand, others believe this video
is proof of a spirit leaving a body. 4. Apocalyptic Hospital
Youtuber, This is Dan Bell, explored a creepy apocalyptic-looking hospital in May of 2016. The hospital in question must have been a
Christian hospital, as there is a cross on the front of the building. From the outside looking in, the place does
live up to its title: the windows are darkened, and it’s clearly empty and in disrepair. Upon entering, Dan finds a storage room filled
with broken chairs. The room alongside it is covered in garbage
and remnants of the past. Closer inspection of the garbage that lines
the floor shows that this place was a dumping ground for needles…or perhaps, is still
used as one. Hypodermic needles completely cover one section
of the floor. An enormous stockpile of them. As they explore the place further, they run
into that singular image of a single wheelchair in a dark hallway that we’ve seen so much
on this list. And in another hallway, a single stretcher. This time, though, neither moves. Perhaps this hospital isn’t haunted, like
the others. Which is strange, because it looks like a
ghost’s prime haunting ground. The exploration does turn up other interesting
things as well. But it’s mainly a series of long, dark scary
hallways and rooms strewn with filth – much like what you’d expect an apocalyptic hospital
to look like. 3. The Stretcher
While it’s horrifying to see ghosts and shadows, sometimes it’s even more horrifying
what you do not see. Like what is pushing this stretcher along
this haunted hallway at night. When hospital staff in a provincial hospital
in Rosario, Argentina discovered this stretcher moving on its own, they were on it. Security cameras captured it on film for all
the world to see, and many did, as the video went viral. In the video, the stretcher is first seen
rolling back and forth, but soon it rolls a bit faster, then it launches off of the
courtyard floor and into a grassy area. Could it be nature? Wind, perhaps? The unmoving plants in the video tell us no. Some believe the video is proof of paranormal
activity, while other believe it’s proof that the hospital staff has too much time
on their hands. 2. Hospital Morgue
While WWII hospitals are frightening, imagine exploring the place that no one leaves alive:
a hospital morgue. That’s where Youtuber, Exploring With Josh,
took his channel in July of 2017. In this video of an abandoned California hospital,
Josh comes across sharp scalpels, hospital chairs, and loads of scattered papers, as
if whoever worked here left in a hurry. Why? According to Josh, the hospital closed down,
because it didn’t meet the requirements for new earthquake regulation rules. So, it seems, they didn’t bother remodeling
the place and, instead, simply shut it down. There is caution tape draped across one examination
table. Whether it was left over from the police or
from some trespassing kids is unclear. There’s plenty of graffiti on the walls
to imply that this place hasn’t been entirely abandoned by all. It seems to be a regular stomping ground for
youth with nothing to do. But should it be? There’s a big red box that reads “Danger
Biohazard,” which makes one wonder if it’s even safe to be exploring this hospital at
all. Josh continues into a massive room where holiday
decorations are kept. The crew walks on into the pediatric center
and then decides to go search out the morgue. But before they do, they come across a room
filled with hospital equipment. From hospital beds to examination tables to
lights and microscopes. Further in, they come across an incubator,
computers, old hard drives, everything was simply left behind to rot. They’ve even left supplies, like syringes,
that are still in their original packaging. Finally, they arrive at the morgue. Inside is a flat bed, sinks, and autopsy tools. Then, of course, there are the stainless steel
freezers, which line the walls, ready to take in new patients. Josh decides to test it out, walking inside
the freezer. He accidentally rubs up against the walls. “Now you’ve got dead body on you,” his
friend says. All I have to say to that is at least he isn’t
one of them. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
and I hope you’re enjoying my narration. If you’re curious about what I look like
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video to find out the number 1 entry. Also follow me on Twitter @YT_Chills because
that’s where I post video updates. It’s a proven fact that generosity makes you
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beside it then thank you. This way you’ll be notified of the new videos
we upload every Tuesday and Saturday. 1.Bakersfield Attack On December 1, 2017, a man named Brandon Clark
made his way to Bakersfield Heart Hospital, ready to attack. Clark was armed and entered through the back
door. Upon entering, it alerted everyone inside
the hospital which caused a mass panic. Police eventually took Clark down and no one
was hurt. The mystery about this video is nobody knows
why Clark did this. Though he was related to one of the hospital
employees, authorities do not think that person was the target. From how he is acting in this video, he looks
completely out of his mind. It looks like this will remain a mystery for
quite awhile.

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